The largest rivers in Spain: Tajo, Ebro and Guadalquivir

The largest rivers in Spain: Tajo, Ebro and Guadalquivir
The largest rivers in Spain: Tajo, Ebro and Guadalquivir

Spain is a European state located on the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary and Balearic Islands. The northern and western parts of the country are washed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and the southern and eastern coasts are washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The rivers of Spain are of particular importance in ensuring the life of the peninsula.

The freshwater arteries of the country in most cases are fed by rain. In total, there are 24 rivers on the Iberian Peninsula, the duration of which is over 180 km. All of them belong either to the Atlantic or to the Mediterranean basin. The largest rivers in Spain are the Tagus, Ebro, Guadalquivir and Guadiana.

Spanish rivers

Tahoe - the aquifer of the Iberian Peninsula

The total length of the Tahoe River is 1038 km. The area of ​​its basin is 81 thousand km2. The river is located in Spain and Portugal. It plays an important role in the economic sphere and in the tourism industry. Rich nature and amazing landscapes attract many tourists from different parts of Europe.

The largest section of the river, which is 716 km, is located on Spanish territory. The mouth of the Tagus lies in the mountainous region of Universales. In Portugal, the river is called Tejo.

Toledo, located on a large river, has become a favorite city for tourists. This town has a long history. As the legends say, the first settlers on the Tahoe coast were the Iberians, and after a while the Celts settled here. In the 2nd century A.D. e. the city was conquered by the Romans, who gave it the name Toletum. From that moment began the active development of Toledo. Temples, theaters and other architectural structures were erected in the city. In honor of Hercules, the hero of ancient mythology, a grotto located on the Tagus River was named. The same name has been preserved to this day.

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The Ebro River is the heart of Spain

The biggest river in Spain is the Ebro. The entire basin of a large freshwater artery is located on the territory of this state. The total length is 910 km. Location - northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula. The name of the river is associated with the Iberians. This is an ancient disappeared people who once lived in the territory where the Basques live today - the descendants of these same Iberians.

Ebro belongs to the Mediterranean basin. The source of the river begins in the Cantabrian mountain system. Then it follows through the North Castilian plateau, after which it crosses the Aragonese plain. The last point of the river is the Mediterranean Sea, where the Ebro flows.

major rivers in Spain

The Imperial Canal, built in the 18th century, occupies a special place in the history of the river. This is the largest hydraulic structure in Europe, which is located parallel to the Ebro. The presence of the canal ensured the irrigation of the Aragonese valley. After a while, another canal was built. It was created on the opposite side of the river. Thus, all the necessary conditions for irrigation in this direction were provided. The channel was named Tauste.

The Ebro River is one of the important objects of the country's energy supply. Approximately 50% of all electricity is produced with its participation. The rivers of Spain have an important task in terms of irrigation of nearby areas. The Ebro alone provides about 800,000 hectares of land with fresh water.

The rapid and cold flow of the river is observed at its source, which is located 40 km from the Atlantic. In Castile, the flow becomes moderate and calm, but, having reached Navarre, the river again turns into a turbulent, restless element. Approaching the delta, the Ebro slows down. In this place, the waters of the river are calm. This fact and the presence of shallow water created all the conditions for agriculture. Rice, various fruits and olives are grown in this region.

Spanish rivers

Guadalquivir - a picturesque corner

Guadalquivir is another major river in Spain. Its duration is 657 km. It is one of the five largest rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. The Guadalquivir originates in the mountains of Andalusia, and its delta reaches the Gulf of Cadiz, which belongs to the Atlantic Ocean. The waters of the river are used forirrigation of territories and for power generation. The name Guadalquivir is of Arabic origin and translates as "big river". On the banks of this waterway is the well-known city of Seville. The river is a picturesque corner of Spain, so many tourists tend to visit these places. Here you can have a great time exploring the sights, or relax by going on a boat trip.

major rivers in Spain

The amazing river Rio Tinto

In Spain there is one unique river, the waters of which have an unusual brown-red color. It's called Rio Tinto. In the last century, precious metals were mined in these places: gold, silver and copper. During the work, these chemical elements entered the river, which caused bacteria to appear in the water, which oxidized sulfur and iron. It is for these reasons that the river acquired such an unusual color.

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