Similar people. Why do people look alike in appearance?

Similar people. Why do people look alike in appearance?
Similar people. Why do people look alike in appearance?

Recently, American scientists were able to explain where similar people appear in the world, and in particular, this concerns why the Chinese are so similar to each other. It turned out that the more isolated a certain ethnic group develops, the more similar its representatives become.

Michael Sheehan, who is an assistant professor of neuroscience at Cornell University, says that the set of genes that are directly responsible for the appearance of a person is a kind of deck of cards in the hands of nature, and no matter how shuffle it, such a combination periodically drops out that has already been encountered before.

Why is this happening?

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Scientists have determined that similar people appear for the reason that a certain number of genes are associated with appearance much more than with any other areas of human anatomy. Of course, scientists have not yet been able to determine which specific genes are responsible for the width of the nose, the shape of the face and ears, as well as other features of appearance. But one fact remains clear - if people who do not appear to each otherrelatives, but have an external similarity. They will also be similar to each other at the gene level, and the genes responsible for the appearance of a person are an excellent illustration of this.

An interesting fact is that human faces differ much more from each other compared to such parts of the body as feet or hands. Most likely, in the process of evolution, a separate emphasis was placed on the detailing of human faces so that representatives of a certain family could easily be distinguished from others.


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In the process of evolution, several main ethnic groups have formed, in which similar people are found. The largest such group is the Chinese and Hindi, and thus, accordingly, the maximum chance of meeting your double is present directly within a certain ethnic group. In other words, it is virtually impossible for a Chinese person to meet an incredibly similar person among African Americans. At the same time, it is worth noting the fact that a huge number of doubles can be present within the Asian group, and similar people are found here much more often than anywhere else.

Such an identity in certain cases reaches the level of identical twins, when the similarity is not only external, but also internal, since an almost identical set of genes can be present even in people who have no close or distant relationship.

As a rule, people similar to each other and having the same nationality,differ in a similar set of genes, since in isolated ethnic groups all kinds of infusions from even neighboring groups were minimized.

How many doubles can there be?

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Nature periodically creates copies of a person, but at the same time, academic science cannot reliably say why they appear, and only conjectures remain. Of course, the version described above is the most common today, which suggests that people who are similar to each other have an identical genetic structure. For a currently unknown reason, several "versions" of a person appear, and at the same time they all have almost identical DNA. Such doubles in scientific circles are usually called biogenic, since, despite the fact that they have different biological parents, they differ in similar genes.

It often happens that a huge number of identical people appear in nature in short periods of time, and there are also such incidents when these intervals stretch for hundreds or even thousands of years. That is why you should not be surprised when you see a double of some famous classic or politician on the street.

Math calculation

Mathematicians also decided to take up this issue and contribute to the investigation of why people look alike. In particular, the theory of probability was used, according to which the chances of a random coincidence of sets of genes are far from zero, because there are several peoplebillion, and that number is only growing.

Some scientists say that the phenomenon of the emergence of such doubles is caused by the so-called "secret relationship". Even if you use standard mathematical analysis, you can understand that after 8 generations any person is a descendant of 256 relatives related by blood relationship. Thus, if we are talking not about 8, but, for example, about 30 generations, then it will be a million people, and all these closely related ties are based on the transfer of genetic material. In this regard, to some extent, all people in a particular ethnic category are related to some extent.

Doubles of famous people

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Interesting examples of how very similar people can be found in domestic open spaces. For example, while Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov were spouses, the Primadonna said that she liked Nemtsov, since he was very similar to her husband. After that, many people really looked at them and realized that they had the same ears, eyes, nose, and both at that time were curly and had a very cheerful character, but at the same time they had no even approximate relationship.

Historical twins

There are also twins that are extremely spaced apart in time. For example, at the end of the 3rd century in Rome, the ruler was Emperor Maximin, who was an almost perfect double of Adolf Hitler, and at the same time remained in history as an extremely tough dictator. His death wasas infamous as a distant descendant.

The busts of Thebes Montuehmet (the ruler of ancient Egyptian Thebes) and Mao Zedong are very similar, despite the fact that the ruler of Thebes lived more than 700 years BC.


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Probably, every resident or guest of the capital paid attention to the fact that on Red Square you can almost always meet the twins of Lenin, Stalin and even a huge number of other famous personalities who earn money by taking pictures with passers-by. Also, similar doubles can be found in various theatrical performances.

In fact, quite often it happens that the similarity is present only in racial and anthropological types, as well as in the external design and proportions of the face. If such people are undressed and the makeup is completely washed off, then in this case the similarity will either completely disappear, or will no longer be so obvious, which is quite important. Of course, quite often various theater troupes prefer to hire real doubles in their composition, and not just made-up personalities, as this allows you to make the performance truly unique.

How to find your doppelgänger?

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In fact, in the era of information development, this is not difficult. Outwardly similar people are quite common on the Internet, and you can often see such photos in the news, on any sites or in various social networks. There is already a hugethe number of precedents when people found their doppelgangers online and posted photos for comparison.

There are even specialized sites through which there are similar people in the world by photography. Some allow you to find your own copy only among stars or historical figures, while others are expanded to the point that you can find your own double even among ordinary people from other countries. On such resources, it is quite enough to simply upload your own photo in a certain format, and then in a few days receive one or even several photos of people very much like you. If you wish, you can find similar faces of people you are interested in, and not look for your own double.

Similarities between spouses

Many people often notice that couples who live together for a long time begin to resemble each other, and some even become so similar that they are then perceived as brother and sister. First of all, many try to explain why people are similar in this case, by the fact that quite often we ourselves choose partners who are similar to us to a certain extent, but besides this, even facial features begin to become similar over time.

During research, scientists have determined that visual similarity is a fairly important factor in attracting two people to each other. In particular, it was determined that two similar people of the opposite sex are most often attracted, especially if they have similarfacial features.

What explains this?

This is due to the innate tendency that every person is looking for someone who can be trusted and whom he "knows". When we see someone as a literal reflection of ourselves, we automatically associate the person with those thoughts.

Even more interesting is the fact that people who are visually similar to each other are prone to long-term relationships, they can trust each other to the maximum and enjoy carefree cohabitation. According to psychologists from the University of Michigan, older couples who have lived together for several decades also begin to become similar over time, because people who have a close relationship often unconsciously imitate the different facial expressions and gestures of their loved ones.

Among other things, it's impossible not to say that happy couples often have similar physical characteristics.

Why do happy couples look so much alike?

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Genetics plays the most important role in this case, as people with different genetic indicators begin to attract each other much more than people with a similar genetic code.

Even ordinary people often notice, for example, that many women are often interested in men who resemble their fathers - this is a subconscious act of selection. Fathers are a role model for young girls, and this model is subsequently subconsciously set aside and shapes the future choice of a spouse as an adult.women. This is one of the reasons why quite often couples are similar to each other.

People who belong to the same religion, race, age and social class are always more likely to develop really strong and lasting relationships. Subconsciously, they are pushed towards each other by the fact that for them culture, traditions and eating habits are not some kind of obstacle, but only another similar feature.

If people live together for a long time, they are more likely to eventually adapt to their partner, and this life experience, according to scientists, is ultimately reflected in facial features. But no one could reliably say why people look alike.

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