Dmitry Nagiev: celebrity tattoo

Dmitry Nagiev: celebrity tattoo
Dmitry Nagiev: celebrity tattoo

Dmitry Nagiyev's tattoo attracts attention. The actor has several tattoos. However, he attributes some of them to the mistakes of his turbulent youth. We are now talking about the image of the cross. It is located on the actor's hand and has a rather impressive size, so it's hard not to notice it.

Tattoo Nagiyev: description

On the forearm of a celebrity is a tattoo in the form of a black cross. It does not have any decorations, it is made in a very concise style. It is also worth noting that the size of the image is quite impressive. The tattoo looks very masculine, girls rarely stop at such body decorations.

The cross is completely black, filled inside with a plain coating. The tattoo of Nagiyev Dmitry is located in such a way that in combination with T-shirts it is visible to everyone. Yes, a celebrity does not hide it from fans. On the relief muscles of the actor, the image looks very harmonious.

Nagieva tattoo meaning

The meaning of Nagiyev's tattoo: what is the meaning?

The first meaning that is directly associated with such images is faith. It is believed that such a cross is related to Catholics. This is also the so-called Celtic cross. According to one version, Dmitry Nagiyev thus paid tribute to hisancestors. As you know, he has Germanic roots.

The second meaning is a talisman. Often it is the cross that is considered a powerful symbol that scares away evil forces, averts an envious look. It is likely that Nagiyev, as a public person, often has to deal with ill-wishers. There is nothing strange in the fact that he decided to protect himself in this way.

The execution of Nagiyev's tattoo speaks of his secrecy. The image seems to be deliberately simple, without any hint of elegance or decoration. Such a pattern emphasizes the masculinity of a celebrity.

Nagiyev tattoo

Dmitry Nagiyev's tattoo can have both explicit and hidden meanings. However, it should be noted that she looks very harmonious on the body of a celebrity.

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