Irina Selezneva: interesting facts from the biography of the actress

Irina Selezneva: interesting facts from the biography of the actress
Irina Selezneva: interesting facts from the biography of the actress

The memorable image of the eccentric Italian, embodied on the screen by Irina Selezneva, is considered her most striking and famous role. However, there are many other interesting episodes and significant events in the biography of the talented actress.

How it all began

The future theater and film star was born on September 8, 1961. The parents of the actress - engineers by profession - lived and worked in Kyiv. Selezneva Irina Stanislavovna realized in her early childhood (from about the age of four) that she would choose the acting profession when she grew up.

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Thanks to her outstanding abilities, she managed to fulfill the norm of a master of sports in swimming at the age of ten. Irina Selezneva represented the Kyiv Army Sports Club (KSKA) for a long time and was even a member of the Olympic team for this type of competition. The parents of the future actress cherished the hope that their daughter would seriously engage in music, but their dreams did not come true. After the birth of his brother Vladimir and the departure of his father, the family had a difficult life - there was no opportunity to purchase a piano. In addition, Irina had to help her mother - she had totake on a significant share of household chores and looking after the younger brother. The future star waited until Volodya went to first grade and went to conquer Leningrad.

Student years - the beginning of a career

Admission to LGITMiK (SPbGATIK) was preceded by the acquaintance of a talented girl with the head of the theater troupe Iosif Sats. Irina Selezneva began visiting his studio and got the opportunity to play her first role in the play The Incident. The future actress was fascinated by the atmosphere of the theater, as a result of which a firm decision was made to enter the Leningrad Theater Institute.

In 1983, after graduating from LGITMiK (course of A. Katsman and L. Dodin), Irina played several roles in the G. Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater. The character of the aspiring actress in the play "Amadeus" (Mozart's girlfriend) is well known. After that, Selezneva continued her career at the Leningrad Small Drama Theater, which at that time was directed by her former teacher Lev Dodin. The debut film of the actress was the work of Mikhail Schweitzer "Kreutzer Sonata" - a complex dramatic film based on the novel by L. Tolstoy, in which Selezneva starred with Oleg Yankovsky.

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Israeli activities of the actress

In 1990, Irina, together with her first husband Maxim Leonidov (creator of the Secret group), left Russia and moved to live in Tel Aviv. In Israel, as Irina Selezneva (actress) said in an interview, her career has developed just fine. After winning the annual festivalsolo performances "Teatronetto" (staged "Russian Love") popularity has not left the theatrical actress.

Cinematography in Israel is developing quite slowly - no more than 5-6 films are shot per year. Having masterfully mastered Hebrew, Selezneva received the status of the leading actress of the Tel Aviv Chamber Theater. Years of fruitful work have yielded amazing results: Irina Stanislavovna Selezneva is deservedly considered the star and pride of the Israeli state.

Further movie star career

Thanks to a lucky coincidence, the actress ended up in Russia again, where she was offered a role in Alla Surikova's film "Moscow Holidays" (producer and main actor Leonid Yarmolnik). The lyrical comedy brought Irina unheard of popularity. She was again recognized on the streets and invited to shoot.

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After the role of Luciana Farini, Irina Selezneva took part in the filming of the film "Imagination Game" based on the script by E. Braginsky in Belarus, as well as in the Russian crime-drama serial film "The Age of the Archer".

A few words about the personal life of the actress

Irina Selezneva (photo below) now lives in London with her second husband Wilfrid. The divorce from Maxim Leonidov became a difficult test for the movie star - she found herself alone in a foreign country, the divorce proceedings dragged on for several years.

Irina Selezneva

With the Englishman Wilf, who is nine years older than her, Irina met at one of the bar parties arranged by herbuddy. The future husband of the actress at that moment was already divorced and raised her daughter on her own. In early 2000, Selezneva left Israel and, having captured three cats, moved to live in England.

The film actress has no children of her own. However, Irina developed a very sincere and warm relationship with her husband's daughter, Briney. Selezneva's husband Wilfrid works in the hotel industry, he already has a granddaughter (Daly Louise), who has been growing up in front of the actress since the age of two.

Having moved to live in the UK, Irina Selezneva has mastered English and helps her husband in business: arranges presentations and receptions, performs secretarial work. Communication with Russia is not interrupted - the actress quite often visits her homeland.

In one of her interviews, Irina described her life with a famous English proverb, which says that you never know what changes await us around the corner. The actress is sure that you should always smile - even when you are completely sad. And everything will be great!

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