Poetess Maria Conte: biography and personal life

Poetess Maria Conte: biography and personal life
Poetess Maria Conte: biography and personal life

Many of the fairer sex would dream of having everything that this fragile-looking woman has and has achieved. But few people know what she had to go through and what a terrible disease she had to overcome. With all this, Maria Conte has not lost her fortitude and strong-willed character, which only a truly strong person can be endowed with, but on the contrary, she has become stronger and goes through life with her head held high.

Where was the "socialite" born and how did she grow up?

On a warm spring day on May 4, 1976, a lovely girl was born in Moscow, whom her parents called the wonderful name Masha. She studied at an ordinary average school with an emphasis on physics and mathematics and successfully graduated in 1992. Then Maria Conte, and then still Timofeeva, goes to study at the Russian State Humanitarian University, where she takes a course in psychology.

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However, having decided to acquire another higher education, the girl at the end of her studies is transferred to another metropolitan university at the Faculty of Economics. But she does not stop there and receives her third diploma at the Institute of Psychology. In parallel with her studies, Maria Conte went through a full cycle of lectures in the firstFreudian school.

The family of the poetess

The girl grew up in a fairly we althy family. At eighteen, she already had her own car. Her mother worked as an accountant at some large enterprise. For her daughter, she has always been the standard of femininity and the real keeper of their family hearth. Maria Conte respects and appreciates her parents very much. Her father, in her opinion, is a very strong and powerful person who has always been an example for Masha to follow. He was once one of the most powerful people in the city.

When the girl was only 21 years old, her father became very ill and subsequently could not recover from the illness and take care of the family as before, so this role was taken on by a young and fragile girl. This test helped her not to break down in later life. Having left the parental nest, the girl got married and gave birth to a child in marriage, but, unfortunately, she already managed to get a divorce.

Currently, Maria Conte's daughter is a member of her small family, with whom she lived for some time in Bali.

Maria Conte and Viktor Vekselberg

Creativity and career of a reverent writer and poetess

Back in 1999, Masha opened her own company called "Features of the Celebration", which organized holidays and various events. At that time, it was a fairly well-known agency that threw noisy parties for almost all the oligarchs in the city. This company exists to this day.

In 2005, Maria released her collection of poems "When love touches the soul." Beingpregnant, Masha decided to write the book "Troubles in Rublev's way." In it, the reader can find funny and funny stories that are easy to read on any trip.

After the publication of the book, Conte thought about creating her own program, especially since she was already invited to host one TV program, but she was not interested in the topic. Masha decided to make a book review to make it easier for people to navigate the modern world of literature.

In 2006, among other things, Maria opens a beauty salon, and then a number of establishments providing spa services.

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Some facts from personal life

In the life of the poetess there was an eight-year and unsuccessful romance, after which she decided that the bonds of marriage for her would be the best salvation in that difficult moment. Maria Conte married a very rich Italian count, who gave her such a beautiful and sonorous surname that many at first think that this is a pseudonym. However, the newly-made countess carefully concealed the identity of her husband, so to this day no one has ever seen him.

Many are sure that this legend was invented so that Maria Conte and Viktor Vekselberg could hide their connection from the public eye. In society, they say that there was no count, and daughter Tais is very similar to the multimillionaire and chairman of the Tyumen Oil Company. Therefore, from whom the child of Maria Conte, no one undertakes to say one hundred percent.

During her marriage, Masha lived like in a fairy tale. She had everything only conceivable andunthinkable privileges, whatever you want. She had a daughter and a caring husband. The father of the child of Maria Conte, in her opinion, is the best man who has ever been in her life, but for some reason at one moment she decided to part with him. A painful divorce and new trials played a role, and a terrible disease called cancer burst into the life of the poetess.

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Long fight for life

This disease appeared as a small spot on the skin. This did not frighten Maria at all: she was sure that specialists in Germany would definitely help her - they would remove it and that would be the end of it. But after that, long courses of chemotherapy and rehabilitation followed, which for a long time did not give any results, and it only got worse.

After long suffering and complete impotence, Masha had an insight, and she realized that it was not the disease that was killing her, but herself, because she did not fight for her life at all. Maria realized that she was torturing her body with debilitating diets, alcohol and nicotine. But in order to keep yourself in good shape, you need very little - it's just he althy food, clean air and joyful thoughts.

Over time, the Countess de Conte got better. She has traveled a lot since that time, met and communicated with interesting people and found her calling in a new profession, which is directly related to helping the same lost souls as herself.

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What is the ex-Countess doing these days?

On thisAt a stage in her life, Maria decided to become an oncopsychologist and works for five thousand an hour at the Rehab Family clinic, which is located on Ivanovsky Lane in Moscow. Conte has known the founder of this institution since her student days. A large team of psychologists works under her strict guidance.

She treats her patients not according to the theory and practice that are written on the pages of textbooks, but according to her own experience and method of healing. There are different people with their own characters and problems, and everyone needs her help. Maria always finds the right approach to any difficult case in her practice.

Gossip and intrigue in the life of a society nymph

For many years, the public has been intrigued and kept in the dark by Maria Conte. Whose mistress is this woman? No one, even the most experienced journalist, has been able to accurately find out this yet. Sometimes Maria throws such comments in her interviews that suggest that Maria Conte and Viktor Vekselberg still have a love affair with each other.

She said that she won a very large amount of money at roulette by betting on the number 14, which symbolizes the date of birth of her beloved, as Maria Conte explained. Vekselberg, oddly enough, was born on the fourteenth of April.

maria conte whose mistress

Interesting facts from the life of the poetess

As a creative person, Masha is also fond of writing short SMS poems. They are filled with humor and easy to read. Conte, in addition to his main activity, is engaged in photography, culture, charity and remains an eternal musedesigner Igor Chapurin.

With such a hectic pace of life, Maria always manages to look one hundred percent. They say about her that she is a lady without age. For many women, she is an idol and role model.

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