Energy Day: history, features and interesting facts

Energy Day: history, features and interesting facts
Energy Day: history, features and interesting facts

A thin power line separates the modern progressive world from the Stone Age. Many people work day and night, tirelessly in order to have light and heat in their homes. From the hot south with its scorching sun to the cold north with its frosts, from lowlands and valleys to mountains and hills, there will be a power line everywhere, and the one who leads it is a power engineer. And he has his own special, unique holiday - Power Engineer's Day.

Power lines

Energy in every home

Recently, the energy consumption of a single apartment has increased significantly compared to a period of twenty years ago. Imperceptibly, a lot of electrical appliances have appeared that are indispensable and help with everyday household tasks. Take, for example, the average kitchen. Now in the kitchens you can observe a branch of a small household appliances store: a blender, a double boiler, a slow cooker, an electric meat grinder, an inductionsurface, refrigerator (sometimes a freestanding freezer) and the icing on the cake is a TV. Of course, all this does not turn on immediately, but still, without voltage, it would be problematic to use all these devices. You couldn't even read this article without electricity.

Everyday life of energy workers

water cooling towers

In order for people to enjoy all the benefits of civilization, every day power engineers go to work and accept the challenges that the weather, unforeseen circumstances and other difficulties throw at them. Despite strong winds, bad weather, sleet, heat and extreme cold, power engineers are on the line, climbing equipment to eliminate accidents and restore electricity to homes.

History of the holiday

Happy energy day

Now an extensive network of power lines of various voltages covers the entire country and delivers electricity to its most remote corners. But it all started much easier.

Back in 1920, the Eighth All-Russian Congress of Soviets approved a plan for the development and electrification of the USSR. A little later, in 1966, the Presidium of the Supreme Council issued a decree setting the official date for celebrating Power Engineer's Day. It coincided with the date of adoption of the GOERLO plan (electrification plan). Since then, congratulations on the birthday of power engineers are accepted on December 22. In addition, this date, by coincidence, is a certain symbol: it is December 22 that is preceded by the longest night, after which the lightthe day is increasing. It was this plan that became the first long-term plan for the development of a young state called the USSR. It was thanks to him that the country received a powerful impetus to increase production and the economy. The plan called for the construction of 30 power plants and some distribution substations. Within ten years, this plan was fully implemented.

Day of power engineers in Russia is not striking in its scope, power engineers do not seek to achieve popularity and do not celebrate their day in the Kremlin hall. But on this day, many try to express their words of gratitude to them. On this day, the merits of power engineers in the economic development of the country are recognized.

Energy today

Currently, workers in the energy industry face very difficult tasks, because most of the equipment is both morally and technically obsolete. Power engineers draw up equipment replacement plans, enter equipment replacement into investment programs and carry them out. The past Olympics in Sochi gave a very powerful development to the region. New substations were built, a lot of obsolete equipment was modernized, new capacities were introduced.

Cities are growing rapidly and so is their energy consumption. Power engineers introduce new transformers, auto-transformers and transformer substations. A powerful reconstruction of substations in the northern region of Russia has now started. In addition, power engineers are solving a number of complex tasks to power the Crimean peninsula.

Men of Steel

Work days

Sometimes ordinary peoplebeing warm and in the light, they will not think about the work that is done in order to be able to sit comfortably at home. Given the difficult weather conditions and often old equipment, power engineers do their work carefully and efficiently. After strong gusts, in the field, in an open area, on seven winds, overcoming all the bad weather, they restore damaged power lines and equipment in the cold so that people have light and heat. In addition, power engineers are making sure that the unified energy network does not fall apart and is able to supply consumers with electricity without interruption.

Study, study and study again

The work of a power engineer is preceded by a long training. Even during the main work, people of this profession are sent to study at educational centers and try to give all the necessary knowledge to work in the energy sector. Thus, competent specialists are trained who can apply the acquired knowledge in practice. In addition to training engineering personnel, courses for slingers, welders, battery workers, linemen also train workers in the working speci alty.

There are no former power engineers

Day of Power Engineers is a professional holiday for all those who, sparing no effort, work at power plants, substations, laboratories, repair shops, test sites, who travel to power lines.

But there are no former power engineers. On this holiday - the Day of Power Engineers of Russia - veterans of the energy industry who are onwell-deserved rest. When you look at them, it seems that a long time in the energy industry has left its mark. One gets the impression that at first the veterans gave a part of themselves to this work, and now the energy puts vital energy into their bodies, they seem so young, alive and mobile.

We bring light and joy to people

Combining technologies

The main "disadvantage" of electricity is that it cannot be generated and stored in a far corner in reserve. Everything that is produced must be consumed. That is why dispatchers are on duty at the post day and night at substations, regional dispatch centers, and regional dispatch centers. It is they who regulate the flow of energy, they are the first to react to accidents, and it is on them that the successful elimination of an accident depends. We can safely call all workers in the energy industry warriors of light. For them, the words “light, “warmth” are not just words, it is they who know how these “warm words” come to the house and how much work it takes to bring them there.

Challenges for energy sector

green energy

Currently, the energy industry is experiencing a real boom in "green energy". This is natural energy, which is produced thanks to renewable sources. These are solar energy, wind energy, water energy. Water has long been used to generate electricity in our country.

The very first hydroelectric power plants of the Soviet Union were built in the Leningrad and Zaporozhye regions - they are still in working order.

Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP

Solar energy has a very great potential, which means that the next era of “clean energy” is coming for power engineers. And, perhaps, in a few decades, on the Day of the Power Engineer, congratulations on their professional holiday will be received by those who have made innovative breakthroughs in the direction of "green energy".

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