Chikhanchin Yuri Anatolyevich: biography and career

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Chikhanchin Yuri Anatolyevich: biography and career
Chikhanchin Yuri Anatolyevich: biography and career

Yuri Anatolyevich Chikhanchin, director of financial monitoring, was born in the city of Krasnoyarsk, in an ordinary family, on June 17, 1951. At the age of seven he entered an elementary educational institution. He studied well, but he was not an excellent student. He got on well with classmates, knew how to find an approach to any teacher. After graduation, he entered one of the most prestigious universities in the city.

Biography of Yury Anatolyevich Chikhanchin

In 74 he received a diploma, indicating the successful completion of studies at the local Institute of Technology. A few years after graduation, he managed to work as a foreman, foreman, head of one of the production departments. Already at the beginning of his career, he was distinguished by increased efficiency and a responsible approach to the performance of duties.

Chikhanchin Yury Anatolyevich at the meeting

The future director of financial monitoring has worked in security agencies for over 10 years. Thanks to a specialdiligence was noticed by the management team. Repeatedly awarded, stood out from the team. After some time, he received the post of head of the Siberian Department of the VEC. For several years Chikhanchin Yury Anatolyevich rose to the rank of head of the department of the Finance Ministry, which deals with the control of foreign exchange transactions.

In order not to stop there, in 2002 he moved to work in the finance monitoring committee. First, he served as deputy head, and then was appointed chairman of the Federal Service.

In 2012, the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree, according to which Chikhanchin received the post of director of the finance monitoring committee. This work was the final stage of his dizzying career.

Awards, honorary titles and orders

Currently, Yuri Anatolyevich is also a state adviser. He has many different awards, honorary titles and thanks from the President of the Russian Federation. The list of medals he received includes the Order of Honor and the Order of Merit for the Fatherland. These awards are issued only for significant achievements in the field of economics, culture, research activities. The order can also be received for taking effective measures to strengthen peace, statehood and international cooperation. Among the outstanding merits is the contribution to the development of the defense capability of Russia.

Meeting with the President

Yuri Anatolyevich enjoys the confidence of the president and is an indisputable authority for his employees.


Yu.A. Chikhanchin, as the acting director of the Finance Monitoring Committee, is responsible for organizing the work of the Federal Service, for performing the main functions assigned to it, as well as for implementing the policy of the government and the state as a whole in this area of ​​activity. According to leading experts, he is doing a great job.

In Rosfinmonitoring Yury Anatolyevich Chikhanchin is authorized to sign and approve various legal documents, job regulations and civil contracts.

Participation in the international forum

He also hires and fires civil servants of the Financial Monitoring Committee, appoints deputies and heads of regional branches. In his area of ​​​​competence is the approval of staffing tables and the full coordination of the functioning of the Security Department.

Chikhanchin Yury Anatolyevich is the chief representative of the financial committee. It interacts with individuals, companies and other government agencies.

All main powers of the Director of the Financial Monitoring Committee are determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Private life and family

The wife of Yury Anatolyevich Chikhanchin does not like increased attention to her person, therefore she prefers to remain in the shadows. There is practically no information about the personal life of the director of the committee. It is only known that he is an exemplary husband and a wonderful father of two children.

At a meeting with the press

Yuri Anatolyevichloves to spend his free time with his family. Sometimes he gets out of the city and enjoys fishing on the banks of the river. Prefers active leisure activities. He regularly goes in for sports, plays amateur football and volleyball. Together with his wife, he attends new theatrical productions and the loudest film premieres. It can also be found at an exhibition of works by a little-known artist or photographer.

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