US Animals: list with photo

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US Animals: list with photo
US Animals: list with photo

The US wildlife is truly diverse. On the territory of this state there are representatives of many species, large and small, dangerous and harmless. Among them are species that are on the verge of extinction. It is impossible to tell about all the animals of the USA in one material, but we will list the most famous and unusual inhabitants of the North American state.

General information

US fauna is similar to the species diversity of Eurasia. This may be due to the fact that earlier on the site of the Bering Strait there was land connecting two continents. The fauna differs in different climatic zones. For example, the musk ox lives in the tundra, or, as it is also called, the musk ox. It survived only on the Arctic islands of America and in Greenland.

In broad-leaved and mixed forests you can see a large number of animals and birds that often settle in the taiga. At the same time, unique organisms also live here. Bears, foxes, wolves, deer, opossums, turtles and alligators - all these mammals and reptiles are foundin American forests.

On the plateaus and plains, you can easily come across bison, which are considered the largest ungulates on the planet. Currently, they are kept only in national parks and reserves. Horses were brought from Europe to the United States. The species diversity of birds is also amazing: in America there are vultures, black grouse, and cuckoos. You can’t even talk about the number of reptiles - you can probably imagine how many there are in the arid regions of the United States.

The main environmental problem of modern America is the rapid decline in the number of many animals. This is due to poaching, rapid urbanization, road construction. Dozens of species have been listed in the Red Book. You will learn about them a little later.

US National Animal
US National Animal

Interesting is the fact that the national animal of the United States is the bald eagle. The image of a bird appeared on the coat of arms of the country in 1782 as a symbol of freedom, sovereignty and power.


US wild animals
US wild animals

Begin your story about US animals with mammals:

  1. Cougar, or puma, is a predatory animal that can reach speeds of up to 75 km/h. Mountain lions (this is another name) are distinguished by their endurance and can overcome even impassable terrain.
  2. Moose is the largest representative of the deer family. It grows up to 220 cm at the withers. Body length is 3 m. It has wide branches of horns.
  3. White-tailed deer. Oddly enough, due toThis animal kills about 200 people every year. The fact is that deer are not distinguished by caution when crossing highways.
  4. The long-tailed armadillo lives only on the American continents. The half-meter mammal has an unusual appearance with a shiny gray skin. At the first sign of danger, it collapses and becomes like large stones. He carelessly crosses the road, so he often dies on the tracks.


Animals living in the USA
Animals living in the USA

The variety of US birds is amazing. In total, more than 600 varieties of them can be found on the continent:

  1. The sharp-crested tit is famous for its habit of stealing scales from rattlesnakes. The bird has a cute appearance and charming black eyes that seem to reflect the whole world.
  2. The red-throated hummingbird weighs only 4 grams. A bird makes 50 flaps of its wings every second. She needs to eat every hour.
  3. The Californian cuckoo (or runner) rarely flies, but when running it develops a speed of up to 42 km/m. She lives in desert areas, hibernates at night.

Insects and arthropods

Let's continue the story of the rich fauna by listing insects and arthropods living in America:

  1. The Arizona tree scorpion is considered a dangerous animal in the United States, as its bite can cause death to a person. It stings so hard that the pain is comparable to an electric shock.
  2. The Black Widow is a black-colored spider with a red spot. A small amount of poison can kill a person. Except blackwidows, hermits and vagabonds are a danger. Tramp venom, for example, causes "corrosion" of tissue.
  3. Monarch is one of the most beautiful butterflies. Her wings are orange, they have brown streaks, a black border and white dots. The larvae feed on milkweed (this plant is poisonous), so their body is saturated with milkweed extract, which protects them from birds and frogs.


Dangerous Animals USA
Dangerous Animals USA

There are quite a few reptiles among US animals:

  1. The Mississippi alligator lives in the southern states, mainly in Florida. Attacks people every year. These reptiles reach a length of 4 m. Their average weight is one and a half tons.
  2. The rattlesnake is a venomous reptile that injects deadly venom into the victim's blood with a bite. Their body length varies from 40 cm to 2 m. Many representatives are very aggressive.
  3. The Cayman turtle lives in fresh waters. She bites painfully when she senses danger. It reaches 50 cm in length.

Dangerous animals

Some animals are fun to watch, but others are deadly to humans:

  1. Bears of all kinds found in the US (black, white, grizzly) can attack people. Grizzlies bite down on a bowling ball with ease.
  2. Snakes. Texas rattlesnake, copperhead and water muzzle kill a person with their poison.
  3. Cougars are the largest felines in America. They attack by jumping down from trees and biting their necks. You can't run away from a mountain lion, solike a predator loves to "play catch up" with the prey.
  4. Alligators do not disdain any food, from frogs to people. They are also masters of camouflage underwater.
  5. Africanized bees pose a danger to humans due to the fact that even the slightest noise is regarded as an attack on their hive, so they pursue the troublemaker with a whole swarm. You won't die from a single bee sting, but if you're attacked by a whole swarm…
Animals USA photo
Animals USA photo

Aquatic life

The animals of the United States (photos are presented in the article) include numerous inhabitants of rivers and seas:

  1. Bycheryl is a kind of stingray. They are hunted for their fins, so their numbers are rapidly declining. The maximum length of the bullhead is 2 m.
  2. Largemouth bass is a fish that lives in the United States. The name of the representative of the ichthyofauna was due to external features. A fish with gray-green scales can weigh 10 kg.
  3. Maskinong is a type of pike. In length, representatives of the species reach 2 m. It lives in clean, sluggish reservoirs. Most often found in lakes and rivers.

US Pets

In America, as in other regions, dogs and cats, parrots and rodents are the most popular pets. However, non-venomous snakes, iguanas, fish and ferrets can be kept in captivity. Some states allow the keeping of the Madagascar cockroach, bearded dragon, marsupial flying squirrel, hyacinth macaw and chimpanzee. In a number of states people choose as petssloths, capuchin monkeys, bobcats and even alligators!

US pets
US pets

In terms of farming, the US is the world's leading exporter of animal and plant products. In Texas, California, Washington and Arizona, they are engaged in dairy production. Cows are also bred for meat production. In addition, various breeds of pigs and chickens are raised in the United States.

Rare and little-known creatures

Among the animals living in the United States, there are also very rare species that are rarely written about in newspapers and talked about in the news. These include the following fauna:

  1. Ocelot is a kind of wild cat. Due to its characteristic coloring, it is called a pygmy leopard. Ocelots grow up to 1 m in length. They prefer dense vegetation. They are clever predators. By the beginning of the 21st century, they had lost many of their habitats and are now found mainly in Texas.
  2. The collared peccary, although it looks like a pig, has nothing to do with it. The mammal is slender and small. These US omnivores are native to the Americas. They have lived here for centuries. They lead a herd life.
  3. North American kakomitsli outwardly resembles the inhabitants of the Australian continent. By the way, this is the symbol of the state of Arizona. Animals are nocturnal and prefer to live alone. The species is quite shy, but easily tamed.
  4. US animals
    US animals
  5. Jaguarundi is another species of US wild animal belonging to the cat family. Representatives of the speciesare in danger of extinction. They have a reddish-brown coat, a long body and short legs.
  6. Flying squirrel. Of the 44 known species of flying squirrels, only 2 live in the United States, these are the northern and southern flying squirrels. They are found in vast areas from Maine to Texas. Unusual squirrels do not know how to fly, but they easily plan in the air. This allows them to travel up to 45m in a single jump.

Animals from the Red Book

Many of the animals that live in America are endangered and need protection. Therefore, they are listed in the Red Book. So, for example, a black bear, or baribal, living in mountainous areas, is of medium size and high paws. Due to the small population, it is listed in the Red Book. The red wolf and island fox, the Hawaiian monk seal, and many other species are under threat. Some of them are almost never found in the wild.