Purple: a symbol of luxury through the ages

Purple: a symbol of luxury through the ages
Purple: a symbol of luxury through the ages

Purple is a color that has long symbolized power. Back in the days of ancient Egypt, when the method of extracting purple dye from a special type of shells was only discovered, it was already available only to the powerful of this world, since its price was commensurate with the cost of gold.

The ancient Romans and Greeks also distinguished the cream of their society by the elements of clothing of this color. And in the Byzantine Empire, there was even a custom according to which the heir to the throne had to be born in a room whose walls would be draped with purple fabric. The emperor also used this color ink.

Purple color is reflected in the culture of different countries: in Byzantine icon painting, purple was present in the clothes of the Mother of God, and the wooden binding of the Gospel, which was kept in a Christian church, was covered with fabric of this color. Purple is also used in heraldry, it is even one of its main colors.

Fans of color therapy attribute truly healing properties to purple. According to them, it treats infertility, inflammation, concussion, improves immunity, dilates blood vessels, and also helps to get rid of problems with the skin, kidneys and lungs, while itsToo much can lead to depression. You can perfectly combine purple with shades of gold and silver.

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Feng Shui considers purple to be a life-affirming color that gives energy, and recommends using it in bedrooms due to its ability to cause a little drowsiness, but not in bathrooms or kitchens, since grief and violence are negative associations of this color. Therefore

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It is also not recommended to use this color where a clash of characters can occur: gyms, discussion clubs and other public places. At the same time, the use of shades can help in boosting self-esteem. Besides, it's just a very beautiful and unusual color.

Purple is a color that you need to be able to wear with dignity, but you also need to carefully introduce it into your wardrobe

. It is believed that lovers of this color in clothes have a "royal" character in both a bad and a good way: vulnerability,

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demanding, witty and unpredictable - these are the main character traits of such people.

Purple is a very bright and cheerful color, close to purple, so it is worth considering your outfit in detail using this color. Most successfully, it will look paired with black, gold, shades of beige. Paired with green, it will create a beautiful bold outfit, together with purple you can create a monochrome look - no need to be afraid to experiment with it. Counts,that purple is more suitable for bright brunettes, but this does not mean that brown-haired women and blondes should give up on themselves - a well-chosen shade works wonders! Having included this color in your outfit, you should not forget about its history - you need to wear purple like a king, without allowing even the slightest self-doubt.

The purple color, the photo of which does not fully convey its power, must be seen live. This tone is unique, it is both shocking and soothing. In purple clothes, there is simply no chance to go unnoticed.

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