Attractions, Costa Rica: description, history and reviews

Attractions, Costa Rica: description, history and reviews
Attractions, Costa Rica: description, history and reviews

This state has wonderful sights. Costa Rica is a place where a large flow of tourists is constantly located, although this country itself is not very large in size. Of interest is the beautiful square, which has a large number of natural complexes.

About the center of the country

This is an amazing state, where the place was found stunning vegetation, volcanoes, savannah, dense forests, picturesque mountain slopes, gorgeous beaches, extensive plantations of coffee and bananas. It is not surprising, because the very name of this area in translation sounds “rich coast”. There are many architectural monuments, Indian settlements, wonderful waterfalls, rivers and mountains.

attractions in costa rica

The city where the most interesting, important sights are located is San Jose (Costa Rica). The capital, which was founded in 1737. It is located at an altitude of 1155 meters above sea level. The climate here is quite pleasant.

Nearby is the city of Alajuela, the second largest in the state, where there are farms for growing butterflies. Juan Santamaria was placed in the building where the prison used to be– another interesting museum.

Natural attractions of Costa Rica are also no less interesting. For example, there is Poas here - a volcano whose height is 2.7 km. There are always many tourists here. It is also interesting to visit the zoo and the complex with entertainment for children "El Bosque Encantado". Grecia is called the cleanest city in all of Latin America. There is a beautiful red church here. In Sarchie, handicrafts are produced. In Heredia there is an opportunity to look at the walls of the fortress of Fortin. You can learn a lot about coffee here by going to the museum complex and the institute dedicated to this drink.

Wonderful nature

Sights attract many people here. Costa Rica is a region where they are numerous. A significant part of them can be seen in the provincial town of Cartago, which is located on the southeast side of San Jose. There are beautiful green valleys where coffee and reeds grow. People have been living here since 1563. Until 1823, this settlement was the capital of the state. The Orosi Valley has beautiful vegetation where coffee is grown.

Directly in the city there are museum expositions dedicated to religious history and curious antiquities. There is a church here, built in the first half of the 18th century. On the territory of Ujarras, the ruins of the oldest shrine in the state have been preserved. Its creation dates back to the period from 1681 to 1693.

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Tourists, learning what to visit in Costa Rica, the list of attractions is quite impressive:

  • This includes a center that breeds tropical flora in Turrialba.

  • Many people are attracted by Irasa, an active volcano 3.4 km high, located nearby a picturesque park, as well as the archeological monument of Guayabo.

  • Arenal and Paos Volcanoes.

  • Antonio National Park.

  • Corcovado is a natural hiking area.

  • Tortugero - rainforest valley.

  • National Theatre.

  • Museums of pre-Colombian gold.

  • Chirripo is a great place for hiking.

Impressive flora

In the northern part of the state, the situation is somewhat different. This is an area of ​​tropical plains. Vegetation is widespread here, which has a green color throughout the year. Tourists rarely come to see these sights.

Costa Rica is a land with wonderful natural conditions that have been preserved until today in an almost untouched state. It is interesting to get into the caves called Venado, the protected area of ​​​​Cagno Negro, in San Rafael to the waterfalls. There are forest camps for tourists in Sarapinka. Archaeologists are conducting research work on the territory of Kutris.

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About people and land

In the east there are canals, mountain ranges - these are all beautiful sights. Costa Rica is a country that can amaze with its picturesqueness. The population here is characterizedoriginality. The language people speak is a cross between Spanish, Native American and English.

Quality rice and excellent cocoa are grown here. Indigenous people meet on the territory of reservations in the forest. Tourists cannot get there. Nearby there is the city of Limon, it has an unusual color. It is a bit dirty and sometimes dangerous here, but there are good bazaars and an ethnic museum complex. October 12 is the annual carnival celebration.

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What tourists should pay attention to

It's hard to decide which is the most famous attraction in Costa Rica. Many people like the local chic beach expanses with dark sands, nature reserves, wonderful parks, picturesque coral reefs. People come here to surf.

There are many Indian reservations in the park called Itoi-Serere. On the Atlantic coast there is a collection of interesting channels. Rainfall is more than 5 thousand millimeters per year - extremely much. It would not be too comfortable for a European to live here because of the abundant amount of moisture. However, fishing here is a sweet deal. The forest expanses are picturesque, where various animals are found.

what to visit in costa rica list of attractions

Which places to visit

Amazing sights of Costa Rica are also in the northwest. The climate is more mild, it does not rain so often. The government cares about the environment and is doing everything possible to save herepristine natural paradise.

Tourism is also actively developing, technologies are being introduced that can help preserve nature. The local tourist complexes are numerous. An interesting place is the ecologically clean zone of Kuru, as well as the whale bay, wonderful waterfalls near Montezuma. There is a reserve in which turtles living in the sea are protected. Truly impressive Costa Rica. The sights here amaze with their beauty. These are bays, parks, an area called Golfito, where trading operations are carried out, the town of Jaco, a complex dedicated to the fauna of the forests of Isla Bolanos.

The most attractive locality of the state is Liberia, which is also called the "white city". Orosi also attracts attention - a park of national importance, towering 1.4 km above sea level. There are also mud-type volcanoes, the birth of hydrogen sulfide, Arenal Lake, which is often visited by windsurfers, the Tabacon hot water source, wonderful waterfalls, protected areas of Monteverde, "Forest of Santa Elena", Carara, Manuel Antonio. Tortuga is called the island of turtles.

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Active water recreation

As a rule, the admiration of tourists causes the state of Costa Rica. Sightseeing and outdoor activities help a person to relax both emotionally, mentally, and physically. Surfers find the local coasts great. They go to Puerto Viejo and Limon to conquer the waves. Other beaches are also popular. There are a lot of people here from July to August.

Arenal -a lake great for windsurfing. It is located at an altitude of 1.7 km above sea level. There are constant and strong winds blowing here. The best time to visit here is April-December. You can swim underwater on local islands.

Rich fauna and flora in the depths of the waters can be seen in Ballena - a national reserve. Beautiful coral reefs in Baia Draka and Cahuita. The Pacific coastline between Golfito and Papagayo Bay is great for tuna or sailboat fishing. Such a catch can be called a trophy. You can catch trout in the rivers in the mountains.

Visitor reviews

Tourists love the fact that temperatures are consistent between 20 and 25 degrees. This detail is able to protect against unexpected weather changes. Two oceans attract travelers here: the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Many are a little upset by the state of the local roads, which are rather narrow and in places not covered with asph alt, have no bumpers and curbs. People, as a rule, fly into San Jose and spend a lot of time on wheels, moving around the country in rented vehicles. So you need to be a good driver to drive on these trails. The jungle is new to many and is a new wonderful world. The same can be said about volcanoes, which are very impressive.

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After actively moving from one interesting place to another, it is very pleasant for people to stretch out on the beach and relax under the warm sun. It makes sense to come here and give yourself an amazing experience. For yourpastime will be as intense as the whole life of the state.

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