What is a dense forest?

What is a dense forest?
What is a dense forest?

Forest is one of the constituent parts of the surrounding world, a system of animate and inanimate nature (air, water, earth). This is a place covered with plantations of trees, bushes, mushrooms and other plants. Nearly a third of the planet's land area is covered by forests.

What are they like?

There are different classifications of forests. Consider some of their varieties:

dense forest
  • Distinguish between high-stem and low-stem forests. Tall trees are trees grown from seeds, and short stems are trees grown from sprouts.
  • Forests are subdivided into sets of stands of the same species and mixed when two species (or more) of trees are found.
  • By age - young, middle and old.

Other classification

Separately distinguish the European forest classification:

  • Those that are located in the northern and temperate zones. Here you can see evergreen coniferous plantations, separately cultivated parks, groves dominated by broad-leaved trees, dense forests, as well as forests, where various tree species are represented.
  • Forests located in the tropical zone and subtropics. It is dominated by mountainous, prickly impenetrableforest, copses grown in swamps or with exotic plants.

It is generally accepted that the surface of the earth is covered with many unauthorized trees, shrubs and other organisms that feed on air and inorganic substances from the soil, depending on the climatic zone of their location. So, in the northern zone, dense forest, deciduous-fir, shrub-like forests are often found. Due to the fact that the northern part of the earth's area is less populated, and the infrastructure is poorly expressed, the air in these parts is especially clean. Edges are often found - these are strips where the forest smoothly passes into adjacent vegetation. The dense forest deserves special attention - it is dense, overgrown, impenetrable or even impassable. It is usually inhabited by wild animals.

dense forests

In the tropics there are humid rain forests, mostly they grow in swamps, form thickets. The territory of the forest is not clearly defined; it smoothly passes from one deciduous ecosystem to another. There are many vines, tree-like plants that cling to other bio-organisms. It is not often possible to meet an overgrown dense forest, people bypass such impenetrable thickets, it is very dangerous to be in them.

Who lives in the forest?

Animal world is an integral part of forest nature. The inhabitants are diverse, their species and settlement depend on specific ecosystems. Animals such as bear, fox, deer, beaver, partridge are mobilized in cool areas. Tigers, monkeys, mongooses live in warm countries. Dense forest,which is found everywhere, inhabited mainly by wild animals: moose, wild boars, hyenas. Snakes are more common than in other forests.

Green plantings of forests play an important role in human life and nature in general, as they take an active part in the circulation of oxygen, water, and have a huge impact on the gas flow in the ecosystem. In addition, the forest has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, is a powerful antidepressant.

dense forest is

However, man's actions often harm the forest system. Since trees are a source of energy and raw materials, they are constantly being cut down, it takes at least ten years to restore new territories. Due to the misbehavior of people in nature, fires often occur. In this case, the dense forest poses a great threat, which is very difficult to extinguish the flame, which at the same time spreads at lightning speed.


Therefore, it is necessary to teach people to protect nature from an early age. The vital activity of all mankind depends on its safety.

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