God Horus - the great patron of the pharaohs

God Horus - the great patron of the pharaohs
God Horus - the great patron of the pharaohs

Egypt is a mysterious country that began its existence several millennia before our era. Despite all the discoveries and archaeological excavations carried out in it, there is still a lot of mysterious and incomprehensible, shrouded in legends, secrets and myths. Ancient Egypt and its mythology are extraordinary, they need to be studied and understood with special symbolism and philosophy.

The beginning of the formation of ancient Egyptian mythology is considered to be 6-4 millennium BC. Since then, it has changed and developed throughout the existence of Ancient Egypt. Initially, only a few tribes worshiped the gods in the country, but over time, this ritual grew into a whole cult of worship for the entire state.

The main in the country of the pyramids was the pharaoh, he was the founder of the hierarchy of deities. He was entrusted with many sacred obligations, with the help of which the rituals were carried out. Ruling the country on behalf of the gods, the pharaoh had to give the state prosperity, development and material well-being.

A special feature in the ancient Egyptian religion was the existence of various beliefs. In fact, every god in Egypt took the form of some animal or bird.

God Horus

God Horus was no exception - the son of the pharaoh of rebirth and the afterlife of Osiris and Isis, the goddess of motherhood and femininity. This deity today has many roles and names.

In ancient Egyptian, his name means "remote". This character has always stood out with the most confusing pedigree. And the thing is that initially the god Horus had more than 20 different entities, which in different situations and regions of the state were perceived as completely different deities with their own individual functions and rituals. But at the same time, he was one of the few idols who was worshiped and revered throughout the country.

Gor. God

The Egyptian god Horus was born after the death of his father, who died at the hands of the god of the desert, Seth, who was trying to seize the power of Osiris. Therefore, like his father, Horus became the patron of the power of the pharaoh. Initially, this mythological character was considered the god of hunting.

Egyptian God Horus

Later he became the patron of the sky and the sun, so he was depicted with a falcon's head on a human body and one eye. According to legend, the god Horus lost his second eye in the battle with Set for the seat of government. After the victory and restoration of peace in the realm, the eye lost in battle became a powerful amulet of protection.

The image of Horus differs from the image of another solar god Ra only by the royal crown on his head. The mythological Ra has a solar disk above his head. Therefore, from ancient times in Egypt it was customary to honor the falcon gods, who were associated with freedom,flight, sun and sky. The god Horus was no exception.

Attention and curiosity towards this mythical character began to show many centuries ago. Even Herodotus compared it with the majestic Apollo, and the Greeks believed that Orion is the Constellation of Horus. In addition, Horus is a god who had four sons who protect Osiris in the world of the dead. They are represented as pillars of Shu, which formed the constellation Ursa Major in the night sky.

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