TOZ-63 16 gauge: specifications, photos and reviews

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TOZ-63 16 gauge: specifications, photos and reviews
TOZ-63 16 gauge: specifications, photos and reviews

For the needs of hunters, the designers of the Tula Arms Plant produce a line of various rifle units. One of these models was the hunting double-barreled shotgun TOZ-63 16 caliber. Due to the rather good technical characteristics, this "double-barreled shotgun" is very popular among hunters. You will learn about the history of creation, device and characteristics of TOZ-63 16 caliber from this article.

Introduction to the rifle unit

For the first time, this model hit the shelves of specialized stores in 1963. The shotgun is available in 20 and 16 gauge. Every Soviet hunter dreamed of the TOZ-63 gun. The fact is that with the existing choke-paid choke constrictions, the accuracy of the battle increased significantly and the shooting was no longer accompanied by unpleasant surprises. Judging by the numerous consumer reviews, TOZ-63 16 caliber is in the greatest demand. With this caliber, it became possible to get bigger game. To keep the price of a rifle unit at the same level, these double-barreled shotguns are notdecorated with expensive engravings. In addition, expensive wood species are not used in the manufacture of lodges. However, according to experts, by special order, the plant's employees could produce several 16-caliber TOZ-63 models.

butt toz 63 16 gauge

Such rifle units had expensive nickel-plated pads and were decorated with rather high-quality engravings. Stock and stock TOZ-63 16 gauge in this case were made of walnut.

shotgun toz 63 16 caliber

A bit of history

Until 1963, hunters had TOZ-B double-barreled shotguns made in 1902. In 1957, it became clear that these rifle units were already outdated.

toz '63 16 caliber

From this time begins the history of guns, which today are known as TOZ-63. During the modernization in the early 1960s, a model appeared, which was listed in the technical documentation as TOZ-BM. The base for it was the TOZ-B double-barreled shotgun. In the new weapon, the barrels are made of higher quality weapon steel, which had a positive effect on the "survivability" of the gun. A couple of years later, the designers of the Tula Arms Plant TOZ-BM decided to upgrade. The result was the TOZ-63 16 gauge model. Initially, they were going to replace TOZ-BM with it. However, the Soviet government demanded to expand the range of small arms.

toz 63 16 gauge specifications

Therefore, TOZ-BM was not abandoned and continued to be manufactured simultaneously with TOZ 63 years of release in 16 gauge. According to experts, both models werealmost identical. Since they are of the same caliber, in order to somehow distinguish them, the manufacturer decided to chrome barrel channels and chambers in TOZ-63 16-gauge shotguns.

About design

The gun is represented by the following elements:

  • Two detachable barrels arranged horizontally. For this reason, TOZ-63 shotguns are also called "horizontals".
  • High-quality chrome-plated barrel channels with different choke points, which had a positive effect on the accuracy of fire.
  • Mainsprings that are cocked by combat triggers. Judging by the reviews of the owners, the double-barreled shotgun can be put on alert in a couple of seconds.
  • Ejector. It is common to two trunks. Responsible for the extraction of spent cartridges.
  • Removable forearm, which is fixed with a lever latch.

Mostly stocks are made from birch. For improved modifications, the manufacturer can use beech or walnut.

About trunks

TOZ-63 shooting units have seamless barrels. According to experts, in the manufacture of hunting weapons, manufacturers have not used this technology for a long time, since it is too laborious and expensive. Its essence is that one blank is taken for the production of the barrel and the chamber. Today, all guns produced at the Tula Arms Plant are equipped with a chamber and a barrel made of different parts. To connect them to each other, a special coupling is used. If we compare this design with a seamless barrel, then, according to experts, it is less reliable.


TOZ-63 with triple locking trunks. Today, this system is no longer used by many manufacturers of hunting weapons. The developers felt that it was too laborious. By eliminating triple locking, manufacturers are able to increase productivity. However, this system is in the TOZ-63 model. The barrel in the closed position is fixed with two grenade hooks and a Griner bolt. Due to the fact that during the shooting there is a distribution of the load on three elements, each of them eventually has an increased operational resource. This explains why the barrels in TOZ-63 are not loose. This defect, judging by the reviews of hunters, is very common in old double-barreled guns. Each of the barrels is equipped with a trigger mechanism, which the manufacturer has placed on a separate base.

toz 63 16 gauge reviews

Judging by the reviews, the most powerful mainsprings break the toughest igniters. If we compare Soviet-made capsules with modern ones, then the latter are much thinner. For this reason, they break through with strikers.


The TOZ-63 16 gauge shotgun has the following performance characteristics:

  • The rifle unit weighs 3.2 kg.
  • Total length of the gun - 116.5 cm, barrels - 72.5 cm.
  • 16 gauge model is chambered in 70mm.

Opinion of owners

Judging by the numerous reviews of hunters, TOZ-63 guns have the following strengths:

  • Double-barreled shotguns are very reliable. In addition, equippedtrigger mechanism, easy to maintain.
  • These "horizontals" have an accurate and sharp fight. Experts recommend loading the left barrel with shot and the right barrel with a bullet.
  • The owners highly appreciated the presence of high-quality chromium plating in the barrel channels.

Despite the presence of undeniable advantages, these guns are not without some drawbacks. For example, some owners are not satisfied with the quality of fitting mechanisms. Often hunters have to modify their guns on their own. There are also complaints about the neck of the box. It is quite thin and can break if you shoot powerful ammunition or carelessly handle weapons. In this case, experts advise installing a stock with a thicker neck on a double-barreled shotgun.

How to parse the "horizontal"?

If it is necessary to clean the gun, it must first be disassembled. Before proceeding, the weapon is unloaded. First, the forearm is separated from the barrel. Then you need to separate the trunks. Hold the gun with your right hand in the area of ​​the neck of the box. Further, by means of the thumb, the locking lever is retracted to the right until it is completely in the extreme position. The barrels can now be separated by turning them down.

Incomplete disassembly

To remove the impact mechanisms, it is necessary to dismantle the screws holding them. After performing these steps, partial disassembly is completed. The double-barreled shotgun is assembled in the reverse order. If you need to make a complete disassembly, experts do not advise doing it at home. It is more expedient to give the weapon to a specializedworkshop.

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