Director's work and filmography of Kirill Pletnev

Director's work and filmography of Kirill Pletnev
Director's work and filmography of Kirill Pletnev

The favorite of many women, the owner of a piercing look, is Pletnev Kirill Vladimirovich. The filmography of the actor includes dozens of interesting and burning pictures.

He is increasingly being invited to shoot, but one more fact is interesting: Kirill Pletnev is a director, and a very talented one at that. His work is today recognized by audiences and censors alike.

filmography of Kirill Pletnev

Childhood in the camps, or how character was tempered

December 30, 1979, Cyril was born. The future actor was born in Kharkov (Ukraine), but almost immediately after birth, the parents moved to Leningrad. Kirill graduated from school in Leningrad with some difficulties. The fact is that from an early age, Kirill, carried away by the game of Bruce Lee, was particularly pugnacious. This to some extent played a key role in his future. The father enrolled his son in the taekwondo section, and the mother, so that the child would not become a "stale blockhead", every summer took him to children's camps, where she worked as a dance teacher. Cyril liked camp life more than taekwondo, so in adulthood the future film actor continued to go to the camp on his own as a dance teacher. There he organizedtheater studios and part-time worked in the kitchen as an assistant cook. By the way, in St. Petersburg, Kirill worked as an assistant in the kitchen for a whole year.

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By the way, the school where Kirill studied was from the Zenit sports club, but the actor never liked playing football, so he constantly sabotaged classes and took half of the team away with him. Another hobby of Cyril in his school years was rock climbing. But the greatest zeal was manifested in the theater circle. Cyril read a lot since childhood, at an early age he was familiar with the work of many venerable poets and writers.

Student time, or How Pletnev was not taken to the directing department

Kirill graduated from high school in 1996. He knew in advance about his future education - he wanted to enter the directing department at the St. Petersburg Theater Academy. However, they didn’t take a 16-year-old guy there - he didn’t pass by age, but was advised to take acting classes. Cyril heeded the advice, and already in his 3rd year he took part in theatrical productions based on the works of Ivan Bunin "The Case of the Cornet Elagin" and "The Case of the Cornet Orlov". It was at this time that he realized his calling. Pletnev realized that, being an actor, you can also embody your vision, understanding of the role on stage, as well as as a director. Therefore, all films with Kirill Pletnev are unusual, romantic and mysterious.

films with the participation of Kirill Pletnev

Job Search

After graduating from the academy, Kirill started looking for work,however, local theaters did not need young actors. Therefore, like many other young people, Cyril went to conquer the mother capital - Moscow. Pletnev got into the troupe of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, where he worked for 3 years. During his work with Armen Borisovich, Kirill played in the following performances: "The Tale of the Learned Cat", "The Government Inspector" and others. Cyril left the theater not of his own free will - he was kicked out. The thing is that Pletnev could not force himself to play roles that he did not like, his concepts of what he wanted differed from real theatrical life. Forcing himself to rehearse on his own was one torment for Pletnev. So he partly thanked Dzhigarkhanyan for deciding to hasten the inevitable.

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Other creativity of Kirill Pletnev

He started collaborating with Irina Keruchenko in 2003. He was comfortable working with her, they had similar characters, they saw certain images in the same way, prescribed the characters' characters, explained their actions. Two years later, the joint work of Keruchenko and Pletnev was awarded a prize at the New Drama festival. And the following year, Pletnev played in the play "Gedda Gabler". The performance became a laureate of the Norwegian Play on the Moscow Stage festival. In 2008, Kirill Pletnev was deservedly awarded the prize of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper for his work in the project “I am a machine gunner”. Cyril has few theatrical roles behind him, but the actor does not despair. In one of his interviews, Pletnev said that he dreams of playing Othello, Caligula, Khlestakov, Rogozhin andTrepleva.

Pletnev Kirill Vladimirovich - filmography and biography

Filmography of Kirill Pletnev

Kirill Pletnev came to the cinema in 2001. The debut role of the actor went to the popular series "Deadly Force". By the way, the filmography of Kirill Pletnev includes a number of successful films dedicated to military topics, where Kirill gets the role of military personnel, despite the fact that the actor himself did not serve in the army, and has nothing to do with the military forces.

Films with Kirill Pletnev have always surprised the audience. The first role that brought him recognition was played by him in the film "Saboteurs". After the role of Sergeant Nelipa in "Soldiers" only strengthened the growing interest in the actor. The filmography of Kirill Pletnev is marked by the role of midshipman Frolov in the sensational film "Admiral". Kirill also did an excellent job with the lieutenant role of Kudinov in the film "Landing Forces", and with the role of Alexei in the film "Taiga. Survival Course.”

Today, the popularity of the actor continues to grow. So, melodramas with Kirill Pletnev deserve special attention. According to the actor himself, he is interested in the practice of reincarnation, complete physical reprogramming. Therefore, in order to expand the role and go beyond the "military roles", Cyril often agrees to roles in TV shows, melodramas. Pletnev is interested in the process of forming a new image, completely different from the previous characters he has already played. The young actor credits Robert De Niro in Scorsese's Raging Bull as his inspiration.

melodramas with Kirill Pletnev

Director's tryouts

Of course, the series with Kirill Pletnev are any and all, but he does not abandon hopes of returning to directing and making his own film. To do this, the actor in 2014 successfully graduated from the faculty of screenwriting and film directing at VGIK. By the way, his final work "Nastya" was awarded the Grand Prix at "Kinotavr-2015" in the nomination "Best Short Film".

This is not the actor's only directorial award today. The filmography of Kirill Pletnev was replenished with his own films "Dog and Heart" and "6.23". These films have received a number of awards.

Future plans

Kirill never considered himself a popular actor, calling himself recognizable in wide circles. But films with the participation of Kirill Pletnev are crazy popular. Many girls and women watch them only because their favorite actor is playing the main or supporting role.

Pletnev is not going to stop there. According to the actor, his creative life is just beginning. Kirill Pletnev plans to work with Danila Kozlovsky in the film "Viking", where Pletnev plays Oleg, the brother of Prince Vladimir (the role of Prince Vladimir is played by Danila Kozlovsky). The film is expected to be released in 2017. And the filmography of Kirill Pletnev will be replenished with another wonderful picture.

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