Symbols of Russia: anthem, tricolor and double-headed eagle

Symbols of Russia: anthem, tricolor and double-headed eagle
Symbols of Russia: anthem, tricolor and double-headed eagle

Historically, with the formation of a state, its rulers faced the question of how to single out the sovereignty of their country, regardless of the change of government and dynasties. And the way out was found. These are national symbols.

Any state in the world has its own official symbols. The most important difference of any country in the international arena is, of course, the state flag, coat of arms and national anthem. For Russia, this is a double-headed eagle, a tricolor and a hymn written to the music of A. Alexandrov. This is the identification complex of our country in the international arena, the object of its pride, symbolizing the unity of the nation, and, of course, independence. State symbols also have practical significance: they are displayed on seals, on coins, on banknotes, and so on.

double-headed eagle

Russian tricolor

The national flag of the Russian Federation is its official distinguishing sign. It was approved by President Yeltsin in 1993. It is a canvas with an aspect ratio of 2:3, rectangular in shape, consisting of three equal stripes. Top band has whitecolor, the middle stripe is blue and the bottom stripe is red. Since ancient times, the main distinguishing feature of the flag has been its recognition from a great distance, which allows it to be used in open spaces.

Double-headed Eagle. Meaning

The State Emblem of Russia is a certain distinguishing sign, drawn up according to the rules of heraldry. The double-headed eagle coat of arms, like the flag, was approved by Yeltsin as Russian state symbols.

Double-headed eagle "looks" in different directions. One of his heads is turned to the East, and the other to the West. On his chest is a shield with a silver rider on a silver horse. This rider strikes the overturned serpent with a silver spear. Both heads are crowned with small crowns, above which one large one rises. All crowns are connected by one ribbon. The symbol of firm power is an attribute of honor and greatness - a scepter in the right paw and an orb in the left.

coat of arms double-headed eagle

The double-headed eagle, which is minted on Russian ruble coins, is no longer the coat of arms of our country, but only a symbol of the central Russian bank. Unlike the main "bird" of the country, the wings of this feathered "predator" are lowered.

Hail, Fatherland

Among the three official symbols, the anthem takes pride of place in the image of Russia. Unlike the flag and coat of arms, the national melody and its words are always in the heart of a person. After all, every citizen of our country is obliged to know by heart the creation of Alexandrov and Mikhalkov and, if necessary, demonstrate hisbelonging to the state - to perform the native anthem.

double-headed eagle

Unspoken symbols

Did you know that national symbols are not only the officially adopted flag, coat of arms and anthem. They may not have a formal status, but well-known plots associated with something. For example, the Moscow Kremlin is an invariable "visiting card" of our country, and the Gallic rooster is a traditional symbol of freedom-loving France, by the way, the Eiffel Tower can also be attributed here. In addition, famous geographical objects, for example, Mount Fuji in Japan, or the Amazon River in South America, can also be unspoken symbols.

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