Where and how to find a double, your "double"?

Where and how to find a double, your "double"?
Where and how to find a double, your "double"?

Recently, the world's information space has been filled with an unimaginable number of photographs. Chubby slender girls, tanned guys - it seems that Angelina Jolie is not the only one at all, and Brad Pitt was cloned several times. Of course, some people are similar, and sometimes we ourselves think: maybe we also have a resemblance to one of the celebrities? How to find a double, your "understudy"?

A double is not a twin at all

He is not related to you, but bears a striking resemblance to you in facial features, eye color, and even hair! Yes, only a few managed to find out that they look like someone - when one of those around them exclaimed in surprise, mistaking you for another. I also recall the comical situation from the film "The Diamond Hand", when Nikulin's hero turned out to be, although he did not suspect it, the double of a certain Lyolik from Kolyma.

asfind your doppelgänger

Also, probably, everyone is wondering how to find their double, but without tedious travel around the world in search of "almost yourself" and looking at every person you meet. Various television shows with a team of make-up artists convince us that it is possible to make a person remarkably similar to anyone else, but that's what they are professionals. Ordinary people who are interested in the question of how to find a double do not have their own make-up artist. In addition, in makeup, this is no longer a real double!

Looking for solutions

To everyone's joy, we have the Internet, where caring and enterprising people take the time to develop various services for identifying similar people. How to find your doppelgänger with their help? These are special applications in social networks, where after you upload your own photo, the system will find many people similar to you. These will be ordinary users who, just like you, could previously ask themselves and others if they have a double. Would you like to chat? Maybe you are similar not only in facial features, but also in fate, character, temperament?

how to find your doppelgänger

What if you look like yourself…

Is this not enough? The thought excites: "What if I can become a replacement for some very famous person?" At one time, Keira Knightley, now a Hollywood actress of the highest echelon, was a simple understudy for Natalie Portman. And how many doppelgangers of politicians walk around Red Square! They sign autographs and take pictures with enthusiasticpassers-by who want to stand arm in arm with Brezhnev or Peter the Great. Numerous programs and websites will come to the rescue in order to find your doppelgänger by photo. The computer mind will do everything for a person. You just need to pick up a photo where the face is clearly and large, upload it through the form on the site, and after a few minutes of waiting, it will give out options for stars similar to the user!

Sites useful and not so good

Network resources work on the principle of finding similar features, face type and other details of the image. After uploading a photo, you need to note the eye color, gender. Perhaps there will be a few more questions. As a result, several variants of very famous people will appear, which, according to the system, the questioner looks like. Be careful, the lesson is addictive, a lot of time can fly by unnoticed! Although sometimes it is very useful to see yourself from the outside. And who knows, perhaps there is an incentive for self-improvement or an idea for inspiration to change the image. After all, now there are all the ways - a mirror, acquaintances and resources for the selection of celebrities!

Of course, you should carefully consider the search for the resource itself, as the Internet is flooded with sites that require you to send SMS or distribute malicious links. If you have the desire and time, then you can find all the stars that look like someone: a relative or a neighbor, a girlfriend or a wife.

how to find your doppelgänger

It's great if the article shed at least a little light on questions about very similar people: why, where, how to find a double, your life "double" … We hopethe information was useful to you.

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