Brilev Sergey: biography, photo, family

Brilev Sergey: biography, photo, family
Brilev Sergey: biography, photo, family

Modern journalism is rich in bright characters with a scandalous reputation, and Sergey Brilev embodies the classic ideal of an international journalist. He is educated, charming, intelligent, has a distinct civic position. Where do journalists like Sergei Brilev come from? The biography of this person is full of interesting facts, and it all started, as usual, in childhood.

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The start of the journey

The future journalist was born in 1972 in an exotic place - in the capital of Cuba, Havana. Sergey Brilev, whose biography, whose family and life from the very beginning was atypical for Soviet reality, was born on July 24 in a bright sunny country. The family of the future luminary of journalism was engaged in establishing trade partnerships with Cuba, and this, in a sense, became decisive in the fate of the boy.

Ordinary-unusual childhood

The first days of his life, baby Sergey Brilev was in Cuba, and he spent his childhood years traveling between Uruguay, Ecuador and Moscow. This time left an indelible mark on the soul of the child, and he was forever imbued with love for South America. ATIn general, Sergey Brilev, whose family moved often, spent his childhood quite normally, he read a lot, grew up as an inquisitive child. The peculiarity of his childhood was that from an early age he was often in a foreign language environment, and he developed the ability for foreign languages ​​and an irresistible craving for travel. All this determined the vector of Brilev's development.

Years of study

The future journalist Sergey Brilev went to school in Moscow. School No. 109, known for its liberal approach, was able to develop his best qualities in the boy. In high school, Brilev was engaged in school theater, which also helped him later in mastering his main profession.

After graduating from school, the question of where to go was almost non-existent for Sergey. He wanted to engage in international activities, spoke foreign languages, so the choice of MGIMO was not unusual for him, and admission to this prestigious university went well. The Faculty of International Journalism helped to develop all the best qualities of Brilev, in his student years he continues to study languages ​​and plays in the institute theater. In order to improve his Spanish, Sergey Brilev leaves Moscow and MGIMO for a year and leaves for Montevideo to graduate from the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​there. English and Spanish, as well as knowledge of life in Latin America, later became the "starting capital" for the journalist in the profession.

After graduating from Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 1995, Sergey begins to actively engage in journalism, striving to realize his potential. He will continue to study a lot in the future, he will take a promotion course inLondon office of the BBC and the Agency for International Development in the United States, will enter the University of Westminster in the department of management, but will not graduate due to high employment.

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Becoming a profession

Brilev starts writing journalistic materials in his student years. He got a job at Komsomolskaya Pravda in the department of science and education and gained experience as a correspondent. While studying in Uruguay, he also writes articles in Spanish for El Observador, Economico and the local newspaper La Republica. At the same time, he manages to touch television journalism, but until this path becomes the main one for the novice author, he gravitates towards “paper” creativity and writes stubbornly. Having worked for several years in the major newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda and Moskovskiye Novosti, Brilev is still inclined to believe that television is more interesting for him, he cooperates with several television companies as a freelance correspondent. But when an offer comes from the federal channel Rossiya, he leaves everything and gets a job in the Vesti program.

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Television career

Work on television brought fame to Brilev and allowed him to realize his potential. He began his career as a news correspondent, this time allowed the journalist to develop the skills of operational work and the ability to accurately choose the angles of coverage of the event. Changes in professional status occurred unexpectedly. When Brilev was retraining atLondon, he was asked to temporarily replace Andrey Gurnov, who was then Vesti's own correspondent in the UK. The circumstances were such that Sergei remained in this role for several years. He improved his journalistic skills, gained skills, held meetings with famous people, and his materials became more and more mature and visible. All this led to the fact that in 2001 a new news anchor appeared on Russian television - Sergey Brilev. Photos of the journalist began to appear in the gossip column, but this path from the very beginning was not easy. So, on the very first day, the journalist had to broadcast many hours, because it was September 11.

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Sergey's career has been more than successful, in his track record for 14 years of work such programs as "News on Saturday", "Direct Line with the President of Russia", "Fort Boyard", "Fifth Studio" appeared. And besides, Brilev became a recognized expert on Latin America, here he was again helped by old connections established as a student. He became a high-class interviewer, he managed to talk with such persons as Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, George W. Bush and many top officials of states and prominent politicians of the world.

Special Achievements

Brilev considers his meeting with US President Barack Obama his journalistic success. This interview was coordinated for 2.5 years, until finally the journalist got the opportunity to ask questions.

Over the years of his productive work, Sergey has received many awards, includingthere are Orders of Honor and Friendship, commemorative medals "In memory of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg" and "In memory of the 1000th anniversary of Kazan", gratitude from the leadership of the TV company "Russia" and the President of the country.

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The most significant in the life of any journalist are professional awards. So, in Brilev's piggy bank there are two TEFI figurines, one is given as the best news presenter, the second - as the best presenter of the information and analytical program. He was also awarded such distinctions as the "Crystal Pen" award and the "For the Exemplary Russian Language" award, which is especially significant for a writing person.

But perhaps the most important achievement of Sergey Brilev is the love and trust of viewers, his programs invariably have a high rating, and this is exactly what makes the journalist develop and move forward.

Journalistic handwriting

Over the years of work, Sergey Brilev has developed a recognizable author's style of work. He presents the information logically, without unnecessary emotionality and forcing the atmosphere. Even when he had to broadcast at the most difficult time, for example, all the same day on September 11, he kept his composure, continued to analyze the situation and at the same time was able to express sympathy and support to all viewers.

Brilev's calling card is big interviews with world politicians. In these materials, the journalist demonstrates high professionalism, fluency in information, the ability to ask even complex questions without pressure on the interlocutor. The author clearly enjoys meetings with politicians"favorite" region - Latin America. In such interviews, the journalist does not even hide his great interest and love for these countries.

Another sign of Brilev's style is his direct participation in the events covered. His correspondent spirit has not dried up, he makes up to 80 flights a month around the country and the world to find himself in an interesting place, meet people and see everything with his own eyes.

Person writing

The desire to express his thoughts on paper does not leave Sergey Brilev, he believes that the printed press is more analytical, deep and serious, and therefore he continues to write, but in a different format. The rich experience and impressions of an international journalist who has seen a lot on his way is poured into Brilev's books. He publishes the publicistic work “Fidel. Football. Falklands" in the form of a Latin American diary, in which, in an exciting way and with sincere love, he talks about the life of the countries of this continent. Brilev's second book "Forgotten Allies in World War II" is a journalistic investigation and tells how the "small" countries of Africa and Latin America participated in the war.

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Ordinary person Sergey Brilev: family, wife

But a career is not the only way a journalist lives. When people look at such famous personalities as Sergey Brilev, biography, family, wife - this is what starts to interest them greatly. A successful journalist who devotes most of his life to his work must have a reliable rear that will ensure his peace and comfort.Sergei Brilev also has a person who creates an atmosphere in the house and waits for a journalist from endless business trips. His wife Irina has been with him for more than 10 years. The couple met in early youth, in the district committee of the Komsomol, where Brilev came for a Komsomol ticket. The wedding took place much later, already at the time when the journalist worked in London. There the wedding took place, which was even shown in the BBC news release. The couple have a daughter, Alexandra. So a happy person in every sense is Sergey Brilev. Biography, his wife and daughter - all this clearly demonstrates that there are happy people on earth.

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The only thing he lacks is time to fully immerse himself in work, family, and hobbies, and this is skiing and picking mushrooms.

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