Pony - small horses

Pony - small horses
Pony - small horses

Many children and some adults think that ponies are small horses. Or rather, baby horses. In fact, this is a certain breed that has existed for many centuries. Unlike horses that were crossbred to improve certain qualities - running, endurance, etc., ponies have a pedigree that goes deep into prehistoric times.

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Ponies are little friends of children. Their Shetland variety is especially valued. Small and pot-bellied, on short legs, they ride children in parks and squares. Since these horses are small in size, it is not difficult to put a child on them. The kid loves these animals because they are short and good-natured. They can be stroked, treated with a treat. They are not much taller than a child, so children feel more confident in the company of them than with large horses.

Pony - small copies of real horses, which, unlike their large relatives, have a calm disposition, complaisant character. They are ideal for teaching riding to young children. It is no coincidence that the guys reciprocate them, and adults create animated films where ponies are the main characters. The directors createda whole city where small horses live. In the pony realm, friendship is a fundamental principle. In the cartoon, evil enemies will always be defeated with the help of goodness and justice.

pony friendship

The popularity of this animation prompted the emergence of a variety of console and computer games, where the main characters again become ponies. Girls are delighted with them, they collect various small figurines, magazines with images of the inhabitants of this magical land.

Little Pony is a sought after toy with tons of accessories. Almost every girl has a cute and kind pink horse. They are played in kindergarten and at home, inventing various stories or playing those that they spied on in the cartoon. Growing up, the girls are in no hurry to part with their favorites. Even when they enter school, they secretly carry plush or rubber ponies in their backpacks.

Small horses may become a big hobby in the future. It happens that a child, growing up, keeps

little pony

has a love for horses, visits equestrian clubs, he likes to take care of them. Engaging in such sports is good for he alth. And not only for physical development, but also for the stabilization of some mental processes. There is even a certain kind of therapy in which horses or ponies are the protagonists. Hippotherapy, this is the name of this direction, helps in the treatment of children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system and an altered mental state, such as autism. If athe child is afraid of a big horse, then ponies come to the rescue in this case. Specially trained instructors conduct classes that promote the development of coordination, teach trust. In children attending such classes, the level of anxiety decreases and adaptive capabilities increase.

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