Why is a person born? - that's the question

Why is a person born? - that's the question
Why is a person born? - that's the question

The first breath, and at the same time the first cry… It is from this moment with the first breath of air that we begin to BE.


Amazingly, this is the first and most important moment in life - the moment of transition from a state of peace, endless peace and absolute security to a beautiful, but strange and unpredictable world, full of deafening sounds and blinding light. On the one hand, this moment gives us the most priceless thing - life, and on the other hand, it lays in us not so much fear and horror, but rather a misunderstanding of what is happening. Why is a person born? Why do God, nature, mother - those who are called to love, protect and protect - reject, push out, force them to give up warmth and comfort and plunge into a life that is wonderful, but full of dangers? Is there any sense in this? Is it possible for a true lover to endanger the loved one?

why a person is born

Why is a person born?

Every morning we wake upwe wash, dress, have breakfast and in a hurry we run out towards life … She is a fickle and demanding lady - either she is ready to gladly offer us whatever we want, inspiring and enticing us, then abruptly, without warning, she turns her back on us. We, in turn, are now seized by exorbitant bliss, then, on the contrary, endless sadness and sorrow. We either fly on the wings of happiness, or we embark on incredible adventures or embark on the path of war and struggle against adversity, or hanging our heads, we are sad and regret the unfulfilled … But one day a completely different thing comes to us, incomparable with either joy or sadness - the idea of ​​why a person is born. She hits on the head, dumbfounds and silently leaves, leaving a dull, aching pain - what is all this for, what is the meaning of all these victories and defeats that constantly replace each other?

why man was born

Answers come different

Is there really an answer to the question: “Why is a person born?” Yes and no. Each of us asks himself this question, who is in his youth, who is in maturity, and who is in old age, and everyone must himself, independently, in absolute loneliness, as at birth and death, find the answer to it. As a result, the answer of each individual person is the very truth - a priceless word that echoes throughout the world and becomes, albeit a small, but so expensive and irreplaceable part of a huge whole - the Universe. For a religious person, the dilemma “to be or not to be” and “why a person was born” is solved naturally, since faith in God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth, andThere is an answer - you need to live for God. But there are not many true believers. Therefore, the rest are looking for meaning in the family, in love, in creativity, in work, in some kind of duty, in struggle, some in enjoyment, rushing from side to side, or in an effort to surround themselves with comforts and pleasures. How many people, so many options. Each "fingerprint" is a unique and amazingly beautiful pattern that has the right to be.

why is a person born


And yet the search for truth does not stop, nor should it. For example, Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy asked himself the question “Why is a person born in the world” until old age, believing that each time he gives only an intermediate answer. Or maybe everything living, everything that exists in this world, visible and invisible, is an endless chain with an infinite number of links, each of which is intermediate. And if suddenly it intends to become the truth, indisputable and indisputable, then it will become finite and the chain will close, and with it the infinity of life. The link of recognized truth will not ex alt and glorify life, but will bring it down, and along with it, itself.

why a person is born on earth

And what if the answer to the questions “Why is a person born on earth”, “What is the great meaning of life” is not a beautiful complex sentence with many deep thoughts, but one simple phrase, one simple thought - “life for the sake of life ". Remember the legend of the Phoenix - the sacred bird of the ancient Egyptians, which at a certain hour burns itself in a cage so that againbe reborn from the ashes. Amazing, isn't it? This is how “dying” stars explode in distant galaxies, enveloping themselves in a slowly expanding nebula, unusually beautiful and mysterious, in order to “rise” again from gas and dust. So the dazzling colors of summer take their last breath, giving us no less saturated red-purple shades of autumn, only to disappear later, dissolve under the yoke of blue cold, and later, when no one is waiting, resurrect and reappear. So, from the moment of birth until death, a person undergoes many more births and deaths, and each time spiritual rebirth is accompanied by the same torment, tears, and pain. This vicious circle - the irreconcilable, and sometimes the most severe struggle of life with death, and at the same time their unity - is the foundation of the Universe, its all-encompassing and all-consuming beauty and love. Why was a person born? To become a part of this beauty, to subsequently dissolve in it and thereby continue it. And there is no end to it…

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