Who are the radicals? Radicals of Russia and Ukraine, who are they?

Who are the radicals? Radicals of Russia and Ukraine, who are they?
Who are the radicals? Radicals of Russia and Ukraine, who are they?

The analysis of any concept must begin with the definition of terms. The meaning of the name is closely related to the realization of the phenomenon in society.

What does "radical" mean

who are the radicals

This word is known from the school curriculum. Everyone knows that this term refers to the root. Extracting it is a qualitative change. By analogy with the question of who the radicals are, the answer is: people striving for change. In fact, in politics, everyone wants some kind of change. Radicals differ from other methods of achieving goals. They call for actions similar to the extraction of the root, swift and irreversible. In chemistry, this term is also used. A free radical is an element that is not associated with the rest. An analogy in politics is an independent, independent game, unwillingness to maintain ties with other forces. Characteristic of the radicals is any lack of tolerance. Tolerating dissent is not their way.

Principles of radicals

radicals are people

Change at any cost is their main idea. Radicals are people who do not want to put up with the existing order of things. Compromises do not suit them,they do not want to negotiate. There is nothing wrong with striving for a better life. On the contrary, it is very positive and useful. The key is in the methods. They can be smooth and painless, then the desired changes occur gradually, society has time to rebuild and get used to other orders. There are also revolutionary methods, when the old is rapidly breaking down and a new one is being created on its ruins. It is clear that the people at this moment suffer and endure hardships. The last type of action is characteristic of radicals. They act decisively, uncompromisingly.

Examples of radical action

Such a current exists in almost any society. To better understand who the radicals are, consider a vivid example. During the well-known events in Ukraine, political forces showed themselves quite frankly. So, the radical fighters of the Right Sector did not just act decisively. At a time when other protesters were ready to compromise with the authorities, they announced their intention to bring events to a victorious end.

right-wing radicals

All the declared demands of the Maidan by the President of Ukraine were satisfied. The protest seemed to fizzle out. There is not a single idea left to detain the people on the Maidan. And then the Right Sector appears, not going to leave the square! All confrontation goes to the next phase. The radicals of Ukraine did not abandon their intentions further. Following their ideology, they do not take into account the existence of other views, positions and opinions in this rather big country. These are the general principles of this movement.

Dangerradical views

Demonstrative lack of desire to reckon with dissent is not limited to this trend. Speaking about who the radicals are, it should be said about their attitude to the armed struggle. She is welcome, even more than that. Radicals consider armed resistance to the authorities (opposition, opponents, and so on) the most effective method of conversation. To achieve the goal, all means are good. A machine gun or a fist, a rocket or a knife - everything applies. The opponent should not be persuaded, but forced.

radicals of ukraine

In politics, the supremacy of radical views in society inevitably leads to war. If the opponent is another state, then to an aggressive one, if the inhabitants of their own country, then to a civil one. For example, the events in Libya clearly showed how right-wing radicals plunged the state into a destructive endless war.

Russian radicals

In a multiethnic country, extreme views always find their right ground. Radical Islamists operate using methods of religiously motivated armed violence. The basis of Wahhabism was a broader Islamic movement - Salafism. Russian radicals, in fact, are part of this global trend. His fans are fighting for the return of all Muslims to the monotheism that their ancestors had. All other currents of this religion that arose later must cease to exist. Thus, the activity of Wackhabis leads to the emergence of an atmosphere of religious intolerance in society. It should be noted that there is no unanimity in the movement itself. Part of the groups denies armed struggle,some consider it an extreme method. But the essence remains - their views do not recognize the existence of dissent, in this case - a different understanding of faith. Radical organizations began to form their movement not immediately. It all started with small communities (jamaat).

Russian radicals

They consisted mainly of young people. Jamaats were inspired by Santlad Bagauddin, a very colorful and charismatic person. He urged not to recognize the official clergy, criticizing them for departing from true Islam.

Basis of radical organizations

One of the main problems of all political movements is the recruitment of adherents, that is, adherents. Radicals attract their supporters in various ways. Thus, Islamic movements often attract people with the most sincere help. Representatives of such movements conduct missionary activities. They are engaged in explaining their views, including who the radicals are, what they are fighting for, and also provide humanitarian assistance to those most in need. It turns out that people who live on the verge of poverty and who are dissatisfied with the authorities are at risk of joining the radicals. On the territory of developing countries, the selection of "agents" is carried out by various funds. Basically, it goes informally. Unfortunately, often the development and financing of such movements has goals that are not at all ideological in nature. For example, Islamic radicalism in Russia was created with a quite readable task: to undermine the country's economy in the direction of the Caucasus.

The level of development of modern society allows us to refusemethods of extreme radicalism. More often they are fond of young people who are not able to objectively assess the alignment of forces. When joining the ranks of the radicals, it is recommended to be well aware that bloody riots are not at all the best way to achieve progress. They are allowed only when there is no other way. And, as you know, the road is built by the walker himself. What to use: a word or an automaton, choose for him - the creator of his life!

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