Nita Kuzmina before plastic surgery - sensational transformation

Nita Kuzmina before plastic surgery - sensational transformation
Nita Kuzmina before plastic surgery - sensational transformation

Reality shows have become an integral part of our lives. The first project “Behind the Glass” appeared in Russia in 2001. This experiment caused a mixed reaction, but the creators managed to achieve the desired result - the show was watched by up to 40% of viewers across the country.

Since then, such projects have been considered a "gold mine" for television producers. Reality participants receive money for filming or compete for a cash prize. In addition, life after the show promises fame and love of thousands of fans.

On another continent

Several years ago, tired of the monotony, “lovers of spying on someone else's life” appreciated the new project. "Holidays in Mexico" launched one of the youth channels. Its participants lived in a Mexican villa and had to perform unusual tasks. The hosts of different seasons were Zhanna Friske, Alena Vodonaeva and Tair.

nita kuzmina before and after plastic surgery

It's no secret that most of the heroes after "Vacation" received a lot of interesting job offers. Some have found themselves in the roleDJs, others became TV presenters. Many girls have built successful modeling careers. Nita Kuzmina was an interesting girl before plastic surgery, but after the transformation she turned into a conqueror of men's hearts.

The appearance of an attractive girl on the project could not be ignored. Nita owes her unusual appearance to her Hindu father. In her youth, Kuzmina's parents were connected by the culture of India, and as a child, the girl visited her relatives in New Delhi every year. Bright facial features and a slender figure made it possible to start a modeling career quite early, and later take part in a reality show.

Nita Kuzmina before plastic surgery

Nita's life became much more interesting after the project. The girl had fans and, as a result, all the attributes of a rich life. A beauty with Indian blood in her veins devotes a lot of time to her own appearance.

nita kuzmina before plastic surgery

Perfect brow shape, even skin tone, plump lips have always been in the arsenal of an experienced model.

However, Instagram followers couldn't help but notice another transformation. A photo of Nita Kuzmina before plastic surgery is quite easy to find on the net. The difference is visible to the naked eye. Recently, the girl proudly focuses on the new breasts.

Escort Career

Are you interested in what Nita Kuzmina is doing now? Before plastic surgery, it was not necessary to count on serious modeling contracts, but today the young beauty is happy to demonstrate underwear. There is no doubt that the girl has found her element.

Some publications claim that Nitaworks as an escort, and it's true. The Vacation participant is not shy about talking about it herself, because many models agree to accompany reputable businessmen.

It is interesting that Nita Kuzmina before plastic surgery was an ardent opponent of such operations. The girl considered this a whim and would never have agreed to surgery. As the model admits, once there was a kind of crisis, and a new hairstyle or shopping would definitely not have helped to get out of it.

photo of Kuzmina before plastic surgery

A participant in reality turned to a trusted doctor, because the final result largely depends on professionalism and experience. The team of surgeons at the Clinic on Leninsky did an excellent job with the task. What did Nita Kuzmina look like before and after plastic surgery? Photos are presented above. You can personally assess whether the girl's appearance has changed a lot after surgery.

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