Modern revolver: list with names, description with photo, device and characteristics

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Modern revolver: list with names, description with photo, device and characteristics
Modern revolver: list with names, description with photo, device and characteristics

The word "revolver" comes from the Latin term revolvere, which means "to revolve". This name was given to the weapon due to a specific part - the drum in which the cartridges are placed. A modern revolver is very different from a simple pistol. And no gunsmith will ever confuse them.

History of the creation of a revolver

The first revolvers of the 16th century were very unreliable and even dangerous weapons. To ignite gunpowder, it was necessary to set it on fire with flint or a wick. Theoretically, burning gunpowder on a special shelf activated the charge in the revolver drum. In fact, not only the required charge was often ignited, but also neighboring ones. Often this resulted in injury to the shooter or rupture of the barrel of the weapon.

Colt revolver

Over time, in 1818, Artemas Wheeler designed a flintlock revolver. However, the North American patent obtained for this invention was not significant, unlike the British document. Instead, having left for Britain and severalhaving improved the revolver, his comrade Collier received a patent.

But the real birthday of the revolver is February 25, 1836, when an unknown gunsmith designer Samuel Colt invented the capsule weapon. Using the previously created primer mechanism, Colt patented a new Colt-Paterson revolver equipped with a 6-cartridge drum.

The structure of a modern revolver

The weapon consists of the following parts:

  • barrel with threaded channel;
  • drum that rotates on an axis and has chambers for cartridges;
  • case with trigger parts;
  • shit to counter the cartridge flange during the shot;
  • handle;
  • frame of the weapon that connects the body to the barrel.
What is a revolver made of?

The frame of the revolver is unlocked. That is, open from above, solid - rigid. All modern revolvers are equipped with it. The third type of frame is detachable, when, when reloading, the barrel and drum of the weapon leans upwards on a special hinge.

Types of revolvers

Today there are two main types of weapons:

  1. Single action revolvers. In order to fire from such a weapon, you must cock the hammer and pull the trigger.
  2. Double action weapon - self-cocking. There is no need to cock the hammer, as it jumps off the cocking itself when the trigger is pulled. At the same time, the time spent on the shot is a little longer than in the first case, and the efforts required from the shooter are greater. However, suchrevolvers are more compact and easy to handle. They have the most positive reviews.
  3. There is a third type of modern revolver - automatic. Such a weapon fires on the principle of recoil energy when fired. However, these revolvers are not popular.
Types of revolvers

Cartridges for modern weapons

Today, revolvers are loaded with unitary cartridges with a metal sleeve. The first such element was designed by N. Dreyse back in 1827, long before the advent of the revolver. Then such a cartridge was used in long-barreled weapons.

Over time, the creators of revolvers picked up the idea. Such a charge consisted of a metal sleeve, a primer and a bullet.

Currently, models of modern revolvers are weapons with a double action of the firing mechanism. The drum of such revolvers leans to the left side, and when a special extractor is pressed, all the sleeves are pulled out of it. Many revolvers are chambered in the powerful.357 Magnum and.44 Magnum. Cartridges for such weapons consist of a sleeve with a special rim (rim) that holds the cartridge in the drum. Cartridges without this element are also possible. In this case, holders are used to hold them - plates in the form of two crescents.

List of modern Russian revolvers

The first weapons in our country appeared after the end of the Russian-Crimean war in 1859. At first, revolvers were ordered from foreign arms manufacturers. But in 1898, domestic revolvers of the Tulaproduction.

Currently, in Russia, along with foreign weapons, domestic models are also successful. Since 1994, the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, the Kovrov Mechanical Plant, the Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau and others have been manufacturers.

Each model of modern Russian revolvers has its own characteristics. For example, the AEK-906 "Rhinoceros" weapon is equipped with a new layout of the barrel and drum lock in the lower frame area. The axis of the drum itself is located above the barrel. As a result, the "Rhino" has excellent balance and accuracy of fire.

Revolver today

The original constructive solution of the engineers of the Tula enterprise led to the creation of the R-92 revolver. Due to the use of an unusual weapon scheme, a revolver was obtained with a shifted center of gravity towards the shooter's hand. Thus, the weapon turned out to be more aimed and more convenient to use.

Modern Russian revolvers are also characterized by the fact that, in addition to conventional cartridges, other ammunition can be used to load them. For example, the brainchild of a technical university from Izhevsk, DOG-1, can also fire cartridges converted from 12.5x35 mm weapons. Bullets in such ammunition are made of plastic or lead. And the OTs-20 "Gnome" revolver can be loaded with powerful cartridges of 12.5x40 mm with a steel or lead bullet.

The original Russian-made revolver is the MP-411 "Latina", produced at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. Its specificityis that it is made of a new, lightweight grade of steel combined with high-strength plastic. This makes the weapon more comfortable to handle.

Overview of Wild West revolvers

The first weapon with a drum was invented in the USA. But revolvers reached their peak of popularity in the 50-70s of the twentieth century. Such weapons have always been in great demand in America. The weapons of the Colt model were especially in demand. Modern revolvers are in no way inferior, and even exceed the capabilities of their predecessors.

The triumphant return of American-made weapons during the First World War began. Then the most popular models were the Colt New Service.45,.44 and.38 calibers, later called Model 1909, Smith & Wesson New Century. th caliber. These weapons have become massive in the US military.

After the end of World War II, modern American revolvers began to be used in police and security systems. The weapons were also used for private purposes by ordinary citizens.

revolver drum

Today, revolvers from Smith & Wesson, Colt and Ruger are in special demand in the USA. The models of this weapon use the most powerful.357 Magnum type cartridges. It is this ammunition that has a high penetrating effect of a bullet.

Modern weapons of Europe

The first official patent drum pistols received in Britain. And today, European manufacturers surpriseconsumers with their original approaches to the creation of firearms.

This also applies to the French modern revolvers "Manurin" (Manurhin MR 73) caliber.357 Magnum. The first weapon was created at the Manurin factory and was similar to the W alter pistol. At the same time, the gunshot somewhat repeated the Smith-Wesson revolver system. The difference was a double-action trigger mechanism with a blocking trigger pull. Drum "Manurina" holds 6 rounds.

Belgian brothers Henri-Leon and Emile Naganet created revolvers that have become popular all over the world. At first they repaired the Dutch "Hemburg" weapons, but soon decided to produce their own firearms. And although the first Nagant appeared back in 1878, it still remains the leader among revolvers today.

Unusual revolvers of the world

Firearm drum weapons are also original records for original solutions. So, a photo of modern revolvers captured the largest firearm in the world - Pfeifer Zeliska. This model is suitable for real strong men who want to impress others. The revolver weighs about 6 kg and reaches 55 cm in length. Accordingly, the recoil of such weapons exceeds all expectations in terms of strength.

If there is the largest revolver, then the smallest one is put up against it. Mini Swiss Gun was created in Switzerland. Its length is 5.5 cm, weight is 0.128 g. The baby should be loaded with cartridges of 2.34 mm. Such a weapon is suitable for an exquisite lady or in a private collection. However, if necessary, it will serveand as a means of self-defense.

Revolver Kimber K6s

In the same Belgium they invented another original revolver - a brass knuckles revolver. This combination helps the shooter to deal with the enemy in the event that the cartridges run out. Such a revolver is loaded with 7 gauge cartridges.

Interesting facts about revolvers

Weapons came to Russia thanks to the pleasure trip of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich to America. There he met the Smith and Wesson revolver and fell in love with the firearm forever. Subsequently, the supply of weapons was entrusted to the military attache A.P. Gorlov, who selected and purchased the best images for the Russian army.

Modern revolvers of the world have always attracted famous people. For example, Pablo Picasso at his leisure amused himself by "shooting" at offenders from the studied type of weapon, loaded with blank cartridges. He did this, as a rule, spontaneously, and forever discouraged arguing with him even on the slightest provocation.

How to clean a revolver

The most bizarre revolver is perhaps the Colt.38 special with a built-in camera. The movement of the hook actuated the camera, which took a snapshot. This, however, has not found a worthy application for practical purposes. Although the revolver could also take pictures when unloaded, it is still considered the craziest invention to this day.

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