The meaning and origin of the name Naumov

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The meaning and origin of the name Naumov
The meaning and origin of the name Naumov

About the origin of the name Naumov, we can say that it has a connection with the history of our country, in particular, with such a moment as the baptism of Russia. After this event happened, all newborn babies during the rite of baptism began to be given the names of their heavenly patrons. They were written in the holy calendar or in the calendar. With a high degree of probability, we can say that when the church sacrament was performed, the ancestor of the family was once called Nahum. Details about the history and origin of the name Naumov will be described in the article.

Translated from Hebrew - "comforting"

Baptism of Russia

So, the generic name in question is related to the name Nahum, which has Hebrew roots. Translated from the language of this people, it means "comforting." This name has been included in the list of canonical Christian baptismal names.

Prophet Nahum

Considering the meaning and origin of the surname Naumov, it should be noted that the traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church especially revered two saints with such a personal name. One of them is the prophet Naum, and the second is the Monk Naum of Ohrid. The first refers to the twelve minor prophets and lived in the 8th century BC. e. He gained his fame due to the fact that he predicted the destruction of the city of Nineveh, that is, Babylon, which is associated with the wickedness of its inhabitants.

In Russia there was a tradition to pray to him that the teaching would be successful. Such a perception in the popular consciousness of the personality of the prophet is evidenced by sayings that call on St. Naum to instruct the mind and say that he sharpens the mind.

Nahum Ohridsky

The second of St. Naumov became famous for the fact that, along with other great enlighteners in Orthodoxy, such as Cyril and Methodius, as well as his associate Clement of Ohrid, he is one of the founders of Bulgarian religious literature. At the beginning of the 10th c. he founded a monastery on the shores of Lake Ohrid. Today it is called the name of the saint. It contains his relics.

Son or grandson

The surname Naumov, the origin of which is considered here, is formed from the specified name with the help of the Russian family suffix "ov". This indicates a relationship to the person who wore it, while the relative was younger in age. Thus Naumov is the son or grandson or nephew of Naum.

When considering the origin of the name Naumov, there is reason to believe that the founderof the studied generic name was a person who enjoyed a certain authority or was known in the area of ​​​​his residence. Such a conclusion is drawn from the fact that the surname was formed not from a diminutive, everyday or derivative, but from a full proper name. In the first three cases, they mean people of no nobility.

Famous family members

Considering the question of what the surname Naumov means, one cannot but say that in Russia there are a number of personalities who, in the past or present, have glorified the surname in question. It is, for example, about:

  • Naumov Aleksey Avvakumovich (1840-1895), a famous Russian Wanderer artist;
  • Naumov Naum Solomonovich (1898-1957), cameraman who shot, among other films, the famous painting “We are from Kronstadt”;
  • Naumov Vladimir Naumovich (born in 1927), film director, creator of popular films, including "Run", "Tehran-43".

In conclusion of the study of the origin of the surname Naumov, one should recall the noble families.

Nobility by seniority

Naumov nobles

This is exactly how the numerous families of the Naumovs received it in Russia. One rather old family comes from clerks, and only one is related to the ancient nobility. In the 16th century The Naumovs played a prominent role in the royal court. Among them are I.F. Zhekulu-Naumov, who was a falconer in 1540, his younger brother V.F. Naumov, who headed the Oprichnina Bed Department.

Historians talk about five representatives of the Naumov family,guardsmen. Among them, Yakov Gavrilovich, a city clerk in 1565 in Suzdal, is mentioned. He placed oprichnina nobles there. In 1577 it was mentioned in connection with the Zemsky court. In 1579 - in the painting of the Moscow siege, among those who were left in the city. Ya. G. Naumov in 1581 accompanied the king on a campaign, which indicates his closeness to the court.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, many of the Naumovs served in the boyars, were governors, as well as stewards and courtiers, solicitors and governors, in other ranks. In the first half of the 19th century mainly by length of service, several noble families stood out. These were such branches as Kursk, Kaluga, Volga, Tula.

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