Paul Priluchny's tattoo: the meaning of the tattoo and photo

Paul Priluchny's tattoo: the meaning of the tattoo and photo
Paul Priluchny's tattoo: the meaning of the tattoo and photo

This charismatic actor has become a big star of our cinema in a short time. The star of many Russian series, made at a very high quality level, is incredibly popular with directors and viewers.

Pavel Priluchny, whose tattoo on his neck has become a kind of hallmark of the actor, has always dreamed of earning the respect of fans with artistic work.

New roles

Now the actor is literally being torn to pieces. He starred in the sequel to "Major", recognized as the brightest Russian premiere of 2014, plays a major role in the social comedy "Love with Restrictions", participates in the series-adaptation of the Scandinavian crime "Crime". And at the end of last year, the crypto-historical action, as the creators called it, “Quest”, was successfully launched, in which the hero goes on a deadly adventure.

photo of paul priluchny's tattoo

Want to know the biographyand the personal life of a talented actor and, finally, what does the tattoo of Pavel Priluchny on his neck mean? This is what our story will be about today.

Biography of the actor: childhood, hobbies

The future actor was born in 1987 near Novosibirsk. The boy grew up as a versatile child: he was fond of dancing, music and sports. He dreamed of entering a choreographic school, but, fortunately for the large army of his fans, he never did.

The guy has reached great heights in boxing, often putting his skills into practice. In the small town of Berdsk, they fought just like that, and the quick-tempered Pavel did not know how to talk to boors and immediately joined the battle. True, at the age of 14 he stopped all training, carried away by acting.

After school, he enters the Novosibirsk Theater School, and his artistic debut took place at the local theater, where he worked for two years.

First love

The promising young actor realizes that his talent needs to be developed and leaves to conquer Moscow. He submits documents to the Moscow Art Theater School and GITIS and enters both educational institutions.

After the end of the first course, Paul "overtakes" love. These difficult relationships were trumpeted by the yellow press seven years ago. A Hollywood star, Nikki Reed, who played in the mega-popular Twilight saga, fell in love with an unknown young man.

Painful breakup

Now Pavel does not hide the reasons for parting with a girl who got a tattoo with his name on her arm for the sake of her beloved. “The crazy affair with her was a wonderful adventure, whileI didn't even know she was a popular actress at the time. She offered to get married in Vegas so that it would be easier for me to visit her, but she suddenly broke off all relations,”says Priluchny.

Six months later, she returned from filming, but Pavel was no longer in a hurry to get married, believing that the crazy Nikki was just playing with his feelings. And he realizes that all love relationships at a great distance from each other are always doomed.

The role that made famous

In 2010, Priluchny graduated from GITIS and starred in inconspicuous episodes. However, the main role in the youth series about gamers "On the Game" made him a truly famous actor. Director Pavel Sanaev, seeing the textured artist, immediately offered him to play the computer genius Doc.

pavel priluchny tattoo on the neck what does it mean

Priluchny went to cyber-competitions, watching the incredible excitement of gamers, and engaged in professional training with OMON fighters. He felt that this role would become a landmark in his biography. Upon learning that the director is looking for some zest in the image of the player, Pavel decides to get a tattoo.

What does Pavel Priluchny's tattoo mean?

The original plan was to apply a temporary henna design to renew it every week. After a long debate, a drawing was chosen - a barcode with the name of the protagonist in English. The actor goes to a nearby salon and makes an independent decision - to fill the image for real. This is how Pavel Priluchny made a tattoo on his neck. What does this drawing mean to him?

Actorsays that he has already “fused” with the unusual barcode that brought him fame after the release of the adventure film, and considers it his birthmark. Some information is encoded in a secret sign, known only to a small number of people, and the word doc can be deciphered in different ways. The original tattoo of Pavel Priluchny always sets him apart from the crowd, and he is not going to reduce the drawing.

what does paul priluchny's tattoo mean

The director of the film, having learned that Priluchny made a real tattoo, at first panicked. He was afraid for the he alth of the actor, whose shooting days began four days later, and was worried that an infection would not get into a neck vein. However, everything worked out, and later Sanaev admitted that drawing a weekly tattoo would be very problematic.

Continuation of the cult series

The audience liked the series so much that it was decided to continue it. At the beginning of 2012, a new film "Gamers" is released, in which the revived Doc appears as the embodiment of absolute evil, shedding a sea of ​​blood. The tattoo of Pavel Priluchny, which has already become his calling card, was supplemented with new "chips".

The actor came up with dilated pupils, which symbolize that his character does not live in real life, but plays. In addition, Doc gains the superpower of moving at the speed of sound.

I must say that Pavel Priluchny's tattoo on his neck does not prevent him from acting in other films, this place is simply covered with makeup.

New body designs

On the set of the no less popular mystical series "Closed School" Pavelcomplained of bad sleep, and it seemed to him that someone was watching him all the time. “I was very scared. I didn’t believe in supernatural powers, but at home I started real horrors,”the actor explained. He was advised to make a new tattoo with magical powers on his body.

The tattoo of Pavel Priluchny, consisting of three words, is hidden under clothes so that the protective effect of the talisman does not disappear. The actor, who does not believe in mysticism, admitted that all fears had really ceased to torment him.

paul priluchny tattoo

The third tattoo on the wrist, depicting a small cross, is a talisman of an artist developing spiritually. A photo of Pavel Priluchny's tattoo with a barcode often appears on the pages of various magazines, but the actor hides the rest of the wearable drawings from people's eyes.

Private life

On the set of the series "Closed School" Pavel meets his future wife. Actress Agata Muceniece gave birth three years ago to her son Timofey, and more recently, happy parents had a daughter.

Priluchny, who did not plan new wearable jewelry, dedicated a drawing consisting of Roman numerals to his son at the end of last year. He stuffed his date of birth as a token of love and respect for Timothy.

pavel priluchny neck tattoo

Who knows, maybe another tattoo is just around the corner, with which the actor will express his fatherly feelings to his little daughter?

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