Punk is Punks: description, history and ideology

Punk is Punks: description, history and ideology
Punk is Punks: description, history and ideology

Subcultures have existed at all times. Young people, in the hope of expressing their individuality, tried to dress in a special way, not like everyone else. Clothes were followed by special thinking, and in the end it all grew into an ideology. The world was covered by a wave of hippies, disco, grunge and punk. Punks are considered one of the most outrageous of all genres. Everyone has heard about them, and at the same time there are still people who wonder: who are punks? Let's try to figure it out.

punk it

From music to subculture

Punks owe their appearance to the musical direction of the same name - punk rock. This style of music appeared in the 70s of the last century in the United States of America and Great Britain. The musicians rebelled against all other directions of rock, which at that time became too lyrical and depressing. This is how punk rock appeared, retaining the fervor of the good old rock and roll combined with primitive playing of musical instruments. The primitiveness of the game was deliberate, because punk rock is something that is available to everyone.

In the 70s the world got to know more and more new bands: Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Genesis. They quickly gained universal recognition, and after that, largeconcert fees. The members of these groups lived in expensive mansions, drove in luxurious limousines with personal bodyguards. That which united them with the punk youth gradually disappeared. Their 12-minute guitar solos and lip-synching performances just didn't feel like the teenage street rebels loved it.

On November 6, 1975, the London College of Art was shocked by the performance of a defiant punk rock band with an equally defiant name. It was the Sex Pistols. Subsequently, they became the idol of punks. They had what real punk rock needed: simple chords, low-cost primitive playing, affordable gigs.

what is punk

Meaning of the word "punk"

The word "punk" comes from an English colloquial word meaning "bad", "cheesy". It is not known for certain how exactly the representatives came up with the idea to be called that way: either they called the anarchist rebels that way, or because their music was called that way. One way or another, the word stuck.


Punk ideology is based on freedom. The punk subculture stands for the realization of human freedom without any pressure from the outside. In other words, if a person is free to walk around in whatever he wants, then he really should be able to walk down the street in torn shoes and not get poked in the back. Freedom of speech is another important point for them. In their songs, punks are not shy in expressions, they use obscene language, because the right to freedom of speechguaranteed by many human rights conventions.

Despite the judgments of society, punk is not a fashion at all, but an idea that gives meaning to the representatives of this movement. Many consider this an age factor, as if this is just something that will pass after adolescence rebellious age. In reality, this is not always the case. True punk stays that way for life.

Characteristic personality traits

The question of what is punk is not entirely correct. It's better to ask who a punk is, and then everything will immediately become clear. One true representative of the subculture is able to give an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat the whole direction is.

the meaning of the word punk

Punk is a person striving for independence, in other words, individualism. Such a person, despite the fact that he is often among a noisy company, is a loner in himself. He does not care about society with its problems and the needs of other people. Punks are characterized by anarchy, anti-authoritarianism, anti-homophobia, nihilism. Punk is an asocial person who denies any culture, does not respect the older generation on the principle: "If you are old, then you are respected." He is always against any order, authority.


Punk subculture has its own characteristics, thanks to which it can be distinguished from all others, including external ones. Despite the fact that appearance does not really matter to punks, they all look the same.

Iroquois. This hairstyle originated before the advent of punks. The Indians did it during their secret rites, so that in this wayscare everyone around. Punks use different variants. In the classic version, the hair is shaved, and only a strip of long hair remains along the head. They are placed with varnish like large needles

punk subculture
  • Hairstyle-"garbage". Suitable for everyone who does not like to bother. Simply ruffle your hair and you're done.
  • Plenty of accessories. These are chains, rivets, stripes, collars, wristlets, pins. They cover the entire image from head to toe according to the rule “the more the better.”
  • Ripped pants. They are torn either on purpose, as a sign of protest, or they are not sewn up after a fight at a concert. Even if piquant areas are visible due to holes in the pants, this does not bother anyone, because it’s even better that way. Punk is all about freedom and violation of social norms, and sometimes it can be shocking.
  • Kosuhi. They are distinguished from biker ones by the fact that they are decorated with paint cans. They can have different inscriptions and many rivets.

In the view of society

Many years of practice has shown that people refuse to understand what punk is and what he wants to show the world. According to polls conducted by sociologists in the Russian capital, it was revealed that most of the population considers them nothing more than people suffering from schizophrenia. They are considered abnormal, sick and ill-mannered.

who is punk

On the one hand, this point of view is quite justified. Many punks themselves show themselves not from the best side, committing crimes. propagandizingfreedom of personality, speech, actions, thoughts and views, they eventually did not think that they themselves were violating the same freedom of other people. It cannot be said that all punks are like that, because many of them are worthy of respect. Initially, punk is an accessible music and a protest against the dullness of life. Over time, turning into a bunch of real ragamuffins, punk has lost its true face.

Alas, they are called scum, just like in the 70s. The youth, who once wanted to find freedom, in the end did not find universal recognition. And today there is a decline in the punk movement and its replacement by new directions.

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