What are the breeds of horses: name, description, photo

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What are the breeds of horses: name, description, photo
What are the breeds of horses: name, description, photo

What are the breeds of horses? Each of them is beautiful in its own way, because these animals delight primarily with their grace and nobility. There are true connoisseurs of horses, for whom each breed is an art that brings aesthetic pleasure.

What are the breeds of horses?

New types of horses arise thanks to the work of special breeders. These professionals know everything about the appearance of horses, their physiology, as well as their character. When breeders work on a new breed, they pay attention not only to its appearance, but also to its capabilities. After all, a good horse is valued not only for its beauty. It is important that the animal can overcome obstacles well and run fast.

The manner of movement in gait or gallop also matters. It also takes into account how obedient the horse is and how well it can be trained. Nowadays, there are a large number of different breeds, they are very different. Let's try to understand this diversity.

The best breeds of horses

Specialists stand outbreeds that deserve the title of the best. They are not only aesthetically attractive, but also hardy, strong, obedient. In this article, we will look at the most beautiful breeds of horses that attract with their appearance and their skills.

Vladimir heavy truck

Vladimir heavy truck was launched in the Soviet Union. The breeders of the Vladimir and Suzdal regions tried on this. The horse is distinguished by its endurance, as well as a calm character. She has a very beautiful appearance, so the local people really like her.

The horses of this breed are characterized by a strong neck, a wide torso, as well as muscular beautiful legs, which are decorated with white trim. The Vladimir heavy truck is very frisky and can run fast. It will not be difficult to keep such a horse, because it is not picky about food and conditions. Nowadays, it is almost on the verge of extinction, so it can be attributed to rare breeds of horses.

Vladimir heavy truck
Vladimir heavy truck

Persian Arab

According to researchers, this breed existed in the second millennium BC, and its homeland is Persia, known today as Iran.

This breed has a very powerful physique. She is easily recognizable by her silky hairline, which gives her a sophisticated and elegant look. She also has a very long swan neck. The height of a horse can reach 150 centimeters. She fell in love with her endurance, energy and playfulness.

Welsh pony

This is one of the representatives of the ancientbreeds of horses. The mention of the Welsh pony can be found even at the time when the Roman Empire existed. In our time, there are three types of animals of this breed:

  1. Mountain view - he has the shortest stature.
  2. Medium view.
  3. Welsh Cob are horses that participate in the game of polo. They can reach 150 centimeters at the withers. The breed was bred by crossing the best riding species with Arabian horses. They also performed well in racing.
Welsh pony
Welsh pony

Fjord horse

The breed is famous for its pure ancestral lines. Her homeland is Norway. The exact origin of this horse is currently unknown. Researchers suggest that it existed three thousand years ago. This is because the animal is very similar to the specimens that were found on ancient rock paintings.

The horse perfectly preserved its characteristics and color. In most cases, its representatives are dun-colored. The Fjord horse has a good disposition. She is very strong and also reliable. Even today, it is used for carrying cargo, as well as for riding.

Fjord horse
Fjord horse

English Heavy Truck - Shire

This is one of the largest breeds of horses that exist. In height, they can reach 220 centimeters. They have a very ancient origin. Experts say that this genus originates from Roman horses. And they, as you know, were good fighters and helped with the housework. Breed namecomes from an English word that translates as "county".

The breed itself is heterogeneous. There are large horses, the size of which is really surprising, suitable only for slow movement. There are also massive representatives who participate in field work or transport cargo.

The English heavyweight is characterized by large stature and a massive chest. They have white hair stockings on their legs.

Iberian breed

Iberian breed comes from Portugal and hot Spain. The same applies to ancient breeds. It was she who served as the basis for many new species. For example, pony, appaloosa.

The appearance of the horse will not leave anyone indifferent. Renowned for its grace. She can often be seen in bullfights and other demonstration shows.

There are two types of this breed:

  • Pure Portuguese.
  • Pure Spanish.
Iberian breed
Iberian breed

Hanoverian horse

The first representatives of this breed originated in the seventeenth century. It was bred in Germany. Now the Hanoverian horse is considered one of the most numerous breeds, which is distributed throughout Europe. Thanks to her external and "technical" data, she is a frequent guest at sports competitions.

Surprisingly, the breed was not bred from the best and most beautiful livestock. They crossed her with Arab representatives. And now her appearance can be called perfect. In some ways, the influence of Asian breeds of horses can be traced, as well aspurebred English.


The Holstein horse is also famous for its ancient origin. It is believed that this is one of the most ancient breeds of horses in Germany. It was bred in Prussia, and breeding work was carried out in the thirteenth century.

Earlier, the Holsteiners were involved in farm work, as they were distinguished by their endurance. But the breeders worked to improve the species, and so the breed turned into a horse. She can now be seen competing in the carriage race.

Holstein horse
Holstein horse


This breed was bred in Russia in the twentieth century. The breeders wanted to produce an animal that would do an excellent job of transporting goods, as well as being suitable for riding. But over time, it began to be used for military purposes. She also participated in various sports.

The Budyonny horse has a very beautiful appearance. Her disposition is calm, good-natured. Plus, she's very resilient. Among other breeds, the Budyonnovsky horse can be recognized due to the fact that it has a bright red color. She still takes an active part in sports competitions.


An unusual breed, whose homeland is the southern part of our country. It was bred by the Don Cossacks. She can be recognized by her beautiful red color. The breed itself is very hardy, with excellent he alth, so its representatives live long.

These horses took part in the Russian-Turkish war. They were used as a draft breedhorses. They are also great for riding. These horses can be 160 centimeters tall.

Many call this breed universal. This is due to the fact that she shows good results in all kinds of equestrian sports, circus arts, rallies and tourism business.

Orlov trotter

Orlovsky trotter is a horse breed that is the real pride of domestic horse breeding. Count Grigory Orlov took part in its breeding.

It happened due to the crossing of various breeds of Eastern and Western European horses. The result is a graceful, beautiful horse with a very kind disposition.

Orlovsky trotter
Orlovsky trotter


To know what breeds of horses are, in addition to those listed, we present to your attention the Arabian breed.

This horse is the most expensive. Among others, it stands out as the best indicator of endurance. It was bred in the fourth millennium BC.

He can be recognized by his concave head, amazing big eyes, and protruding tail. The horse is fertile, can live up to thirty years, and this is already a record figure when compared with others. It is distributed throughout the world. Participates in equestrian sports, riding, races and attends shows.


Akhalketian breed fascinates with its appearance and abilities. The first horses were bred about five thousand years ago. Modern Turkmenistan is considered their homeland. The breed became famous due to the fact thather purest roots of riding horses. It is a recognized world standard.

I fell in love with this breed due to its ability to adapt to different climates. This is a very fast horse, and besides, it is also hardy.

Outwardly, she can be recognized by the fact that she has no mane. In the sun, the wool shines brightly, so it seems that it glows. Due to these external features, the animal cannot be confused with another breed. Representatives of this breed are temperamental, as well as frisky.


Also known as the "black pearl". This is the nickname given to her by the locals. In many rankings of the best breeds of horses, the Friesian horse takes first place, which is not surprising, because it is impossible to take your eyes off it.

His homeland is the Netherlands. The horse is famous for its physical abilities, as well as for its amazing appearance, a special feature of which is the unusual hairiness of the legs.

Frisian horse
Frisian horse

A few words in conclusion

Horses are graceful animals that have always been people's best friends. They helped with the housework, participated in wars, and also brought victory to their masters. Their appearance cannot but delight: muscularity, beautiful smooth lines, proud posture, courage and high-speed riding - all these qualities delight many horse lovers.

Now you know what breeds of horses are, and which ones are the best.