A well-groomed man: appearance, photos, self-care rules, tips and tricks

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A well-groomed man: appearance, photos, self-care rules, tips and tricks
A well-groomed man: appearance, photos, self-care rules, tips and tricks

The Internet is flooded with photos and videos of men taking care of their appearance. Now you will not surprise anyone with the fact that a man uses masks, creams, scrubs and does hair removal. A manicure is generally in the order of things. The opinion of others about such men is ambiguous. Someone considers this the norm, while someone accuses them of being gay.

Who is this?

bearded in a sweater

For one man, the maximum plan is to wash on Saturday, cut his nails, get a haircut once a month at a neighbor's and whole socks (without holes) worn on a visit. And someone is scrupulous about their own appearance, hygiene and clothing.

A very well-groomed man always takes care of himself, not disdaining spas and barbershops, carefully ironing clothes and matching socks to the color of shoes. He knows the difference between a foot cream and a facial cleanser, looks after the condition of his teeth, and knows how to use a trimmer. He never forgets to shower. A well-groomed man, even in a casual style of clothing, looks one hundred percent,because he knows how to pick it up according to the figure and the occasion. He will never go out in rubber slippers and socks, he will never wear tights with a silk shirt, he will never come to a date in a sweaty T-shirt. A well-groomed man knows exactly what a manicure is and knows how to do it for himself. Such people attract the admiring glances of women and the disapproving glances of groomed men. They know how to use their charm.

Men against

Men around the world are divided into three camps:

  1. "I'm against it! A real man doesn't put cream on."
  2. "I don't care as long as they don't touch me."
  3. "That's right, I'm like that myself."

The most loyal camp simply brushes aside: "This fashion will pass, this whim will pass." Someone says that it's just the youth fooling around, the trend of America and the West, let them smear themselves. These men are mostly married, and the wife also pushes as far as possible in the direction of cleanliness and neatness. They refuse, but not much, otherwise they will have to swear. They fulfill their maximum plan one hundred percent, someone even more.

"Real" men are not silent. Wherever possible, they express their point of view, accusing well-groomed men either of being "not like that", or of being henpecked, and his wife made him so "sweet". "It's not good for a man to smear cream on his cheeks, but shave his armpits!"

"What is natural is not ugly" is their motto.

trimmer for men

A well-groomed man: reviews of women

With eyeswomen, judging by the polls, a well-groomed young man must meet four points:

  1. No bad breath. Any: fume, garlic, sausage, caries - it doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t stink from the mouth. An apple before a date, chewing gum - whatever, a man just has to control it.
  2. Clean nails without a mourning border. Any man can do a small manicure: cut and clean.
  3. Neat clothes. It is not necessary to match the tie with the socks, just clean and ironed clothes are enough for the average woman.
  4. No wet spots or run down horse smell. Antiperspirant was invented a long time ago, a well-groomed man is friends with him, as well as with a shower if necessary.

Hero of our time

guy in the shower

What makes a man well-groomed? The standard of beauty of the present, according to most, looks something like this:

  1. Lack of nose and ear hair. It is generally stupid to discuss it, it is a dubious pleasure to contemplate the bunches from these holes, moreover, this vegetation will add ten years even to a youngster. A well-groomed man will always follow every hair.
  2. Clear skin on the face. Clogged pores, acne and the like make a bad impression, are associated with neglect and dirt. A self-respecting man will not allow dirt to accumulate on his face.
  3. Neat haircut. No matter how long and thick the hair is, the haircut complements and emphasizes the dignity of the face. Every attentive man knows this and regularly visits the master.
  4. Stubble. It either should not be at all - the face should be perfectly shaved, or it should be neatly shaved or trimmed vegetation "a la brutal". Just overgrown cheeks are a sign of a slob and a lazy person.
  5. Perfume should suit a man, harmonize with the smell of a clean body, and not interrupt the smell of an unwashed one. A man should be able to find his fragrance and use it skillfully - strictly dosed, and not "half a bottle on a shirt".
  6. men's perfume
  7. Smile. A well-groomed man is always confident in himself, and a smile is the main confirmation of this.

Why is he like this?

How does a man come to the fact that he needs to take care of himself, take care of himself, look after his appearance? The question is almost rhetorical. Some just seem to be born like that, they have been "clean" since childhood - they try, sitting on the potty, to choose what to go for a walk in, in the morning they run to the bathroom for procedures - of their own free will. My mother raised some like this - in the family from childhood I saw a worthy example, order in everything, hygiene, instilling taste and a desire to monitor their appearance. And some come to the desire to pamper themselves: either as a teenager to get rid of acne, or during the first love, to impress.

Groomed man and well-groomed man photo

before and after

Some guys just live like everyone else: sauna on Saturdays, beer in the evenings, two shirts a week, saving on razors… Until they meeta stranger dressed to the brim with perfect hair and perfume. Then they fall in love, look in the mirror and realize that there is no chance. Having decided to change yourself, you need to start with hair - for example, with a trip to the barbershop. And voila - the signs of a well-groomed man, as they say, "on the face": minus ten years, an open clean forehead, a perky boyish smile. It remains to change the shirt and you can already try your luck. How little it takes to transform is just a good motive.

Rules for self-care

clean skin

A well-groomed man lives by following some rules:

  1. The most important difference between a man who takes care of himself and an "abandoned" man is a haircut. It needs to be monitored, shortened at least once every three weeks (depending on the structure of the hair and the growth rate). Hair sticking out in different directions has not yet added charm to anyone.
  2. Clothes. A "dandy" man dresses with a needle, tries to follow fashion, knows how to choose clothes according to his type of figure, and harmoniously combine sets. The garment should be ironed and fitted, maybe even a little loose.
  3. Always look out for vegetation. Treacherously sticking out hair on different parts of the body is unacceptable for a man who takes care of himself. It constantly removes hair - be it the ears or the area above the collar.
  4. Cleanliness is the key to success. A well-groomed man is always clean and smells delicious, does not allow himself to appear anywhere with sweat stains or greasy hair.
  5. Creams are not just for women,even sunscreen. A well-groomed man understands them and skillfully uses them - at least twice a day. Sunscreen should also be in the arsenal, because men also do not want wrinkles and sunburn.
  6. Every self-respecting person is simply obliged to monitor the condition of their teeth: brushing, rinses, dentist - regularly.
  7. He althy lifestyle is an integral part of life. Someone runs in the morning, someone pulls iron, someone rides a bike or plays football with children, and someone just walks around the city at night - it doesn’t matter. The essence is important - to somehow maintain a he althy mind in a he althy body.
  8. And the main difference between a well-groomed man and a unkempt one is shoes. Shoes must be polished to a shine, in perfect condition, without foreign smell.

Tips & Tricks

male haircuts

The ability to take care of yourself is easiest to instill in early childhood. It is good if the boy's father is well-groomed and can teach his son the basic rules, instill a love for the cleanliness and order of his appearance. But a mother can also become a worthy example, daily devoting her time to cultivating a "cult of grooming." Perhaps then, in adolescence, the boy will have fewer problems: with the skin, with acquaintances with the opposite sex, with the ability to communicate, with the selection of the right clothes, with neat storage and wearing shoes. If parents properly raise a guy, he will never allow himself to come to visit (especially to a girl) in holey socks, in a wrinkled shirt or with dirty hair.

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