Afk, feeder, lalka - what kind of abracadabra is this? A brief excursion into youth slang

Afk, feeder, lalka - what kind of abracadabra is this? A brief excursion into youth slang
Afk, feeder, lalka - what kind of abracadabra is this? A brief excursion into youth slang

Today, in our country, the Russian language is undergoing not the most positive changes, not supported by grammatical norms, but supported by a large part of the population. This trend is most noticeable among young people, and this fact is especially evident in the global network.

In social networks, forums, online games and other points of contact of the younger generation, a new, flawed language is born, dubbed "Albanian": it includes distorted words written with deliberate errors: yad, afftar, podruffki and so next.

Subsequently, from this trend (often in the field of online games), something completely unimaginable began to stand out: "fakashit", "feed", "noob", "lalka". What does this mean? If the previous words could still be somehow understood, then here a person who is not savvy in youth slang will only shrug.

sasay lalka meaning

Most often these expressions are rooted in English words or abbreviations. So, "afakashit" comes from the English afk (Away From Keyboard, moved away from the keyboard) and means that the young man will leave the computer for a while. "Feed" came from the English feed -"feed" and denotes the process of repeatedly losing battles to enemies. At the same time, the winners receive money and experience, "eating off" in this way on the feeder.

Noob - a player who puts personal battle points higher than the team's victory. This word is an insult. It defines a person as an incompetent, inadequate player. The word "lalka" can also be considered an insult today. What does this mean? This word has a slightly longer stage of development than the previous ones.

lol what is this

Initially, in various chats, such a combination of letters as LOL was common. It was used in emoticons (pictures that help express feelings) and meant "laughing out loud" (laughing out loud). Subsequently, when communicating using means where emoticons were not provided (sms, e-mail, and even oral speech), young people began to simply use these letters, assuming that the interlocutor would easily remember the right picture and correctly understand emotions. So LOL flowed into "lol", from which the word "lolka" was born, meaning "the one who made me laugh."

Then this expression, under the influence of some publics of dubious content, spilled over into "lalka". What does this word mean now? The closest synonyms are "jester", "clown". That is, today the meaning of the word "lalka" has acquired the following meaning: a funny, stupid, pitiful person. This is how the expression itself and its essence changed.

lalka meaning

I hope you are now clear about the current state of affairs regarding "lalka" - which is offensive jargon of a negative connotation. But that's not all. Often in the vastness of the global network you can stumble upon the phrase "sasay lalka", the meaning of which is ashamed to be voiced in a decent society. I will only allow myself to note the fact that initially "lalka" was a feminine word (it was customary to call the representatives of the stronger sex "lolika") and only later began to denote both girls and boys. And "sasay" is built according to all, if I may say so, rules of the Alban language. Any Russian person, with a little strain, will be able to understand what meaning it carries.

Thus, the expression "sasay lalka" is a rude and indecent proposal to perform a certain action, which is considered offensive and indecent by lovers of youth jargon.

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