Unzha is a river in Russia. Description, features, photos

Unzha is a river in Russia. Description, features, photos
Unzha is a river in Russia. Description, features, photos

Unzha is a river flowing on the territory of the largest state located on the mainland of Eurasia. Its channel runs in the European part of the Russian Federation through two regions - Vologda and Kostroma. On its banks you can find recreation centers, fishing complexes, there are also places for recreation with tents. People often come to this area to hunt and fish. Fans of "wild" recreation will be delighted with the surrounding landscapes, clean air and unique nature.

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River characteristics

Unzha is a river that is a left tributary of the Volga. She is quite large. The length of the water artery is 426 km.

Unzha originates in the place where the Kema and Lundonga rivers merge, on the slope of Northern Uvaly in the Vologda region (the northern part of the East European Plain). It flows through the territory of the Kostroma region in the direction from north to south and flows into the Gorky reservoir (Unzhinsky Bay), near the city of Yuryevets. Unzha belongs to the Volga river basin.

Into the watercourseabout 50 tributaries flow into it, the largest left ones are Knyazhaya, Pezhenga, Uzhuga, Mezha, Pumina; the largest right ones are Yuza, Viga, Kunozh, Pong, Neya. The Unzha River (Kostroma Region) is the main waterway of the Makaryevsky and Kologrivsky districts.

Translated from the Turkic "unzha" means "sandy". And this is fully consistent with the bottom of the river. It is composed of sand deposits. As a rule, the left bank is more suitable for recreation. Sandy beaches are common here.

A country road runs along the entire course of the river, which has many close races. In addition to fishing, Unzha is popular for rafting and rafting.

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In the upper reaches at the source of the Unzha is wide. When the first large tributaries (Kunozh and Viga) flow into the river, it expands even more, up to 60 m. The channel is slightly winding. Throughout the course, the water artery has a different nature of the banks: the right one is steep and high, the main settlements are located on this side, while the left one is low, swampy in places, overgrown with forest and shrub vegetation. Unzha is a flat river, sometimes there are rifts. In the lower reaches, it expands to a maximum of 300 m. It was here that the Unzhinsky Bay was formed. The maximum depth of the river in the upper reaches is about 4 m, in the lower reaches up to 9 m.

Flora and fauna

The vegetation of the shores is represented by spruce-fir damp forests, which are rich in berries and mushrooms, as well as representatives of large mammals, such as bears, elks, lynxes andwolves. In the lower reaches, where the banks are swampy, the vegetation is represented by pine forests and floodplain meadows.

Like all the rivers of this region, the Unzha is rich in representatives of the ichthyofauna. There are a lot of pike, bream, perch, pike perch, asp and roach in the waters. Unzha is a rather attractive river for fishermen. You can fish here at any time of the year. The most common fishing method is from the shore. At the bottom there are driftwood - the remains of a former timber rafting. Fishing spots on the river are found along the entire course.

Earlier, timber rafting was carried out along the artery, now it has been stopped. Unzha is navigable in some places. In winter, it freezes, and in April it overflows. In spring, the water level rises to 9 m.

bridge over unzha

Construction of the first bridge

The transition from one coast to another was carried out for a long time with the help of a ferry, and in winter an ice crossing. However, in the summer of 2016, it was planned to build the first bridge across the Unzha. This facility will be located near the village of Garchukha. It is reported that the bridge will be able to withstand traffic, and the maximum load weight is 40 tons. Its construction is extremely important for the local population, as it will greatly facilitate the transportation of goods. In addition, the construction of the bridge will help increase the flow of tourists, according to local authorities.

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