The cream of society: the definition of the concept

The cream of society: the definition of the concept
The cream of society: the definition of the concept

The cream of society is the highest aristocratic stratum in the privileged classes. This concept is interesting in that, having arisen in modern times, in the era of the existence of the noble class, it has still retained its original meaning. In our time, this expression is commonly referred to as the best representatives of the elite. Along with the term "golden youth", the concept in question is applied to those people who have reached the highest steps in the social pyramid.

Historical background

The cream of society originally denoted a layer of people who enjoy all the privileges of the class. When this concept is mentioned, an association immediately arises with the highest layer in the hierarchy, and most often a material criterion is taken into account - property status, as well as pedigree.

cream of society

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the historical significance of those who were the cream of society. It was from their midst that talented statesmen, diplomats, and generals emerged. Many of them made a significant contribution to the development of culture, becoming patrons and patrons of the arts. We must also not forget that some have become outstanding writers, scientists and poets. Therefore, when assessing their status, one should not be limited only to their materialposition.

Current State

The cream of society in our time is people who, in fact, occupy the same place and perform the same functions as before. However, now generosity no longer plays the role that it used to, and, in principle, everyone can become a member of this circle. However, this closed group is still extremely narrow and not numerous.

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However, the mentioned change made it more democratic in the class sense. After all, earlier high society consisted exclusively of nobles. Now anyone with talent or financial status can become a member.

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