The most interesting festivals in Russia

The most interesting festivals in Russia
The most interesting festivals in Russia

Nothing brings people together like holidays, concerts and festivals. About what festivals are held in Russia, we will analyze in this article.

Festivals in Russia


The largest Russian rock music festival traditionally held in Samara. It combines all youth subcultures. It is here that thousands of lovers of loud heavy music come together in the summer. For three days the atmosphere of drive reigns here, and the field is filled to the brim. Here were such representatives of domestic rock as:

  1. Valery Kipelov.
  2. Louna.
  3. Jane Air.
  4. "The King and the Jester".
  5. "DDT".
  6. "Alice".
  7. "Aria".
  8. "Spleen".
  9. Max Pokrovsky.
  10. "Night Snipers".

Among foreign teams, the most famous and long-awaited are, perhaps, Rammshtein and Taria Turrunen. Like all festivals in Russia, it is very spectacular, in an atmosphere of unity.

What I want to especially note is the organization of this festival. The organizers are attentive not only to the musicians, but also to the guests. Here you can find everything you might need: from beer, cigarettes andproducts to musical paraphernalia and what a beginner in the open air will need. Mobile phone charging is even provided.

Choreographic festivals in Russia

Army of Russia

Festivals can relate not only to culture, but also to other areas. Let's talk about one of them. The Army of Russia festival takes place in September. In 2017, the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army will take part in it. Here you can see with your own eyes the latest achievements in the field of military equipment, anti-aircraft missile systems, drones and much more. The participants of the festival will be all the favorite stars of the national stage and cinema, such as:

  • Turkish Choir.
  • Alexander Domogarov.
  • Sergey Bezrukov.
  • Alexander Marshal.

Young talents will not be left out either: Fidgets and the winners of the New Wave contest will take part in the celebration.

Russian Army Festival


This is an open film festival in Russia. His main idea is not to discuss tapes that have been released on wide screens, but to search for young, talented names unknown to a wide range of names. This is organized in order to give young filmmakers the opportunity to express themselves. The festival takes place every year. Its current president is Nikita Mikhalkov. There is a special nomination called "Prospects". It features young directors and debutants.

Wild mint

Thisthe festival is incredibly popular. It is in the top 5 best in the country. Like all festivals in Russia, it gathers a huge number of people. The program presented here is very diverse, and everyone will find something to their liking. Adults and children will have a great time.

"Wild Mint" is a gathering place for performers of various musical genres. The festival program includes ethnic music, theatrical performances and open-air film screenings. Fairy tale shows and various master classes are organized for younger guests. Here you can buy homemade handmade items that will be a great gift for your friends and loved ones. Also, as part of the Wild Mint festival, various interesting and delicious dishes are presented.

Film Festival Russia

Holi Color Festival

The birthplace of this festival is India. There Holi is a national holiday. At home, it is held every year in late February or early March, symbolizing the end of winter. On this day, like the Russian Maslenitsa holiday, the inhabitants of India burn an effigy. You can see with your own eyes walking on coals or how residents drive cattle through fires.

The holiday passes for several days. When the second day comes, Hindus sprinkle each other with dry paint or simply pour tinted water over each other. This is how they express the joy of the arrival of spring.

We celebrate this holiday relatively recently and with significant differences. In Russia, Holi is a festival of bright colors and entertainment. It does not carry any religious significance. Holi is a great opportunityhold charity events to help children and arrange a bright, unusual holiday. On this day, you can see an interesting program that includes:

  1. Indian dance master class.
  2. Animation show.
  3. Giant soap bubbles.
  4. Themed souvenirs.
  5. Various contests.
  6. Body art.
  7. Celebrity performances.

In addition to the above events, choreographic festivals are held in Russia, for example, "W altz of the White Nights" or the national festival-competition "Great Russia".

The festival is a bright and colorful summer event. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in those that will be held in your city. You will give yourself a lot of pleasant impressions.

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