Museum of Railway Transport: History and Modernity

Museum of Railway Transport: History and Modernity
Museum of Railway Transport: History and Modernity

One of the most interesting museums in Moscow is, of course, the Museum of Russian Railway Transport, located on two sites, with extensive expositions, high-tech equipment and well-organized excursion services. The museum opened in August 2011 after a long renovation.

railway transport museum

Museum Structure

Geographically, the Museum of Railway Transport is adjacent to the Paveletsky railway station and is located behind the station building, to the left of the tracks. The historical part of the museum's exposition, located on an area of ​​1850 sq. meters, includes a number of exhibits dedicated to the development of the Russian railway. The pride of the museum is considered to be the legendary steam locomotive U-127, built in 1910, which in January 1924 (two days after the death of V.I. Lenin) drove a funeral train with the body of the leader from the Gerasimov platform to the Paveletsky railway station. After this sad mission, the U-127 drove trains for another 13 years, it was decommissioned in 1937year. Then it was decided to keep the locomotive as a monument. However, the memorial U-127 was certified only in 1999. There was no mention of a funeral flight with the late leader of the proletariat.

Museum of Railway Transport on Paveletskaya

Except U-127, the Museum of Railway Transport on Paveletskaya has no other exhibits from among the rolling stock. All wheeled museum rarities are located on the territory adjacent to the Rizhsky railway station. A variety of railway equipment, steam locomotives built in the first half of the 20th century, wagons and cargo platforms, crushed stone self-propelled vehicles, track layers, etc. are widely represented here. The Museum of Railway Transport collects rare exhibits throughout Russia, which, as a rule, exist in one the rarity, no doubt, is the OV-841 locomotive, built 110 years ago.

central museum of railway transport of russia

In addition to the old railway copies, quite modern diesel locomotives, wagons and railway cars stand on the sidings of the Riga station. The exposition is assembled from technical means that somehow left their mark on the history of the Russian railway.

Museum Exhibition Center

Working models of railway equipment are presented in the Exhibition Center of the museum. Of particular interest to those who visited the Museum of Railway Transport is the VL80S electric locomotive simulator. This unique device reveals the methodology for training machinists. Many exhibits of the historical part of the museum reflectthe current state of affairs on the Russian railway. Visitors can see the Kazansky railway station from a bird's eye view, the layout is made with absolute precision.

layout of the Kazan station

The reputation of one of the best exhibition companies in Moscow obliges the Central Museum of Railway Transport of Russia to regularly update the museum exposition. The high-speed train "Sputnik" is presented in the form of a working layout, a little further along the miniature rails the high-speed train "Sapsan", which connected Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, rushes by. Today's exhibition of the Museum of Railway Transport is carefully thought out and presented in layouts, working models, photographs and drawings.

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