Irina Volynets: biography and photo of the chairman of the "National Parents' Committee"

Irina Volynets: biography and photo of the chairman of the "National Parents' Committee"
Irina Volynets: biography and photo of the chairman of the "National Parents' Committee"

Irina Volynets is the chairman of the National Parents' Committee of Russia, which defends the rights of parents and puts forward various initiatives affecting the problems of motherhood and childhood. She became known to the general public as an expert, attending various talk shows, where she discussed the social problems of Russian society, in particular, the problems of motherhood and childhood. This article will tell about her activities and facts from life.

Biography of Irina Volynets

She was born in Kazan in 1978 in a large family. Father is Russian by nationality, mother is Tatar. Her father was a professional military man, and her mother taught mathematics in one of the secondary schools in Kazan. Studied in a class with a mathematical bias. Public figure Irina Volynets often gives interviews. During one of them, she said that it was her family that instilled in her traditional family values. In the future, the promotion of moral and family values ​​will become an important chapter of her biography. Photo by Irina Volynets is presented below.

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In 1994, the future human rights activist graduated from a school in Kazan with a gold medal. In 2001 she graduated from the KazanState University, studied at the Faculty of Sociology and Journalism. In 2016, she received a diploma from the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation with a degree in Public Sector Financial Asset Management. She also completed training under the presidential program for advanced training of managerial personnel.

Community initiatives

Volynets publicly put forward an initiative to support large families in the state. She often puts forward initiatives to reform family law. She is a regular guest and expert on federal channels and radio programs. Regularly visits Russian regions with business trips.

Initiates public oversight of orphanages. Irina Volynets, leader of the National Parents' Committee, believes that this project will significantly reduce the corruption component. This proposal is aimed at forming a productive anti-corruption struggle to protect the rights and interests of orphans, as well as children left without parents or other legal representatives.

Strongly criticized the educational strategy adopted by the Ministry of Education, which, according to Irina Volynets, contains a hidden form of propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation.

Often comes up with the idea of ​​creating family support centers that will exist with the support of both the state and private individuals. Irina took the initiative to introduce a maternity salary for women who are raising childrenone for large families. He advocates the formation of a Ministry of Family Affairs in the country.

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In her campaign program, she spoke out against the existence of the Unified State Examination after graduation from high school, openly stating that this test does not reflect the real knowledge of schoolchildren, but only simplifies their thinking.

In 2017, she began legal proceedings against State Duma deputy Alexei Burnashov. She demanded in the Supreme Court of Russia to deprive him of his deputy chair for concealing data on foreign property. The head of the State Duma commission for monitoring the reliability of data on finances and property of deputies, Natalya Poklonskaya, expressed support for Irina Volynets. Poklonskaya initiated a check of this deputy.

Public activity

She was engaged in public activities back in the Trade Union of Russian Citizens under the leadership of Nikolai Starikov. At the moment, Volynets heads a large number of public organizations. She is the Chairman of the Russian public association "Mothers of Russia". Volynets is also a member of the Expert Council on the Education of Preschool Children under the State Duma Committee on Education. We can say that parent-child relations are the main focus of Irina's activities as a politician.

In addition, our heroine is also the chairman of the "Committee for the Development of Small and Medium Businesses of Tatarstan", a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Economicplanning of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Irina Volynets considers her main activity to be the leadership of the public movement "National Parents' Committee". She also holds the post of head of the commission on family and demographic policy of the ruling United Russia party. She is concerned about the demographic problems of the Russian Federation, the decline in the birth rate.

Nomination for President

Chairman of the Parent Committee of Russia Irina Volynets made an important decision to nominate her candidacy for the post of President of Russia.

In politics, in her opinion, there should be more women. And we are talking about the highest state office - the post of President. Thus, on the eve of the 2018 elections, following Ksenia Sobchak and Katya Gordon, a public figure from Kazan, the head of the National Parents' Committee, Irina Vladimirovna Volynets, announced her desire to take part in the presidential elections. Her biography will be replenished with another important political event. She is preparing a serious election campaign, with which she will run for the presidency.

Scandal on the program "Speak and show"

There are also scandalous moments in the biography of Irina Volynets. During the broadcast of the television program "We Speak and Show," Irina severely criticized Alexei Panin for his behavior and showed the public a scandalous and shocking video of his participation. At the studio, some experts accused her of the video being fake. In fact, this broadcast made her famous throughoutterritory of the Russian Federation. She stated that she would demand to deprive Panin of parental rights to his child because of his inappropriate behavior.

Another scandal involving Irina happened a few years ago. On the television air of one popular program, a photo of her in a bathing suit was shown, allegedly this photo was posted on social networks for public access. Volynets completely denied her participation in this photography. According to her, a woman came to the program of the NTV channel at that time, who had a vague resemblance to a well-known human rights activist. The spicy erotic images were used only to tarnish the biography of Irina Volynets in the eyes of voters. Over time, this high-profile scandal subsided.

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Participation in legislative elections

In 2015, she was elected a deputy of the Chistopol district of the Republic of Tatarstan. In 2016, she ran as a candidate for the State Duma. Nominated as a deputy from A Just Russia, she was the regional leader of the party in the Orenburg region, but after that she personally refused the mandate and ran for the party in the single-mandate constituency No. 58 of the Perm region, received ten percent of the votes, becoming the second in the election race.

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Public position of Irina Volynets

She is a human rights activist, a regular participant in television programs, symposiums, round tables, seminars, festivals and other important public events. Targetits activities are to attract the attention of the country's society to issues of morality, the he alth of the nation, and education in a patriotic spirit. Work on the formation of the dominant role of the family in the public consciousness and traditional family values ​​are a priority in her work.

Volynets opposes the existence of Western juvenile justice in Russia (according to many experts, this innovation destroys the family as a unit of society), homosexual propaganda among persons under eighteen years of age, the early sexual life of adolescents, the childfree movement (people who are not want to have children consciously) and other Western trends. In her opinion, these technologies are aimed at the degradation and disintegration of the family as a whole, at the destruction of the traditional way of Russian society.

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At the invitation of higher educational institutions of the country, Ira gives lectures to young students. From the biography of Irina Volynets, it is also known that she is the host on a permanent basis of a series of programs on Cognitive Television, where she expresses her position. Family support, increase in the subsistence minimum and development of the social sphere are the main directions of its activity.

The site details the results of her social activities and various articles, useful information for parents and anyone interested in the background of events taking place in the world.

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Family of Irina Volynets

Currently Irina is marriedand is raising four young children. Motherhood, according to her, is the happiest chapter of her biography. Irina Volynets' husband is a successful businessman who supports his politically active wife in everything. The happy couple are raising 3 daughters and one son.

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She does not advertise her personal life, but constantly emphasizes that she is the mother of four children in many of her appearances. The permanent place of residence of the Volynets family is the city of Kazan.

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