Keeper of the hearth - forced role or true female happiness?

Keeper of the hearth - forced role or true female happiness?
Keeper of the hearth - forced role or true female happiness?
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Keeper of the hearth - this is the role that was assigned to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity by nature, and is as natural as the image of a male earner. However, over the past century, under the influence of feminist sentiment, more and more girls refuse this role, preferring to spend their time and energy on self-development, career growth and making money. However, the notion that one contradicts the other is erroneous. And in any woman, a successful business woman and a warm, sweet keeper of the hearth can coexist at the same time. Meanwhile, the main problem lies precisely in the fact that girls are trying to choose one thing.

Nevertheless, the keeper of the hearth is exactly the person who creates an atmosphere of warmth, tranquility, coziness and comfort in the house, helps to keep the family together. And most importantly, household chores can be combined with successful activities in the professional field and get double pleasure from the opportunity to be both an indispensable employee and a good wife.


The most important thing is to learn how to manage your time properly. It is best to make a list of tasks that need to be completed in a day in advance. Gradually, you will be able to assess how much work you can realistically do and modify the list as you see fit. It is important that he always has time not only for business and household, but also for himself. A visit to the gym or a beauty salon, a few hours for a hobby is simply necessary in order to continue living in harmony with yourself.

A modern hearth keeper can have a wide variety of equipment at her disposal. It is much easier to acquire a washing machine, dishwasher, multicooker and other useful household appliances if both of them work in the family. And with their help, you can significantly reduce the time required for cleaning, cooking, and so on.

No one will demand from a working woman to cook several new dishes every day, however, you should not get carried away with various semi-finished products either - they will not be able to replace the amazing taste of homemade food cooked with love. There are many interesting recipes that allow you to cook a very tasty dinner in a minimum of time.

In fact, a woman who focuses only on household chores (cleaning, washing, cooking) can hardly be called a good housewife. After all, the psychological climate in the house is no less important for a man. And he, as a rule, can get it only with an interesting interlocutor, an erudite and intelligent girl who is able to keep up a conversation or participate in a discussion, discussimportant problems and offer a really good solution.

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Of course, a good homemaker must be a good mother. In no case should you deprive children of attention. After all, not a single nanny or teacher can become as close to a baby as his mother. You should not refuse a child if he asks to play with him or read a fairy tale to him, because you still need to wash the floors - you can do this on another day, and spiritual closeness with your child in this case will be much more valuable.

Look good, have time to surprise your loved ones with something delicious, keep the house in order, and shine at work, everyone can, if they only want to. A woman is the keeper of the hearth, who has long ceased to perform the functions of a housekeeper and has turned into an interesting, harmonious personality, able to give her inner light to the whole world and achieve all her goals. In addition, she does not stop caring about the happiness of her loved ones and does not feel her own inferiority in any area of ​​life.

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