An example of good deeds and their role in human life

An example of good deeds and their role in human life
An example of good deeds and their role in human life

Everyone knows what a "good deed" is. This is an action that brings some benefit not to the person himself, but to his fellow man. Thus, altruism acts as a measure of morality and morality of a person. If a person lives mainly for others and quite a bit for himself, then society considers that this person is good - kind.

In this article, the very concept of "good deed" will be explored, and examples of good deeds, the most common ones, will be used as material. The ones people see all the time. But first, we should consider the concepts of "good" and "evil".

Good and Evil

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Maybe what is written here is somewhat generic, but it should be said about it: "good" and "evil" are relative concepts. It all depends on the value system that a person accepts. For believers, these are not relative categories, but absolute and at the same time quite specific: that which accompanies the knowledge of God is good, but that which contributes to the distance of a person from God is bad. And no point of view is needed. Moreover, God is responsible for good, and man himself is responsible for evil. Very comfortably. But in fact, instead of God as a coordinate system that determines human behavior, almostany phenomenon of the world, for example, pleasure - in this way people-hedonists are obtained. Instead of good and evil, they have pleasure and suffering, respectively.

From this it follows: the understanding of good and evil can be individual, but at the same time there remains a clear conviction that between good and evil there is a clear boundary that does not need to be crossed. True, all the same, everyone always has their own example of good deeds. It is this contradiction in assessment that gives rise to endless human conflicts. It turns out both funny and sad: the bad does not arise because of the absolute evil that reigns in the world, but because of the different understanding of good, which is individual for each person. To prove this, we need to take the most trivial examples of good deeds, or rather, their results, which a person sees or hears every day: life and death, pleasure and suffering, love and hate.

Life and death

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When any person looks at life from a bird's eye view, he will say without hesitation that life is good, but when the time comes for concrete decisions, then the perspective changes. For example, a person is seriously ill, medicines do not help him. What is life for him - evil or good? The question that embodied in the problem of euthanasia. From this it follows logically that good deeds, examples of them, will be interpreted depending on the solution of this ethical dilemma.

Pleasure and pain

Everyone knows that pleasure is good and suffering is evil. Almost all modern people live with this thought in their heads. But fairis she? Does such a belief lead to the magical land of Good Deeds? Real life examples prove that not always. Pleasure and pain are seasonings without which life would be insipid. But everyone knows what happens if you don't follow the dosage.

Let's look at concrete examples. A parent wants to make life easier for his child and gives him money just like that (an example of good deeds). Noble? Yes. Is it good for a child? No. Why? Because easy money, obtained without effort, promises future suffering and moral decay, of course, if such assistance is systematic. Magically, the child's pleasure transforms (or even mutates) into suffering that has yet to come.

Love and hate (dislike)

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It would be extremely regrettable for humanity if nature suddenly hated it with all its world soul. Catastrophes and other troubles would begin on Earth. But nature (or God) still loves mankind, and this is the main example of good deeds that people have in front of them at the moment.

Is parental love good or bad?

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When a person is born, it is almost always a joy for parents. First of all, the mother surrounds the newcomer to the world with boundless and inexhaustible care. And now attention, the question: is maternal care an example of good deeds? Certainly! But only sometimes the care of parents becomes a noose, strangling the child, his independent impulses. Because parents (mother or father) have their ownplans for the future of a daughter or son.

There are women (and men) who beat their children, taking out the evil on them for a failed life, without ceasing to love them.

Some women give birth out of loneliness and surround the only joy of their lives with uncontrollable care, the latter as a result with a 90% probability will break the child's life. Because such mothers do not know how to let their children go into independent life. "Tear cord" in this case suggests pain either on one side or the other.

Looking at all this, I just want to say in the words of Kurt Vonnegut (an American classic writer of the 20th century): “Love me a little less, but treat me like a human being.”

Tragic love - good or bad?

Now another case: the boy and the girl love each other, and everything is wonderful. But then something breaks, and the girl leaves the boy, or vice versa. The abandoned person considers the failed "love for life" as an inescapable tragedy. Less resilient young people (both girls and boys) prefer to go into the arms of death without waiting for events to develop. This is how love turns from good to evil. Such are good deeds, examples of them are paradoxical.

MA Lesson Bulgakov

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As it seems, from all these examples it is clear that good and evil are ontological entities interconnected. Let us recall Woland's thought about the globe without a shadow. It's like one ad says, instead of a thousand words. And numerous examples of good deeds of people taken from life,this is confirmed. Each act contains both light and shadow, night and day.

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