How not to leak during menstruation? Tips for girls

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How not to leak during menstruation? Tips for girls
How not to leak during menstruation? Tips for girls

Many menstruation is primarily associated with pain and discomfort. Some women during this period are worried about how not to leak during menstruation. Indeed, it often happens that we find bright scarlet spots on our trousers or skirt. Such unpleasant situations, of course, confuse, cause psychological discomfort. Therefore, women think about how exactly not to leak during menstruation. This will be discussed in our article.

Gaskets. How should they be used correctly?

how not to leak during menstruation at night

So how not to leak during menstruation? To avoid such questions, you should learn how to use gaskets correctly. How to do it? We will tell now. First you need to print the gasket, then remove the protective layer, release the adhesive side. It is glued to the middle of the panties. In the process, make sure that the product is not located too low and, on the contrary, high. If the pad has wings, then you need to bend them around the base of the underwear. After that, it should be smoothed out andcorrect.

Selection of protective equipment

Some girls use cloth pads. But they don't absorb well. As a result, often there are such unpleasant situations as the flow of secretions. What is better to do? How not to leak during menstruation at night? With heavy periods, it is worth choosing long and absorbent pads for five drops. Such products are good to use at night, as they retain a large amount of liquid.

how not to leak during menstruation for a girl

If you are concerned about the question: "How not to leak during menstruation?", then many girls advise a different method. For example, it is worth putting a hygienic pad on top and bottom of a regular pad. Thus, the best protection is provided. Although sometimes there are problems with this method. Since a large number of pads can be seen through the linen. If you plan to use this method, then choose tight panties.

If you know your “weak spot”, where you often have leaks, then you should move the gasket in this direction.

Special underwear. What is it?

Many people are interested in learning how not to leak during a girl's period. Experts advise to get specialized underwear. It is thicker than usual. Now we are not talking about old underwear. We're talking special. What does it represent? These are panties that are made of three layers of fabric. Products fit well to the body. In addition, they perfectly protect against excessive leaks. And what do they consist of? This underwear has threelayer:

  1. Cotton.
  2. Absorbent.
  3. Protective. It is he who helps to prevent leakage.
how not to leak during menstruation

These panties are breathable and much more comfortable to wear than regular panties. But the price of such clothes is quite high. Some panties cost about 1 thousand rubles. However, if you buy a few pieces and wear them only for the period of menstruation, then you will not regret the purchase.

An alternative to menstrual pads

Sometimes pads can be uncomfortable. Then the girls are looking for other ways of protection that will help prevent leakage. For example, it can be tampons or menstrual cups. Note that such hygiene products are less effective. But if you choose tampons, then remember that they should be changed every eight hours. You can't walk around with a menstrual cup either. It should be changed to a new one every 10 hours. Of course, such means are more convenient. Since you need to change them less often.

how not to leak while traveling


Always carry a tampon or pad in your purse. You can't predict exactly when your period will start. If yours are too plentiful, then you should take a few pieces of hygiene products with you.

During the period of menstruation, it is worth limiting movement. Of course, this does not mean that you need to lie down and do nothing. Go about your normal business. Limit sudden movements. On such days, you should wear loose and dark clothes. So will youmore comfortable. Try to visit the toilet more often to correct the gasket periodically. It will be enough to do this at least once an hour.

If you're really worried about leaking while you sleep, it's best to wear a few panties at night. In order not to stain any bed linen, you can lay a dark set during your period. In addition, blood stains will be less noticeable on it. Also, experts advise during the period of menstruation to choose comfortable sleeping positions so that you toss and turn less. Moreover, it is advisable to keep the legs together while resting. When you get up in the morning, do it slowly so that there is no accidental leakage. If you suddenly change position, the accumulated blood may leak out, thereby staining the bedding.

how not to leak while traveling

Recommendations for girls

We have already figured out how not to leak during menstruation. Let's give some more tips in the end:

  1. If it still happened that you still leaked, then tie a sweatshirt or sweatshirt around your waist.
  2. When menstruating, wear black leggings under your jeans.
  3. Change the pad every three hours.
  4. When planning to wear a skirt during menstruation, do not forget to wear slimming underwear under the bottom.
  5. Temporary help if you don't have pads, toilet paper.
  6. Wearing long sweaters during your period will save you occasional blood stains.


Now you know how not to leakduring menstruation while traveling, at home or at work. During your period, wear tight underpants that will fit close to your body. Thus, they will support the gasket. So you will protect yourself from unexpected leakage.

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