Singapore Zoo: reviews, address, photo

Singapore Zoo: reviews, address, photo
Singapore Zoo: reviews, address, photo

Singapore Zoo has become a favorite pastime for many tourists and locals alike. Visitors note that the animals are always well-groomed, clean, lively and delight others.

Unforgettable experiences

In such a place you can saturate the soul with positive and amazing impressions. The administration is trying to create conditions that are as similar as possible to the natural habitat of animals.

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Singapore Zoo is also remembered for the fact that there are no bars and cages that limit and fetter the inhabitants. You seem to get to visit them, communicate with birds and animals. Since the territory is very large, many people note that they did not have time to get around it in one day. Since there are so many interesting things that I wanted to pay attention to each enclosure, it’s good to look at it, and not run past. Positive features are comfort and cleanliness, against which it is very pleasant to walk.

To meet the natural

Sometimes you want to get in touch with nature, because this need is inherent in us at the genetic level. Sooner or later we get tired of city life. Many fans of such a holiday are attracted by the Singapore Zoo. How to get here? From the center the road will not begreat work.

You can use one of the existing methods. Visitors note that it is most convenient to take the tourist express. He passes many hotels in the city several times a day and takes people to the Singapore Zoo. The journey takes 45 minutes. The price of the trip is 4.5 national dollars per adult. Entrance tickets to the territory of the zoological park are sold in the vehicle itself. Tourists note that this way you can get a good discount. You can ask for the timetable at the hotel where you are staying.

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If you still decide to use public transport, then spend an hour on the road. To do this, follow the red metro line and go to the Ang Mo Kio stop in the suburbs. Then you need to go to the bus stop number 138. It will bring you directly to the Singapore Zoo.

The second option is cheaper, but not so convenient. But then you will see how people live in the outback. Comfort lovers say that they solved the problem of transport much easier - they just took a taxi, sparing no money for it, because in half an hour you will reach your destination.

How to make travel more efficient

When you get to this beautiful place, you will be offered a ride in a comfortable trailer, with which you can see all the zones. People who have been here say that since the territory is large, it is better not to neglect this opportunity and take the chance to make your trip more comfortable.

You will be taken tothe environment of the jungles of Africa, the foothills of the Himalayas, southeast Asia. So we can say that you will practically go around the entire globe, having visited the eight parts that the Singapore Zoo is divided into.

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Visitors' feedback testifies to the vivid impressions they get from a 45-minute trip, passing 3.5 km of beautiful territories. There is a stop halfway through the road where you can get out, walk around and have some rest. You will not get lost, because there will always be one of the employees of the complex nearby, ready to help with advice.

The mysterious world of nature

Operates a night zoo in Singapore. Once here at night, you will come into contact with the mystery and mystery of these places. There are many interesting and surprising details here.

Stepping on the so-called leopard trail, you will see flying Malayan foxes, animals crawling along the branches and hovering in the air. An interesting inhabitant of this place is not only a large cat, which was called its mistress, but also a tarsier, which has huge eyes, thanks to which it finds food for itself.

There is a civet here, whose secretions, although they smell terrible, are used in the perfume industry. If you know English, it will not be difficult for you to understand the guides, as they are fluent in this language and are able to convey information to people in a quality manner.

Species diversity

You will remember for a long time when you go to the Singapore Zoo. You can take photos, but without a flash, because it is notanimals like it very much. Also, people who have visited the complex say that it is better to insure against local mosquitoes and cover the skin with a special agent. The safari park is home to 1.2 thousand animals. In total, there are 110 species collected in exotic territories. There are hyenas, buffaloes, bongos, rams, rhinos, jackals and many other animals.

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Guests of this place are impressed not only by nature and its inhabitants, but also by the excursions and rooms held here, in which "fire eaters" demonstrate their skills. It shows the dances characteristic of the ancient tribes. There are lions and tigers in almost every such institution, but there are such animals that only a wonderful place in the city of Singapore, the zoo, provides an opportunity to meet.

How to get to the pandas? After all, they are really very rare, so people immediately start looking for them. In order to take a look at these cute creatures, you need to follow the River Safari. This area is located separately from the main complex. Here you need to buy another ticket. Don't go very far. Two individuals, male and female, live here.

A rich journey

If you try hard, you can see all the territories in one day. If you contact a guide, he will definitely help you organize your movements in such a way that they are most productive. So you can safely go to the Singapore Zoo. Its address is: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore, 729826. The climate of the tropics is used here perfectly. Floravery rich, and the fauna has been replenished with new species for a long time, thanks to which the park has become simply luxurious.

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Wandering here at night, you will see that life continues to boil and each animal is busy with its own business. Stunning space and greenery make you feel free and fresh. At the same time, it is safe here thanks to nets that do not release artiodactyls from the territory allotted for them.

Ditches in the form of river flows, closed by plantations, also perform a protective function. Glass barriers protect against predators, as large cats climb trees well. The lighting is dim and mysterious, which creates a special atmosphere of moonlight here. The system of special lamps was created by S. Korder.

Pleasure for everyone

Extremely satisfied with the complex of parents who bring their children here. All family members are usually delighted. Having been here once, you forever remember the unusual environment, which is a real innovation for us after asph alt roads and high-rise buildings.

Everything natural awakens in a person, which he managed to forget about. The absence of gratings will make the spectacle even more unreal and delightful. So, in comparison with ordinary zoos, this one has gone far ahead, having developed those original features for which it is distinguished from a number of others.

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A funny monkey may pass by you. They are very friendly and sociable here. Elephant shows are held. You can talk endlessly, but even the mostdeveloped fantasy and good imagination are not able to convey how amazing it is here.

Indelible impressions

Many people who were here in their very young years remember well the impressions that this place left in their souls. The abundance of species is truly amazing, as are the features of wildlife that are thoroughly conveyed. Against the background of naturalness, perfect purity is observed here. You will be able to see iguanas and other animals living in exotic territories in close proximity. Colorful butterflies hover in the air, harmless snakes crawl on the ground.

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Many people call this place the best zoo for its unusualness, exclusivity. So the rest of such complexes should take an example. And the administration of the zoo does not get tired of impressing visitors with interesting features and impressive details.

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