Questions of philosophy - the path to truth

Questions of philosophy - the path to truth
Questions of philosophy - the path to truth

You can often hear in response from people when it comes to innermost things: "this is a philosophical question …". Behind this statement, there is an unwillingness to think about the search for truth, and sometimes a direct refusal to admit the obvious is read.

In fact, questions of philosophy are a direct questioning about the meaning of life, the truth of being and our way of knowing. So, questions that require the same honest answer.

Questions of philosophy and the search for an answer

Philosophy is a rigorous science, with a subject, methodology and a system of categories through which its subject content is revealed. Everything else is philosophizing, or "free-floating" reflection.

questions of philosophy

As soon as a person leaves the subject field of philosophy, his personal freedom for reasoning begins, which have absolutely nothing to do with the subject of this complex, rigorous system of knowledge that requires serious study. Initially, in the era of antiquity, one question was formulated: what is truth? And this "simple" saying gave rise to all subsequent basic questions of philosophy. Briefly, in the style of ancient thinkers, it can be formulated as follows: what is the fundamental principle of all that exists?

Logicis the nature of thinking

The subject of science is thinking. Areas of knowledge - ontology (the doctrine of being) and epistemology (the doctrine of knowledge). basic questions of philosophy briefly Questions of philosophy to the subject of science correspond to their absolute nature, are unchanged in time and space. Attempts to make a specific area the subject of reflection is nothing more than a special study, and is subject to study by the discipline corresponding to this area. The method of dialectical unity of opposites, postulated by the brilliant representative of the German classical school G.W.F. Hegel in his fundamental study "Logic", gave philosophy a system of scientific knowledge adequate to the nature of thinking - dialectics.

On morality

The great Immanuel Kant, exploring the nature of pure thinking, brought the brilliant eternal questions of philosophy in an ethical form: who am I? What can I do? what can I hope for? In addition to the questions posed, the German researcher also prescribed the rule of human moral behavior, known as the "categorical imperative", to the possibilities of human thinking.

answers to questions on philosophy

It says: "Do so that the maxim of your will has the force of universal legislation!" Thus, Kant postulated the principle of a person's good will to follow the moral standards of society.

In the tradition of materialistic understanding in the 19th century, the so-called "basic question of philosophy" was formed - the relationship between material andideal beginnings in nature. If matter was taken as the fundamental principle, the teaching (school) was attributed to materialism, if the idea was recognized as the basis of nature, then the direction was called idealism.

The path to truth

In the modern space of thinking, it is possible to formulate and find, as seen on the surface, the answers to questions on philosophy, posed back in the era of antiquity. Is this really so? This is the specificity of the subject of science, that it has an absolute nature. The mindset hasn't changed. Only the forms of its historical existence have changed.

Modern questions of philosophy have remained unchanged. The nature of thinking has changed radically. In our time of "clip" consciousness, the question of truth rarely arises. About morality and ethics. This is not a problem, but only a characteristic of the reality and quality of the morality of society. Together with history and time, the principles on which untrue, and therefore not meeting moral standards, social relations and opinions are built will go into oblivion.

The main questions of philosophy will remain unchanged, briefly and succinctly asking about the nature of the true…

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