The Royal Family of Sweden. Heirs to the Throne: Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Ostergetland Estelle

The Royal Family of Sweden. Heirs to the Throne: Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Ostergetland Estelle
The Royal Family of Sweden. Heirs to the Throne: Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Ostergetland Estelle

The current ruling royal family of Sweden is of French origin and is related to all modern monarchic courts in Europe. Today, Sweden has an amazing combination of a stable democracy based on equality and strong monarchical traditions, but the Swedes themselves do not like the royal family (except, of course, the crown princess and heirs).

King Charles XVI

The reigning king of Sweden, Charles XVI, who is already seventy-one years old, among his subjects was known as a narrow-minded person who committed misconduct in the past and reduces the popularity of the monarchy in the international political arena now. The king often spent money on entertainment, strip clubs and girls of easy virtue. Moreover, he took funds from the state treasury. Charles XVI repeatedly promised to return the money, but never gave a specific date.

Duchess of Ostergetland Estelle

However, the youngest king from the ruling dynasty, after ascending the throne, watchedover all spheres of life in Swedish society, but still performed an exclusively representative and ceremonial role - however, like all modern monarchs. He receives diplomatic representatives of other countries, holds informational meetings with the Prime Minister, and chairs meetings related to international affairs. Charles XVI is also known as the annual host of the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Queen of Sweden

Queen Silvia, wife of Charles XVI, is also not particularly popular among her subjects. She remained a German with Brazilian roots, was not imbued with love for Sweden, and in the Swedish language she makes unforgivable mistakes, as for a person of such high status. In addition, people say that the queen professes Catholicism, and for the Swedes (Protestants) this is outrageous. Rumor has it that before the engagement with Carl, Silvia was already married.

princess of sweden

The current Queen of Sweden made a career before her marriage, but even here the Swedes, who do not particularly like the royal family, caught a somewhat shameful fact. A girl from a we althy family, as subjects say, does not have to work at all, and Sylvia is no exception. The Swedes are sure that the queen is by no means a martyr who endures an unfaithful husband for years, she also has her own skeletons in the closet.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Victoria (Vicki), unlike her mother, is an exception to the rule. You can hear a lot of good things about the future queen, her subjects love and respect her, however, there are also negative opinions - most likely, this isconnected not with Victoria herself, but with her family.

The future queen attends official dinners and ceremonies today, attends meetings with high-ranking foreign guests. She successfully studied at universities in France and the USA, attended courses in Stockholm, completed an internship at the UN and the Swedish Embassy in the USA, and later took up education again - she entered Uppsala University. The Swedish princess also had an internship in Paris and Berlin, and visited Ethiopia and Uganda as part of her studies.

Daniel Duke of Westergetland

The vicissitudes of personal life

The Crown Princess was introduced to aristocrats, princes and multimillionaires, but it was not so easy. The love story of Vicki and Nikolaos the Greek was widely reported in the media. The latter was courting Victoria, but then he was “caught” with a certain Tatyana Blatnik. Even more tragic was the story of Felipe of Spain. Victoria fell in love with him, but the feelings remained unanswered. When he officially announced his engagement in 2003, Victoria fell into a severe depression.

Daniel Westling

Daniel was a personal trainer to the Princess of Sweden, but until the engagement of the Spanish Prince Felipe to Princess Letizia, his relationship with Vicki remained exceptionally friendly. It was he who helped Victoria get out of depression when her feelings for Felipe turned out to be non-reciprocal. Victoria's family was not at first enthusiastic about the candidacy for the role of husband for the princess, but everyone remembered what he did for Vicki. After the marriage, he received the title, today the husband of the crown princess is calledDaniel, Duke of Westergetland.

victoria crown princess of sweden

Princess Estelle

Another heir to the Swedish throne (according to the laws of the Swedish monarchy, the first child receives the right to inherit the throne, regardless of whether it is a girl or a boy) was born on February 23, 2012. The next day, the grandfather of the newborn, the reigning monarch of Sweden, announced to the council of ministers and all subjects the name and title of the girl: the Duchess of Ostergetland Estelle. The princess will inherit the throne after her mother, Crown Princess Victoria.

The Duchess of Ostergetland Estelle is also the heir to the British crown. The girl is a descendant of Sophia of Hanover. True, the Duchess of Ostergetland Estelle takes a place in the third hundred heirs.

Duchess of Ostergetland Estelle

Prince Oscar

On March 2, 2016, Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to her second child, the boy was named Oscar. Like his elder sister, Duchess Estelle of Ostergetland, the prince is the heir to the Swedish (third line) and British thrones.

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