Sergey Plastinin: biography and career

Sergey Plastinin: biography and career
Sergey Plastinin: biography and career

Sergey Arkadyevich Plastinin, whose biography is discussed in this article, is considered a very successful person. The 48-year-old creator of the Wimm-Bill-Dann brand has a solid capital, is included in the Forbes list and enjoys great respect in Russia. Everyone will be interested to know about his fate and career.

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Childhood and youth

Sergey Plastinin was born in 1968. He was born on November 25 in the village of Shipitsyno (Arkhangelsk region). Our hero grew up as a capable boy. He showed interest in the exact sciences. Therefore, after the end of the eight-year school, his parents sent him to a physics and mathematics boarding school in St. Petersburg. Later, Sergei Plastinin entered the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology. However, from the first year he was taken into the army. During his service, he learned English. This greatly helped him in later life. Returning to the "citizen", he ended up in another country. Everything was bought and sold here. As a result, the guy came to grips with the business.

Career development

Sergei started like everyone else: at first he was a simple dealer,then engaged in the wholesale trade of furniture and household chemicals. In 1992, Sergei Plastinin had a daughter. In search of a suitable juice for a nursing mother, he came across a dry concentrate. The powder, diluted with water, cost him six times less than the natural product. Sergei realized that this opportunity should not be missed. Therefore, the next day, together with his friend Mikhail Dubinin, he started producing juices.


Partners created a new company. They gave it an incomprehensible foreign name to attract the attention of consumers. At that time, everything foreign was well accepted in Russia. Therefore, the name "Wimm-Bill-Dann" became quite suitable for a new, hitherto unknown brand. Designer Andrey Sechin came up with a suitable logo - a funny character that looks like a funny dog. The lease of the line at the Lianozovsky dairy plant, the purchase of packaging from Tetra Pak and raw materials from a German company completed the job. By the end of the year, the partners released their first product, a flavored juice pack.

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Famous J7

Sergey Plastinin was well aware that customers buy not only goods, but also luxurious packaging. J7 juice is still popular today. And in the distant 1990s, he had no competitors. Bright and stylish packaging, unprecedented advertising, pleasant taste - it all worked. Yuri Nikulin himself promoted Wimm-Bill-Dann products in the White Parrot TV program. In 1993, the company began to actively expand. Very successful entrepreneurs invested in it - Yushvaevand Yakobishvili.


Plastinin Sergey Arkadyevich's company began to expand the range of products. In addition to juices, she began to produce dairy products. This is how the most famous product of Wimm-Bill-Dann appeared - "House in the countryside". It happened in 1996. The unusual name is the idea of ​​designer Andrey Sechin. He made it so that when thinking about milk from this company, consumers had a picture of a sunny morning in the village in their heads. It worked. The product has become extremely popular.

In the new age

At the turn of the new century, Wimm-Bill-Dann occupied a strong position in the Russian consumer market. For further development, serious injections were required. Then Sergei Plastinin decided to take a desperate step. He placed the company's shares on the Western Stock Exchange. In 2001 he took over the company. Then he beautifully “packaged” it and sold a quarter of the shares. At the same time, extraordinary openness was demonstrated. Buyers even learned about the criminal past of Gavriil Yushvaev. However, this did not stop investors. For example, the Danone concern took over 4% of the company's shares.

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Other project

Now Wimm-Bill-Dann has 36 enterprises specializing in the production of juices and dairy products, as well as mineral water. The company has sales centers in 25 cities of our country. She has a whole line of super popular brands. Among them are "Agusha", "Merry Milkman", "Favorite Garden", "J7", etc.

Since May 2010, Sergei Arkadyevich Plastinin has headedWBD Board of Directors. However, gradually he took up the implementation of other projects. One of them was the company "Dairy Products". The plans were grandiose: to enter the top five, to acquire 250 hectares of land, to make the business public. But they didn't come true. In July 2015, Plastinin got rid of his shares in the agricultural holding.

Fashion clothes

Sergey Plastinin needed a lot of effort and money to develop the Kira Plastinina trademark. He was engaged in brand promotion in Russia and America. He invested more than $70 million in the project. His daughter Kira was engaged in the creation of clothing models. She became the face of the company. The image of a young and talented girl who conquered the whole world was remembered by Russian and foreign consumers. However, the project did not bring its creator the expected profit. Kira Plastinina went bankrupt in 2016.

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Our days

According to the latest data, Sergei Plastinin went into the energy sector. In 2016, he became an adviser to the general director of RusHydro. And now he has become the director of operational management at RAO UES of the East. Our hero says that in a new job he is attracted by interesting tasks. He has become disillusioned with the fashion and agro-industrial sectors, so he seeks to prove himself in a new field.

Private life

A full member of the Forbes list, Sergei Plastinin does not like to talk about his personal life. It is known that in his first marriage he had three daughters - Kira, Alexandra and Antonina. After the divorce, the businessman tried not to injure his children. He often visited the girls,sought to support them in all endeavors. Now he is often seen paired with a charming brunette - Olga Korableva. Perhaps she will become the new life partner of this successful man.

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