Yuri Kovalchuk: biography, career, personal life and photos

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Yuri Kovalchuk: biography, career, personal life and photos
Yuri Kovalchuk: biography, career, personal life and photos

Kovalchuk Yuri Valentinovich was born on July 25, 1951 in Leningrad, Russia. He is a major Russian businessman, as well as the chairman of the board of directors of the national bank. In addition, the famous figure is friends with the President of Russia. In the Soviet years, Yuri was actively engaged in scientific activities. More details about this person will be presented below.

Biography of Yury Valentinovich Kovalchuk

By Soviet standards, the family in which the future financier was born was considered intelligent. Yuri's father was a professor of historical sciences. A man worked in a naval school. Valentin Mikhailovich had access to classified documents. Thanks to this, he shared with his students and the world community about the real number of victims of the Leninist blockade. After that, Yuri's father gained support and respect from many influential people.

Yuri Kovalchuk

Kovalchuk's motherYuri, whose name was Miriam Abramovna, was also a teacher in higher educational institutions. She, like her husband, told students historical events. The woman was a very kind and decent person. Miriam often protected her students from the repressions common in those years.

In early childhood, Yuri's parents helped him find a love for science, and also brought up independence, diligence in work, ingenuity and resourcefulness in him and his brother. Thanks to this upbringing, Yuri was able to choose his future professional activity in the future.


When Yuri was twenty-three years old, he graduated from a higher educational institution. He was given a diploma of the profession he had received at Lenin State University. The direction of the future businessman was closely connected with physics. This science attracted the young man with its accuracy and accuracy. For the next eleven years, the famous figure devoted himself to working with science at the Institute of Physics and Technology. In addition, Yury Kovalchuk graduated from graduate school and defended his doctoral dissertation.

scientific activity

Later, the man served as assistant director at the FTI for about four years. The famous figure was very fond of his work. For all the time of scientific activity, Yuri was able to write a huge number of reports and create some inventions. At the same time, at one of the meetings, the man, together with his partner Andrei Fursenko, proposed creating a commercial enterprise within the FTI.

This innovation was supposed to help introduce scientific inventionsinto the economy. However, this idea was not to the taste of the higher management and was heavily criticized. Yuri and Andrey had to resign from their positions.


After some time, Yuri Kovalchuk managed to find himself in another field. This time, the businessman is considering the steps of entrepreneurship and organizes the Center for Advanced Development and Technologies. Here he begins to cooperate with V. Yakunin, as well as to conduct economic and financial transactions. The mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak, ordered to work together with Yakunin. In addition, by order of the head, Yuri restores the Rossiya obkom bank, organizes the Stream company, and becomes the head of the association of joint ventures in St. Petersburg.

personal life

About this time, an influential businessman meets the future President of Russia, V.V. Putin. This fateful acquaintance gave positive results in his career. In 1996, together with Putin and the Fursenko brothers, he created the Ozero dacha cooperative. Viktor Zubkov helped them buy real estate.

Twelve months later, at Rossiya Bank, Yuri Kovalchuk becomes a consultant to the credit department, and even later he began to hold a high position on the board of directors.

Private life

The influential entrepreneur has a very close-knit family. His wife's name is Tatyana Kovalchuk, she graduated from a higher educational institution with a degree in philology. In addition, she is a co-owner of her husband's business and also owns a hugestate. In 1977, the couple had a son. Yuri Kovalchuk made him his partner. Before starting to work with his father, Boris received a law degree. The son of Yuri has a daughter who always pleases her influential grandfather.

Hobbies of a businessman

Despite the constant workload, Yuri tries to devote his free time to his family. Also, a big businessman loves hunting and sports. He especially highlights running and biathlon. Yuri also likes to collect cars. There are a huge number of old cars in his garages.

entrepreneurial activity

Charity for Yuri Kovalchuk also occupies a special place in life. He regularly transfers large sums for the restoration of historical monuments and other important objects. So, in 2012, an influential businessman financially helped a bookstore located in Paris. He managed to save the outlet from imminent bankruptcy.

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