Louise Brown is the first person born through IVF

Louise Brown is the first person born through IVF
Louise Brown is the first person born through IVF

Today, almost no one will be surprised by the news that some families who are desperate to have their own child in a natural way, resort to the help of reproductive technologies - IVF. People born using this scientific method are called test-tube babies. But some 40 years ago it was a sensational event that gave rise to conflicting moods in society. Some argued that this was a scientific breakthrough to solve the problem of infertility, others considered it an interference in the natural processes laid down by the Creator. Church ministers were especially negative.

Louise Brown

First Test Tube Baby

Louise Brown became the first child born through IVF. She was born on 07/25/1978 in the town of Oldham, which is located in the county of Greater Manchester (UK). The girl's parents, Leslie (1948-2012) and John (1943-2007) Brown, could not conceive a child for a long time (about 9 years), so they turned to doctors for help. During the experimental IVF program, the woman managed to become pregnant. Conception occurred on 11/10/1977. Leslie became the first woman to undergo artificial insemination.

Louise Joy Brown was born as scheduledterms by caesarean section. The weight of the newborn girl was 2 kg 608

This event was a real breakthrough in the field of medicine. Scientists were able not only to contribute to the fertilization of the egg outside the mother's body, but also to preserve the artificially conceived fetus.

Louise Brown photo

Scientists who made a scientific breakthrough

"Test-tube baby" - Louise Brown, was born thanks to two scientists (an embryologist and a gynecologist) who were studying artificial conception. Their names are Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe. It was they who helped solve the problem of a family that had been unsuccessfully trying to have a child for 9 years. Louise Brown had a long relationship with Robert Edwards, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010 for his work in the development of IVF. Although the development of artificial reproductive technology is a joint effort between two scientists, Patrick Steptoe has not received an international award. The thing is that the world famous gynecologist died in 1988, and according to the will of Alfred Nobel, the prize is not awarded posthumously. Robert Edwards is no longer alive either. He died in April 2013 at the age of 87.

Louise Joy Brown

Parents agreed to IVF

The very concept of "test-tube baby" is somewhat wrong. In fact, the father's sperm and the mother's egg were placed in a Petri dish, and the experiment was carried out in it. Louise Brown herself calls this container the place where her life began.

Parents decided on artificial insemination afterdesperate to have a child of their own. What is most interesting, they were not warned that they were the first to undergo this procedure and no successful experiments were carried out before them.

Pregnancy occurred on 11/10/1977. An artificially fertilized embryo was placed in the body of a woman, where the fetus developed until the very birth of the girl. The condition of the mother and the child in the womb was monitored by the scientists who performed the procedure.

Louise Brown test tube baby

Louise Brown, whose photo is provided in our article, was the first successful "result" of the latest reproductive technology. Her birth brought worldwide fame to gynecologist Patrick Steptoe and physiologist (embryologist) Robert Edwards.

The moment of birth of the first "test-tube baby"

It was not only the parents who expected the birth of the phenomenon baby. This scientific experiment was observed all over the world. On the birthday of Louise Brown, more than 2,000 journalists and other representatives of various media gathered in the courtyard of the clinic. The birth itself was kept secret until the baby was born.

first test-tube baby Louise Brown

Not the only daughter

Louise Brown is not the only daughter in the family. Her sister Natalie was also born with the latest reproductive technology. She was born in 1982. Natalie is also a phenomenon. She is the first IVF baby in the world to conceive naturally. This happened in 1999. At the moment, Natalie has three children, and all of themwere born in a way that is quite familiar to most people.

Louise Brown also gave birth to two sons, in 2006 and 2013. The two girls who were born with the help of IVF also had a half-sister, Sharon. She was born in 1961. Died at the age of 52 in 2013.

Louise Brown

How the life of the first test tube baby turned out

The life of the girl herself, as well as her parents, cannot be called simple. The close attention of the media, representatives of the scientific world, and even ordinary people who showed interest in this topic, did not allow the family to exist in peace and enjoy life. Since the child was considered a "wonder of nature", she and her parents had to travel extensively to demonstrate the scientific breakthrough. Many admired the achievements of scientists, but there were also those who resented the unnatural birth of a little girl.

Special attacks were from the clergy. The family also had to deal with inadequate people who sent Louise's parents threatening letters or cynical recommendations for "using an artificial child." What to do, there are both kind and cruel people in the world.

Louise Brown photo

What Louise has become today

Louisa Brown will turn 40 in 2018. She is quite a happy woman who has two charming sons: Cameron John Mullinder, who was born on December 21, 2006, and Aiden Patrick Robert Mullinder, who was born in August 2013. The name of the second son contains the names of both scientists (Patrick andRobert), thanks to which Louise was born.

Louise Joy Brown

The woman's personal life has developed quite successfully. In September 2004, she married Wesley Mullinder, who at that time worked as a bouncer in one of the nightclubs.

Louise's parents are no longer in the world. Father passed away in 2006, and mother in 2012.

In 2013, Natalie and Louise planted a tree on the territory of the very clinic where the new reproductive method was developed. They did this in memory of their parents, who dared such a risky experiment.

To date, about 5 million people have been born thanks to the IVF method, and Louise Brown was the first of them.

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