Russian actor Andrey Stoyanov

Russian actor Andrey Stoyanov
Russian actor Andrey Stoyanov

Andrey Stoyanov is a Russian theater and film actor. He was born in May 1974 in the Donetsk region in the family of a teacher and a museum curator. After the divorce of their parents, Stoyanov and his mother moved to Moscow. In the capital, the actor's mother is getting married again. The stepfather raised Andrei as his own son. During his school years, young Stoyanov often skipped classes and was a bully. At that time, he did not dream of an acting career. After graduation, he entered the Polygraphic Institute. However, he quickly dropped out of university.

The beginning of an acting career

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Andrey Stoyanov got into the cinema at the age of 30. He was accidentally noticed by the teacher of GITIS, inviting him to audition. Having successfully passed the tests, the actor participates in various performances, including "Bear", "Proposal", "Stove-shops". Despite a successful career as a theater actor, Stoyanov did not receive the appropriate education.

Work in cinematography

Besides serving at the Drama Theatre,Stoyanov is a successful film actor. The first work in the filmography of Andrei Stoyanov was the role in the TV series "Lawyer 4", released in 2007. The most popular actor brought participation in the serial film "Hour of Volkov". Until 2012, the actor played minor roles. Stoyanov played the main role in the film "Phantom". The artist was noticed and a year later was offered to take part in the filming of the film "Under the Gun". This was followed by a series of films where the actor played leading roles. Among them are "Resort Police", "Forbidden Love", "Geometry of Love", "Single".

Private life

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Andrey Stoyanov is raising his daughter Victoria. With her mother, the actor was not officially married. There were many rumors around the artist's personal life. In 2014, he was credited with an affair with co-star Irina Lindt. However, at the end of the same year, Stoyanov announced the beginning of a relationship with Elena Berkova, a participant in the TV show Dom 2. In 2016, the couple officially formalized their relationship.

Role in the film

Phantom is a domestically produced action movie released in 2012. The director of the film is Nikolai Viktorov. This serial film is based on the novel by Nikolai Luzan. The action revolves around domestic intelligence agencies that prevented the transfer of classified information to American spies. Andrey Stoyanov played his first leading role in the film, which brought recognition to the actor.

Further acting career

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"Under the gun" - Russian criminalserial film released in 2013. A total of 16 episodes were filmed. The director of the film is Viktor Konisevich.

In the center of the plot is the life of the police department. The management decides to improve the work of employees by introducing surveillance cameras during the service. Employees are not happy with the innovation, however, they are forced to obey.

The main characters are Senior Investigator Morozova Aphrodite and Senior Detective Anton Raevsky. There is clear sympathy between them, but each has its own complicated history. The role of Anton Raevsky was played by Andrey Stoyanov.

"Resort Police" is a multi-part film of domestic production, released on screens in 2014. The director of the film is Sergei Vinogradov. To ensure the safety of vacationers in the resort town on the Black Sea coast, a unit called the "Resort Police" is being formed. The task of employees is to prevent crime and conduct investigations. One of the main roles in the series was played by actor Andrey Stoyanov.

"Sliding" is a Russian-made crime thriller released on screens in 2013. The director of the film is Anton Rosenberg. The plot is based on "werewolves in uniform". The protagonist, Pepl, an operative, decides to change his life. His team does not like this, the hero begins to be suspected of passing information to the FSB. Former colleagues turn into enemies. Stoyanov played the role of Nevolin in the film.

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