Emotions are What are emotions and how to control them

Emotions are What are emotions and how to control them
Emotions are What are emotions and how to control them

Everyone needs to feel something. Feel not only on the physical, but also on the moral level. The absence of any moral feelings is a psychological disease that is subject to careful research and long-term treatment. This should not be neglected, as there may be serious consequences that will only make your life worse.

emotion is

Emotions are

People not only have to feel things, but they also have to control their feelings. Emotions are mental processes that affect the state of a person due to the influence of various factors, as well as in connection with human needs and interests, and in the future - their implementation.

Emotions are of objective and subjective nature. A person expresses the objective side of emotions externally: that is, he laughs, cries, smiles, trembles, gets nervous, his pulse and heartbeat quicken - this is all that can be measured using a polygraph or other special devices. The subjective side is manifested only by internal thoughts and feelings about this or that event - this is something that does not manifest itself externally.

needs and emotions

Needs and emotions

All processes of the human body are interconnected. Needs and emotions are no exception. These are the components of the psychological state of a person that are always in close connection with each other.

Emotions directly depend on the needs of the human body, as well as on their fulfillment. It is very difficult to reliably determine what kind of feeling this or that need will cause. For each person, the same need can cause completely different feelings, so it is believed that emotions are specific sensations. That is, each person in a certain environment will have certain emotions that are individual in their own way.

emotions and behavior

How to control your emotions

As we have already said, emotions are a conscious or subconscious reaction of a person to the influence of any external or internal factor. It is impossible to prevent them, which means that you need to learn how to control them.

Psychologists say that you can learn to manage your emotions. Of course, this process is very long and complicated, but the result is worth it.

You need to start from the smallest, without neglecting any advice or instructions. It's best to write down a list of the emotions you want to learn to control, and tick them off one at a time rather than fighting them all at once. The most important thing is just to want it and try to achieve the desired result.

Often only the objective part can be controlledemotions, since subjective emotions are almost uncontrollable - they occur at a subconscious level, not obeying the conscious commands of the brain. Emotions and behavior are interconnected by a psychological factor: having learned to control one, we will learn to control the other, which in the future can save us from various unpleasant situations.

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