MFC: what is it and why

MFC: what is it and why
MFC: what is it and why

There are such interesting institutions that are increasingly appearing in the media as a panacea for all problems in the struggle of citizens against state institutions and their famous paperwork. We are talking about the so-called MFC. What is it and what they are eaten with, let's try to figure it out in the framework of the article brought to your attention. Since institutions of this kind began to appear relatively recently, we will try to fully understand the main functionality they offer.

MFC: what is it

The services offered by the so-called multifunctional centers vary quite widely. However, they all belong to the sphere of state and municipal affairs. Thus, the MFC is a state institution that performs the function of interaction between the authorities of the city or all-Russian scale and, in fact, ordinary people who need the services provided by such structures. All this includes informing the public, receiving and issuing a variety of documents that are usually necessary for citizens, processing personal data related to various services in this area. Therefore, far fromeach office can be called an MFC.

mfc what is it

Moscow is rightfully considered the city that laid the tradition of creating such organizations on the territory of our country. However, at the moment they can be found in almost every corner of Russia. The thing is that the principle underlying the MFC, the services they provide, and the very approach to organizing the workflow allow for fairly effective cooperation between the state and its citizens in various aspects. Let's deal with this in a little more detail.

Main goals

When asking the question about the MFC - "what is it", we should consider some of the main goals pursued by them. So, first of all, this is an increase in opportunities for citizens to use a variety of public services, which we will discuss in detail a little later. This includes improving the quality of their provision, as well as accessibility from the point of view of the average person. Secondly, this is a significant reduction in the time required for their receipt by the same ordinary civilians and legal entities. Thirdly, this is the provision of opportunities for interagency coordination within the framework of the state structures themselves, all with the same goal of increasing the speed of obtaining public services. And finally, the citizens themselves have the opportunity to track what actually happens with the data coming from them to various institutions. In fact, this is an increase in the transparency of these structures and an improvement in public awareness of their activities.

mfc services

Most important functions

This includes receiving and processing requests for what needs to be provided to an applicant for a government or municipal service. In addition, the MFC, being an intermediary between the authorities and the population, represents the interests of both the latter and the institutions themselves in the framework of this interaction. Also, applicants for services have the opportunity to track what is happening with their requests, what is the progress, what needs to be added to the data already submitted, and much more. MFC services are carried out through interaction between authorities and various organizations on issues of submitted applications from the population. Next, they carry out the issuance of state documents, carried out strictly within the framework of the laws provided for at the local and national level. Plus, upon request, all the necessary data available in the information systems of state bodies, presented in the form of relevant documents provided for by this legislation, are issued.

mfc addresses

Where to find the MFC

Addresses of such institutions can be specified on the official websites of public services. In fact, they are huge Internet portals that offer visitors a lot of useful information on the topic of government and other related services provided by various authorities. Now almost any city can boast of having an MFC.

mfc moscow

Moscow, as the capital of our country, has the largest number of such institutions.Each of them offers a full range of services required by the population. Therefore, a resident of the See can apply to any of the numerous list of MFCs. Addresses and phone numbers of all centers can be found on the website of state and municipal services in Moscow and any city in our vast Motherland.


Having briefly considered the MFC (what it is), we come to the conclusion that this is a fairly convenient reorganization of communication between the authorities and the population of the country. And for the most part, from the point of view of ordinary citizens, who are accustomed to the fact that in order to obtain some kind of registration certificate, it is necessary to stand in a number of institutions and spend a lot of moral and physical strength. Now that it can be done in one window with all the necessary information, everything looks much easier.

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