Guru is the star that leads to true understanding. What is a "guru"?

Guru is the star that leads to true understanding. What is a "guru"?
Guru is the star that leads to true understanding. What is a "guru"?

Every person at least once in his life thinks about how to start developing and improving himself. In order for progress in any field of activity to have the right direction, a person is needed who is able to lead to the truth. That person is a guru. What is a “guru”, what kind of help does he provide?

Meaning of the concept

what is a guru

In itself, the meaning of the term "guru" is defined as a spiritual teacher, mentor, one who helps to understand. Translated from Sanskrit, this word means “a person capable of replacing darkness with vital light.”

Indian philosophy divides this concept into many components. What is a guru? There are several answers to this question.

For example, in India, mother and father are considered gurus who gave physical birth. The spiritual birth and development of a person lies on the shoulders of a teacher-sage. Such a sage gives instructions, explanations of the philosophical direction, suggests what to do in case of any life obstacles.

So what is a guru? This is not just a spiritual teacher, this is a friend, the most important person afterparents. He is given the same respect and reverence. He is the one who helps you reach your true purpose and succeed in life.

Guru is a recognized expert

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To come to enlightenment in any field of activity, the support and help of a teacher is needed. Guided by his knowledge and wisdom, a person is able to draw conclusions for himself on how to act in a given situation.

There are no exactly the same people, so the goal of the spiritual mentor is an individual selection of information for each of his students. The main thing is that the student strives to win. In life, you need to not only set the right goals for yourself, but also be able to achieve them. This is where the guru helps.

Inner perfection

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A person who does not believe in himself will not learn anything. The guru will teach you to believe in yourself. Indian philosophy, revealing the answer to the question “What is a guru?” explains it this way: “A guru is one who transfers his wise knowledge to a disciple. Without resorting to the use of textbooks and hackneyed methods, the mentor relies only on his own experience and understanding of the high.”

In India, the relationship between teacher and student is like service. The disciple praises and worships the mentor.

Guru - who is this?

Guru who is this

According to Indian beliefs, the connection between the spiritual teacher and the disciple is so great that it exists even after the death of the mentor. According to guru yoga, a devoted student can evokethe soul of your teacher to ask for advice or ask for help. Such a possibility exists only when he completely trusted his teacher and gained an understanding of the true meaning of life.

In India, it is considered a great success if a person met and found his spiritual mentor, guru. Who is that? This is the one who will show where there is a false path that ultimately leads to darkness, and where there is truth.

What is a guru? The correct answer would be the statement that this is someone who does not tend to command, order and oppress, but tends to help gain spiritual strength and wisdom.

Warning and Awakening

The mentor reveals the secrets of truth, the heart of the disciple must become open and striving towards the light. A spiritual teacher can be compared to a gardener who constantly takes care of his plants, watering them with knowledge after they have sprouted.

A true spiritual mentor knows exactly what everyone needs for the right path. The spiritual master is devoid of all attachments and prejudices. The main features of his personality: kindness, discretion, love and an individual approach to those whom he enlightens.

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