America's first black president

America's first black president
America's first black president
president of america

What is the name of the President of America, known all over the world. It is not surprising, because this state has been a world hegemon for several decades, predetermining the trends of cultural, political and economic development of the rest of the progressive world. The President of America is one of the most important people in world geopolitics: with his sanctions, active, silent or covert participation, the largest military operations of our time, coups d'état, billion-dollar loans, economic blockades and so on are carried out. At the same time, Barack Obama drew even more attention to his personality, which can be explained not only by his position. A century and a half after the abolition of slavery and fifty years after mass demonstrations for the political and civil equality of blacks, today, the first "black" president of America has appeared.

A short biography of the first "colored" president of the United States

Barack Hussein Obama was born in August 1961 in Honolulu, the state capital of Hawaii. His father once came from Kenya to the US to study economics, yesand remained in the country. The mother of the future politician was a white American. However, Barack's parents did not work out together, so his father returned to Kenya shortly after his birth, and his mother married an Indonesian student and a few years later left with him for his native country. At the age of fifteen, the future president of America ends up in Indonesia, where he continues his studies. However, four years later he returns to Hawaii. Here his school years come to an end.

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After high school, Obama goes to college in Los Angeles. But soon from there he transferred to Columbia University. His future President of America graduated in 1983. Barack made his first career steps in a large business corporation, working there as an editor in the financial information department. In 1985, the young man moved to Chicago. Here he participates in a social charity campaign. In 1988, the guy decides to continue his education and enters the law school at Harvard University. After completing his studies, he returns to Chicago and works for one of the local law firms for nine years. In parallel, Obama teaches law at the University of Chicago Law School.

The beginning and development of a political career

what is the name of the president of america

The political career of the future head of state began in the mid-90s. Then he gets into the Illinois State Senate and for eight years (1997-2004) represents the Democratic Party. In 2004, the futurethe president of America swung at the US Senate and won a landslide victory in the primaries. Obama became the fifth black senator in US history. The authority of the politician in the party has grown so much that already in 2005 Time magazine called him one of the most influential people in the world. And the British edition of the New Statement placed him in the list of ten people who can shake the world. The vicissitudes of the current US presidential race, which began in 2008, are still fresh in our memory. As a result, America received its first black president.

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