Successes and failures of daughter Olga Freimut Zlata Mitchell

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Successes and failures of daughter Olga Freimut Zlata Mitchell
Successes and failures of daughter Olga Freimut Zlata Mitchell

Zlata Mitchell is the daughter of the famous TV presenter Olga Freimut. Viewers know the mother of a teenage girl from such popular Ukrainian shows as “Inspector”, “Who is on top?”, “Cabrioletto”, the morning program “Rise” and “Inspector. Cities, where Freimut checked not only restaurants, hotels, but also the infrastructure of cities, and even their mayors. The star daughter bears the surname of a Scottish father and dreams of becoming a director of a show in Hollywood. In the article we will talk about projects in which Zlata Mitchell lit up her face.

Everybody dance

In 2016, the show fully justified its name, because the season was not only international, but also open to people of all ages, even small children. Young dancers competed with adults, they were even put in pairs. On “Everybody Dance”, the mass audience met Zlata and remembered her well because the girl constantly demonstrated her cool temper.

At the casting, when asked where she came from, Zlata Mitchell answered that she is a British citizen, although she lives in Kyiv, she did not forget to mention herScottish roots.

Zlata Mitchell on stage

After watching the dance, the judges said that it was defiant for a little girl, they suggested dancing again. One of the jury members advised: "Don't try to seduce us, just try to entertain us like a child." The second attempt was successful, and Zlata made it to the top 100.

At the night choreography, the girl, although she was not the youngest, acted up a lot, tried to attract attention, and at the end she quit training and went to bed. The dance in front of the jury was not good enough. However, Zlata was left on the show for her success in previous tests and because she immediately began to cry when she went to the microphone for the verdicts. Other young participants left the project.

The name of Zlata Mitchell on "Everybody Dance" was almost always accompanied by scandals. At one of the competitions, she was unhappy with the character that she had to portray in the dance. The girl did not stay long on the project, she left before the live broadcasts began. When she was kicked out, Zlata, as always, burst into tears and said that she was shocked by the decision of the jury.

Make the comedian laugh

Zlata at "Make the Comedian Laugh"

In 2017, Olga Freimut's daughter tried her hand at the colloquial humorous genre for the first time. The girl came up with jokes with her mother, and the comedians liked them, Zlata won 20,000 hryvnias. Freimut not only helped her daughter in preparing the performance, but also became the main character in Zlata's jokes.

The girl was confident, not afraid to approach Evgeny Koshevoy, run a finger over his bald head and say,addressing Zelensky: "Vladimir, you have dust here." This witty move brought Zlata Mitchell a win. The girl took the money and did not go at the last minute, as she was not sure that the remaining jokes would be enough.

Casting of the series "School"

Testing for the second season of the sensational film took place in the spring of 2018. Zlata, although she did not pass the casting, attracted the attention of an interview that a journalist from the 1 + 1 channel took from her.

A 12-year-old girl said that she would like to play either herself or a self-confident character in the series. It would be a heroine who goes to her dream, attracts the attention of other students because she stands out from the crowd very much.

Zlata Mitchell at the fashion show

Zlata Mitchell said that in addition to acting and choreography, she is engaged in fashion - she prepares her collection and takes part in shows as a model. The girl explained that her mother never gives her instructions, does not indicate how to behave at castings because she finds out about her participation after the fact. Olga Freimut's only advice is: "Just be yourself."

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