James Cameron: filmography, biography, photo

James Cameron: filmography, biography, photo
James Cameron: filmography, biography, photo

James Cameron is a triumphant Canadian-born filmmaker based in the US. In addition to his main cinematographic activities, he is passionate about studying the underwater world and solving environmental problems.

James Cameron


Mr. Cameron was born in the Canadian state of Ontario in August 1954. His father was an engineer.

At the age of seventeen, James moves to the United States to study at the University of California. After graduating from the Faculty of Physics, the young man realizes that he is not interested in working by profession and begins to write scripts for films, which for the most part remain unclaimed.

James Cameron, whose biography today occupies many of his fans, at that time provided himself with a piece of bread, working as a truck driver.

The film career of this man began as an artist and director of visual effects. In 1981, he made his debut as a director (the film "Piranha 2"). James Cameron, whose filmography will soon fascinate, did not arouse any interest from critics, and the picture failed at the box office.

The situation is sharpchanged after the release of "Terminator", which collected an impressive amount during the worldwide rental. Cameron's career took off. Each new film of his caused a storm of enthusiasm among the audience.

James Cameron, whose filmography includes more than twenty films, is one of the most successful directors of our time. He is also known as an innovator and creator of never-before-seen visual effects.

James Cameron. Movies (list)

Private life

James Cameron has been married five times. His last marriage can be called the strongest, as it has lasted for more than fifteen years.

Cameron's first wife was Miss S. Williams, who worked as a waitress. Their marriage lasted six years, but broke up due to the constant employment of James at work.

His second wife was a producer, and initially they were connected only by business relations, because Gale Ann Hurd became the person who, in fact, opened the way for Cameron to the world of big cinema. She believed in the young director and financed his film "Terminator", as it turned out later, her faith was justified. This was followed by work on the film "Aliens". Around the same time, the lovers were married, but after the next picture ("The Abyss"), they decided that everyone would go their own way both in cinema and in life.

The third wife of James Cameron was a director. But even common interests did not allow the marriage with Katherine Bigelow to last longer than two years.

For the fourth time, James married actress Linda Hamilton, who in 1993bore him a daughter, Josephine. However, this marriage was not destined to live long, and already in 2000, Cameron married actress Susie Amis, whom he met on the set of Titanic. James Cameron has three children from his fifth marriage: daughter Claire (2001) and twins Elizabeth and Quinn (2006).

Work on the "Terminator"

Like many geniuses who dream of ideas, James Cameron dreamed of the image of the Terminator during the flu. He recalls that before his eyes flashed pictures in which the girl is trying to escape from an unknown creature that can change its shape. Actually, the script of the film was later created from this vision. However, not a single Hollywood producer dared to work with a novice specialist, and James sold his script to Gail Hurd for only one dollar, but with the condition of complete non-interference in the work.

James Cameron. Filmography

The budget of the picture was six million dollars, but fifteen times more was received for the rental weeks.

Immediately after the success of the first film, the idea for the second appeared. However, the technology of the time prevented Cameron from starting work immediately. Filming began in 1990.

Terminator 2 was the first movie to use computer animation technology.

The budget was one hundred million dollars, while the fees exceeded five hundred million.

Working on the Titanic

Once James Cameron saw a documentary about the Titanic on TV. Storyso impressed the director that he decided to make a film about this tragedy by all means.

The script was written only seven years later. And in 1995, director James Cameron made more than a dozen dives to the sunken liner on Russian submersibles. Video recordings made by him then became part of the feature film.

Seventeen studios were invited to create the intended special effects, the company founded by Cameron himself remained the leader. It was there that the computer animation of the sinking of the liner, which was included in the film, was created.

The filming took place on the Mexican coast, where a life-size mock-up of the Titanic was built. Among the interesting special effects used in the film are simulated water, into which the passengers of the liner fall, and dolphins swimming in front of the ship's keel.

Filming began in September 1996 and ran until March 1997. The total budget of the picture was more than two hundred million dollars, which allowed it to become the most expensive in the history of cinema. Box office receipts reached nearly $2 billion.

Work on "Avatar"

The concept of the film was invented by James in 1994, but he refused to create a picture because of underdeveloped computer technology. The main work began in 2006. For four months, Cameron worked on the script. Then the culture of the Navi, the invented people, was created. Their language was developed (with the help of a scientist from the University of Southern California), the flora and fauna of Pandora were created with the participationprofessor of botany at the University of California. For almost two years, the image and appearance of the Navi was drawn in the imagination and on paper.

Directed by James Cameron

Principal photography began in 2006 in New Zealand and parts of Los Angeles. The film premiered in 2009. The fees amounted to almost three billion dollars with a budget of just over three hundred million.

Overall filmography

James Cameron, whose filmography is full of impressive films, began his directorial career in 1981.

As a screenwriter and director he participated in films:

  1. "Terminator" (1984).
  2. "Aliens" (1986).
  3. "Abyss" (1989).
  4. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991).
  5. "True Lies" (1994).
  6. Strange Days (1995).
  7. "Titanic" (1997).
  8. "Dark Angel" (2000).
  9. "Avatar" (2009).
James Cameron (photo)

In some films, James Cameron acted as a producer. Movies (list):

  1. "Point Break" (1991).
  2. "Solaris" (2002).
  3. "Sanctum" (2010).
  4. "Cirque du Soleil" (2012).

James Cameron has directed and produced five documentaries, including "Ghosts of the Abyss: Titanic" (2003) and "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" (2007).

Awards and recognition

The director was awarded in 1998 three statuettes "Oscar", two awards "Golden Globe" (for "Titanic"). He also received two Golden Globes in 2010 for Avatar. His films hold the record for the most Oscar nominations.

James Cameron is officially named the most successful director in cinema.

James Cameron. Biography

Interesting facts

  • James Cameron is a vegan.
  • He is an atheist but would like to meet Jesus Christ.
  • Is left-handed.
  • James Cameron, whose filmography reflects all the talents of the director, is a wonderful artist. His drawings can be seen in the frame of "Titanic" (the entire Jack Dawson album).
  • On August 16, on his 56th birthday, he plunged to the bottom of Lake Baikal in a Russian submersible. James Cameron photographed the process with a special camera.
  • The world's first solo dive into the Mariana Trench, lasting three hours. During this time, it was possible to take rock samples. 68 new living organisms were discovered by James Cameron, photographing everything with a 3D camera.
  • Cameron has five brothers and sisters, he is the eldest child in the family.

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