MP-78-9ТМ: specifications and reviews

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MP-78-9ТМ: specifications and reviews
MP-78-9ТМ: specifications and reviews

Many domestic traumatic models of pistols are the result of alterations of existing military counterparts.

One of the pistols, representing a modernized weapon for self-defense, created on the basis of IZH-78-9T and a small-sized self-loading pistol (PSM), - MP 78 9TM. This is a small arms designed at the request of the Kolchuga weapons company by the craftsmen of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant.

In 2004, the first batch of these small arms appeared in gun shops. The upgraded pistol is a firearm of limited destruction and is certified as MP-78-9ТМ.


How does it work?

The MP-78-9TM pistol works using blowback recoil. USM of this weapon belongs to the trigger type and is designed for double action. In this case, the trigger is automatically set to cock the fuse.


After the ammunition is used up, the shutter casing moves to the shutter delay and remains in this position until an equipped magazine is attached to the pistol. Also, the shutter casing from the delay can be removed manually. For this purpose, on its left side there is a flag fuse, which performs in the USMMR-78-9TM function of the lever necessary for the safe removal of the trigger from the cocking. When the weapon is on, this fuse locks the hammers, triggers, and bolt housing. The MP-78-9TM pistol is equipped with a handle containing a magazine latch.

Feature of barrel manufacturing

OOP MP-78-9TM has a slight difference from its counterparts. In the upgraded models, the weld-in protrusions in the trunks have been changed. The differences were in size, shape and placement. Since 2008, the barrels of the MP-78-9TM have been equipped with protrusions, which increases the muzzle energy of the weapon. In production, these protrusions are formed as a result of punching the barrel walls of pistols. For work, craftsmen use steel, from which almost the entire gun is made. Light alloys are not used.

What is inherited in the new weapon from IZH-78-9TM and PSM?

The traumatic gun MP-78-9TM, created on the basis of PSM, is lightweight and compact, which is typical for a combat counterpart. It, like the PSM, is equipped with small sights, narrow rear sight slots and thin, low front sights.


IZH-78-9TM is characterized by light weight and small size. These features have become an advantage of this model of traumatic firearms.

The injury was created as a weapon for concealed carry and self-defense. Therefore, the lightness and small size of the IZH-78-9TM was borrowed for it.


Light weight is considered a disadvantage, as it is difficult to hold the weapon when firingpowerful ammo.


This model has the following features:

  • Producer country - Russia.
  • Beginning of release - 2007.
  • Caliber cartridges 9x22 mm. Ammunition used is 9 mm R.A. The MP-78-9TM magazine is loaded with gas, blanks or cartridges containing rubber bullets.
  • The length of the gun is 158mm.
  • Barrel size 85 mm.
  • The weapon is 120 mm high.
  • Width - 20 mm.
  • The weight of the gun without ammunition is 460 grams.
  • The weapon is designed for single fire mode.
  • Cartridges containing rubber bullets have an effective range of up to 7 meters.
  • Cartridges with gas content are effective at a distance of up to 3 meters.
  • MR-78-9ТМ OP has muzzle energy: 70 J.
  • Pistol magazine capacity is 6 rounds.


MR-78-9TM, like PSM, on the model of which it was created, is compact and light. This pistol is considered the best example of concealed carry small arms. It can also be used as a backup for self-defense.


On the arms market, among various traumatic pistols, the MP-78-9TM is considered the thinnest. User reviews of this weapon indicate that due to the low weight, the recoil is noticeably noticeable when firing. This phenomenon, according to consumers, is considered the only drawback of this traumatic pistol,especially noticeable when using powerful cartridges. Firing with enhanced ammunition can significantly reduce the accuracy of the weapon. Despite the fact that steel is used in production, the weapon system will not withstand the frequent use of powerful traumatic ammunition. Ignoring this feature may result in damage to the return spring or rupture of the barrel. It is recommended to use cartridges for such a pistol (both for self-defense and for training firing). Often, when purchasing this model of small arms, the owner is forced to independently carry out some improvements.

What is the revision of the handle?

MP-78-9TM is very thin. This caused the gun to be uncomfortable to hold in the hand while firing despite having easily accessible controls for this weapon.


This problem is fixed with thick pads that are mounted on the handle. The disadvantage of independent intervention in the design of this traumatic weapon is that after the completion of any work, the warranty card loses its validity. Every owner of such small arms should remember this. Those who like to tinker with iron and strive to improve their pistol as best as possible begin to do any work at their own peril and risk. After replacing the original pads on the handle with thicker ones, according to user reviews, the gun is easier to hold when firing. At the same time, the modified weapons are no longer so convenient to use for concealed carry.

Whatis the work with the trigger mechanism?

One of the inevitable procedures that every owner of a traumatic weapon faces is the inspection of the trigger. This work can be done by removing the conservation grease from the purchased MP-78-9TM. Spare parts when inspecting the surface of the USM must be smooth. Existing roughness or burrs must be removed by grinding. Also, in the mechanism of the gun, friction of parts against each other should not be allowed. Places of friction are recommended to be eliminated and polished using Goya's special paste for such purposes.

How to fix pistol ammo problems?

If the trigger mechanism is working properly, the weapon system may malfunction. The reason is the sticking of cartridges when feeding from a pistol magazine. This problem is solved by bending the edges of the store. Also, it will not be superfluous to grind the chamber and the channel of the gun. Only easily accessible places are polished in the canal. Processing teeth (barriers) is undesirable. Especially in 2008 models. This recommendation is due to the fact that after 2008, the barriers in the barrel channels are made by indentation. An independent rough intervention with a file can turn the acquired new, but with a slight flaw, traumatic gun into a useless piece of metal.

What should be considered when fine-tuning a pistol?

Each batch of these traumatic firearms may contain flawed units. It is characteristic that in each series of release the shortcomings are always different. Therefore, there is no clearrecommendations for their elimination. In each individual case, the owner of such a pistol must decide for himself where and how much to sharpen or bend. The main thing, when starting work on improving the internal system, it is necessary to accurately calculate everything, since any careless movement with a file can ruin the entire design of the weapon. Anyone who seeks to make his pistol original should remember that, in addition to a spectacular external design, this product is a weapon: it must be practical and easy to use. It is better to start fine-tuning when there is a need for it and if it is justified.

How to choose the right ammo?

Successfully selected cartridges for this traumatic firearm will guarantee its long and successful operation. The model uses traumatic ammunition, the charges of which are equipped with slow-burning gunpowder. In the case of a short barrel length, a significant reduction in muzzle energy is observed during firing. When buying powerful ammunition, the owners of this weapon should be aware that their regular use can lead to damage to the gun. Such cartridges are designated as “lethal +”. They are recommended to be used only as self-defense, but not for practice shooting. According to some users who use lethal ammunition, they do not affect the condition of the gun barrel.

According to the reviews of other owners of such weapons, it is not worth loading it with lethal cartridges at all, since such ammunition is equipped with a too hard bullet,capable of destroying the trunk over time. For training shooting, you can purchase cartridges, on the box of which there is an inscription: 50 J. If you use sports or training cartridges, the recoil will significantly decrease. Buying ammunition weaker than 50 J, the owner of the OOOP MR-78-9TM may encounter difficulties reloading the pistol. When firing lethal cartridges, it is recommended to pay attention to the spent cartridges. Their appearance will be an indication of the state of the weapon. With a normally functioning pistol, the used cartridge case remains intact and does not have any swelling. If there is a tear or swelling on the surface of the case, this will be a signal to the owner that the pistol has problems with the return spring.


According to user reviews, its weakening is considered a frequent phenomenon. This problem is solved by replacing the worn spring with a stiffer one. The main thing is that it fits the pistol system. Otherwise, there is a risk that the gun will stop reloading.

About the features of operation

User feedback on this limited-action firearm boils down to the fact that the use of a pistol is especially effective in the summer. This is due to its small thickness and small size, due to which even a lightly dressed person can covertly carry this weapon. The inside pocket of a jacket or the back pocket of jeans are the most common places to carry the MP-78-9TM.


Users of this model believe that:

  • Traumatic pistol is equipped with a very powerful trigger spring. The axis of the trigger is located at a small distance from the shutter. This, according to consumers, makes it difficult to distort. Although some users mistakenly believe that the difficulty in jerking the shutter is due to the presence of a powerful return spring. But, compared to the trigger, the return model is much softer.
  • The owners of these products highly appreciated the reliable safety system of the weapon. When the pistol is turned on, the trigger is removed from the cocking with the help of a fuse. At the same time, the trigger and the shutter are blocked. Due to the inertial trigger, which works only after interaction with the striker, users of firearms of traumatic weapons are protected from unexpected shots.


When purchasing a traumatic weapon, each person first of all pays attention to its external design. The upgraded model is the thinnest and lightest example of trauma. This makes it very popular among those who decide to carry a pistol discreetly. For those who plan to use this weapon as a deterrent, the MP-78-9TM will not be the best option.


On the shelves of weapons stores today there are a large number of modern analogues that are compact and reliable.

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